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Mrs. Brisby

By daarken
Fan art of Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of Nimh.

Wow, thanks for the DD! This was a complete surprise, especially since this painting is almost a year old. Thanks for all of the lovely comments and feedback, I really appreciate it!
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En-Sabbah-Nur's avatar
Makes me nostalgic... what a great movie :')
Awesome work !
MysteriousAnimatorX's avatar
Reminds me of a book cover :}
Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
I mean, the movie WAS adapted from a book.
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Sanluris's avatar
Congrats! :clap:
It's fun to see cartoon-style animals, but realistic ones are sometimes better to me, since they are wild animals after all. This looks really good, and I love the flowers and grass....especially the glow of the stone, too.
DAVCM64's avatar
jajajja this anthology is!! nice work
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samarasArt's avatar
beautiful.... *__* faved!
sevrasanctus's avatar
This is beautiful! I thought her name was Frisby though ._.
daarken's avatar
Thanks! Her name in the novel was Frisby, but for the animated movie they had to change it to Brisby because of trademark concerns with Frisbee discs. 
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ArtWithoutPrediction's avatar
It loses a lot of the feminine aspect somehow... lovability and human emotion in the eyes. Gotta work on that.

Art isn't just in the details, people are blinded by textures and overdetailing and overblending, but the real technical skill comes in appropriately wielding all your tools.
daarken's avatar
Thanks for letting me know what art is and isn't. I'll try to be a better artist next time.
QuestionDeca's avatar
Considering it's been near a year I feel trepidation in this making this comment.

Both of you are right, it is art, but it's hard to see it as Mrs. Brisby which is where "ArtWithoutPrediction"'s argument comes from. The realism and technique of this artwork is incredible, but it's such a clash to the pre(con)ception of the character Mrs. Brisby with that realism that brings about the complaint.

The viewer, if they've seen the Don Bluth animated film, will first picture that rendition, and an ultra-realistic version is jarringly different in comparison.  
ArtWithoutPrediction's avatar
Well, no art isn't defined like that, it's in your heart. But technical skill still comes into play for capturing those aspects and practice and learning. The devil is in the details, sometimes you have to step back from something and see it with a fresh eye... sometimes we only distance ourselves properly after a couple months have passed.

I find myself coming back to these time and again just to remind myself of the essentials: [link]
ICIllustrator's avatar
One of my favorite childhood movies.
carnival's avatar
Ffffffffffffffffffff AWESOEM~! X'D

After playing so much Mouse Guard, this iz SUPER-RAD~! X'3
glitcher's avatar
Oh dear, what a dreadfully unflattering illustration of Mrs. Brisby. This is a shining example of someone with immense artistic talent who doesn't know how to properly depict a character. I can understand if someone wants to take a more natural style of Brisby's appearance, but there is nothing remotely feminine or even personable about this scraggy rodent. Even the drawings of Frisby in the book looked better than this. I know you're capable of better, since your painting of Nicodemus fits the character perfectly, but this looks about as close to Brisby as a block of wood. A real disappointment. :thumbsdown:
maxvision92's avatar
Psst! Hey, I've got a secret to share: The paintings in this series are taking a realistic bent to a very fantastical world. As such, since Mrs. Brisby is the most mundane character in the movie, she is rendered here as a real animal. The character is still recognizable even without those big Disney eyes.
glitcher's avatar
The only thing I recognize on that scraggly rodent is the cape and amulet, but Brisby herself shows nothing of her animated rendition, regardless of how realistic you want to make her. Other artists have tried to draw her in a similar style like this one by GirlNamedEd. At least hers shows a more refined fur, softer expression and overall cuter look. I see nothing of that in Daarken's mouse that looks like it was pulled from the gutter. The original book illustrations that preceded the film looked better than this.
maxvision92's avatar
Mrs. Brisby wouldn't look very cute in real life, though; she's not a tame mouse, who's been living in the fields, dodging the unaware farmer and his evil cat probably her entire life, and when she's not doing that she lives in a block of cement. Of course a realistic Mrs. Brisby's gonna look scraggly and like she was pulled from the sewers, because she pretty much has.

In addition, daarken has companion paintings of Justin and Nicodemus, and they have more human-ish faces and postures. Know why? To show that they're superior beings to an ordinary mouse like Mrs. Brisby. That's why they have human-ish faces, and Mrs. Brisby looks like an animal. It's not any mistake, it's artistic vision.
raypettit74's avatar
Great movie, great pic!!!
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