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Dark Sun

Cover I did for Dungeon #181. You can find more info about it below.

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This is a great picture, it really captures the feel of the setting. I am going to be running a 'Dark Sun' campaign, soon, and will use this image as some inspiration.

I love this picture
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Great work here, I love how dynamic the poses are, as if telling a fluid yet static story. 
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Wow, this just rocks in all kinds of ways! I love Athas as a campaign world and you really nailed it with this one.
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Always loved Dark Sun-related artwork, and yours is no exception.  Looks wonderful. 
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Hum.Hom.That reminds me of some of the stuff of Boris Vallejo or later Mark Rogers did when they weren´t painting naked chicks with swords.
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Very cool ,I think she better move or she may be toast!
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Dark Sun was a great fantasy world ruined by the novels. They wrote themselves into a corner.

Great art though.
Absolutely amazing. You've captured the essence of the setting in this piece.
Great art!!
And I still LOVE Dark Sun!!!
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I love action scenes. Makes me wonder if she will get her arrow out in time.
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Featured! Hope you have a fabulous 2013! [link] :iconhappysunplz:
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Characters are really well drawn here, nice color pallet
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for some reason it reminds me of starwars
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Beautiful piece - I really love the color scheme of this one, too. Amazing!
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Sick colors and composition
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I simply love this setting, and I think your work fits perfectly. Do I see hints of Wayne Reynolds influence, or am I just too much of his fanboy?
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Hah, good eye. When I was commissioned to do this painting, WotC gave me some reference to use in terms of design that was painted by Wayne Reynolds.
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Gorgeous image, I love the background. The motion in it is well done, good work!
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Fantastic setting. Fantastic colours. What a dynamic scene. Really wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

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Wow! Wow! nothing more to be said
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Dear daarken
Your Fabulous artwork is featured in
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become ART-PORTRAITS's member you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
My best Wishes for 2012
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Very nice! Brings back memories of playing that game. Loved BROM's artwork as well back in the 90's. Always loved the concept and the stories by Troy Denning was excellent! So glad they brought it back for 4th edition!
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