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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

By daarken
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Cover I did for Fantasy Flight Games for their Game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition.
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its so beautiful it makes me forget what GW did to it RIP 


Never forgetti

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BlightusTheBlightedHobbyist Digital Artist
This is just spot on for me! 

Well done.
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Absolutely EpicK!!!
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UnqanHobbyist Interface Designer
Wow Amazing work!
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Dark4KuranProfessional General Artist
AMAZING !! *o*
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Amazing work! I am new in drawing and such things... and can't believe this could be possible to make :) Wonderful 
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Another amazing art work and epic battle dude, congratulations!
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Soulbreath0302Hobbyist Artist
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Carmine777Hobbyist Photographer
Hot Damn! Your artwork made the Chaos Warriors look badass!!!
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I've always loved this artwork.
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Monkeyboy1321Hobbyist Digital Artist
Total war should totally make a War hammer version xD i dont care if that shit is 59 dollars on steam, id buy it in a blink of a eye. btw Great work :p
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I like that I'm not sure who's good or bad here, but it's going down...
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It feels like war, warhammer's soul 
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mardaggProfessional Interface Designer
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NDHutchison Digital Artist
You are genius!
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vjkellyHobbyist Digital Artist
FANTASTIC....go to my site let me know if interested in doing some art work.
www.northernoz.com book is not on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE
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ZaaikLHHobbyist Digital Artist
so good....
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hellkniteProfessional General Artist
so so epic :D
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megapowerskillsProfessional Digital Artist
Nice! I was trying to find the cover art for the old (late 80s) WHFRP cover the other day. I found the front but I distinctly remember a really dodgy character on the back but I cant find it :( Oh well, yours is really good. Like it.
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simpleARTggHobbyist Digital Artist
So fu**ing awesome!
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I wish i could draw like this
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I'm looking for a picture of a dark red demon with an indian wrap, some leather chest straps, his foot on a pile of dead angels, with a huge battle axe/sceptre with about 9 blades on it. He has a pentagram hanging from his waist and horns, shoulder/body spikes. I've been looking for it for ten years. It's from 2003 or before and has a small white signature on the top or bottom. Email me at stephenjberger@hotmail.com or hit me up on here.
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DandoanProfessional Digital Artist
That is epic :)
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mmcgaugheyProfessional Traditional Artist
Dynamic, love the light, love the fury.
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