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Skaven Master Moulder

By daarken
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Concept for a Skaven Master Moulder for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
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Exquisite Skaven artwork! Evocative and strong. Warhammer Online was such a good game artistically! Your artwork is top of the line, just wanted to tell you that I've admired your Warhammer artwork for years on end.

Given your deft hand at illustrating the vile ratmen and all their loathsome ilk, you might be interested in knowing that Warhammer Fantasy have a community driven spiritual successor project under steam. Namely, The Ninth Age: www.the-ninth-age.com/

It is fully possible for previous Warhammer fanart to be submitted to T9A, and if their iconography doesn't constitute IP infringement they may well make it into full army books, full credits given. Obviously, such an ambitious project is always welcoming artists, for artwork is what makes or breaks a professional polished product. This is a chance to have one's ratmen art under an official stamp, and moreover to develop the ratmen aesthetic. The Ninth Age is even more historically grounded than Warhammer Fantasy was, and as such even the Skaven are based on a historical realm. Byzantium: www.the-ninth-age.com/index.ph…

Gallery upload in case of interest: i.imgur.com/jpGA0Ew.jpg

Just mentioning, should you feel the itch for another Warhammery art spin. In any case, great artwork! Have a good day. :)
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HelixdudeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor, poor Age of Reckoning.
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JomethystHobbyist General Artist
It's so creepy! I like it!
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All. The. Yes.
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Now that's some nice work right here. 
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artbynueStudent Digital Artist
I like the design a lot!
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kevinheaven12345Student Interface Designer
How does one use that spear lol. Great artwork.
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It's called a "Things-catcher" And the two claws retract. Its used for grabbing large warbeasts if they misbehave because skaven are assholes.
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This rat bigger-stronger than orc, yes-yes? :)
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frequenzzStudent General Artist
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phyrexianrevokerHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice pestilent rat!
will I get some disease for looking at it?
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I like very much, congratulations!
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amazing all i can say is amazing on all your stuff becuase it is, amazing, what tablet do you use.
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Awesome!!! All your Warhammer work is great.
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Fantastic rat!
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holy crap that's brilliant! love the stitching
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yvonsavonProfessional Digital Artist
I think I'm in love with this rat...
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Conde-HiroProfessional Digital Artist
sgklrgklgzblgbrsl......gorgeous! :D
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Kata-NuiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Skavens <3
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LazytrollHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Grrreat art! It gives me the impulse to try a conversion for a miniature!
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brilliant! finally some real skaven-art =)
impresionante, me encanta, simplemente genial
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CyrodilicPenguinHobbyist Artist
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