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Plague Monk

By daarken
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Concept for a Skaven Plague Monk for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning ©Games Workshop.
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just wanted to let you know that appearently someone used this picture to mock up some kind of teaser playmat for the next Magic: the Gathering set War of the Spark. Maybe this was even shown at MagicFest London this past weekend, but I have no confirmation for this. 
On another note this is one of the most amazing Skaven artworks I have seen. Really captures the essence of what plague monks should be like. Totally awesome :) 
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Simply perfect
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Why does he have a little bell on his tail?
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daarkenProfessional Digital Artist
Some of the original Skaven designs from GW had it, so I added it to my painting. 
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Oooh I see. Very nice :)
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xChickengunxHobbyist Filmographer
That's fucking cool!
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voidme457Hobbyist Writer
Never played the game, but a friend of mine said that if I have no interest in online gaming to at least step out of my comfort zone and give the 1st Omnibus of Gotrek and Felix a try. I have read the 1st through the 3rd Omnibuses so far and really enjoyed them. Your work is absolutely astounding! Although my talents are not the artistic type,  I do possess  a very vivid imagination that is also wide open at the same time. Your Plague Monk is so close to the Skavens that I pictured in my mind that it is uncanny. You, and other artists of your caliber, deserve a huge thank you for giving us a glimpse into the world of another person's imagination.Worship   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kevinheaven12345Student Interface Designer
That mace is out of proportions. It looks and is probably too heavy even the art displays his struggle in holding such a big weapon. The proportions should be minimized by a lot. Great artwork.
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The mace head is hollow, it's has a price of warpstone( A rock that gives off deadly fumes) inside. The point of the holes is to let out the fumes to kill the enemy.
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One word: incredible!
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amazing plague monk!
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Even better! If you look at it's weapon it might be even a plague monk senseberus.
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RealTidyDesignProfessional Digital Artist
gotta love skaven
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Looks like twitch from league of legends
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daarkenProfessional Digital Artist
Hah, well it is more like Twitch looks like the Skaven from Warhammer. This was done for Warhammer Online and was based on GW designs dating back to 1986, so the Skaven were out long before League of Legends. 
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PixelsnaxsHobbyist Digital Artist
this guy is stealing you art!
help report him!
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daarkenProfessional Digital Artist
Ah, thanks! I have reported him.
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PixelsnaxsHobbyist Digital Artist
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AgacoraStudent General Artist
Well that's revolting.
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Waouw .... just Waouw ...
Vermin Lord should be proud of you ...
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Such an original image. Awesome. What's the story about the bell on his tail?
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Looks great
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