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Female Hunter

This is the painting I did for my new video tutorial, which is available for purchase from my online store.


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I have a play mat with her. :heart:

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Your great artwork has been featured here. :heart:
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You're welcome!
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Oh lord... this would be so fantastic on a magic card.
Hellou Print, guess next month you are my hero.

Just Wonderfull !
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She reminds me very much of Abbie Cornish.
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Fantastic work, the piece has a good combination of light and dark hues, while the attire is finely detailed and well made despite (if not because of) the lack of coverage. The background is suitable, not drawing attention away from the main aspect. Great work, keep it up.
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Saw this on a playmat and it took forever to hunt down just what it was (didn't know if it was a card or what). Great art as always!
I just won a gaming playmat with this image on it, I love your art, the colors, lines, anatomy, everything.
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I bought the play mat with her on it. She is so Gorgeous. The funny thing is she is a paler version of my girlfriend with bigger boobs and white hair when her's is black. Besides that the face and body are dead on.
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lol, awesome!
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I love her expression and stance! I also like the fact that she's a bit androgynous and that you haven't been adherring to classic "fantasy pin-up" stereotypes, as is so often wont to happen with images like this.
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Can I use your arts on my blog? I put address to you.
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Your art is quite good. The muted palette that a lot of your art seems to have is not hard on the eyes and you lend a more realistic light to things in the universes that you illustrate for. I was enlightened to your art when i was at a Magic tournament and won a play mat for a door prize. The mat happens to have this piece blazed across the entire front. I look forward to using it in my future games. Keep up the great work :)
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Oh awesome! Where were you when you won it? Thanks for the kind words, it is much appreciated.
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I was just at a local release party for Besieged here in Tennessee. You are very welcome, it is truly my pleasure. I wish that i had the dedication to art that you have.
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:nana: Featured in my Journal! [link] ...and don't try to stop me from doing it again sometime... :mwahaha:
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I love the facial expression in this :D
great job!
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beautiful work, not everyone can get the faces right, but you do congrats
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This is really beautiful. I love her expression and her outfit.
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great concept
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