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So this sucks.

I've been on this site since probably around 2006, though I've had this account for almost a decade now. I've always really valued this site because I think gallery-focused art sites are too few and far between, with everything being a social media timeline; as soon as you're no longer popping up on the timeline, you're no longer relevant. It makes artists feel like they're only a valuable contributor if they're pumping out regular or frequent posts, and that if they don't, it's something they should feel bad about because they'll see their stats go down in response. I think that's a horrible mentality for any art community.

Because of that, I've always loved DeviantART's setup. Still, in my near-decade on this account, I've only amassed less than a quarter of the following/publicity that I've gotten on other platforms in less than half that time. That's discouraging. Severely discouraging. I really, really want to love this site. I've always wanted it to be my home base for my art. But that's just not realistic these days. 

Now they're pushing Eclipse, which is a severe turn-off for me. The interface is severely different from the dA people have known and familiarized themselves with for nearly decades now, and it's much less coherent to boot. Pretty much the only reason I ever gave this site my money was for the ability to customize my profile and make the presentation and impression to visitors that I desired; But I cannot do that on Eclipse, and I'm not paying $50+ a year for the ability to put a custom background image on a single box on my profile. 

I don't know if this site will listen to the significant part of the community that is strongly opposed to these changes or not. It didn't matter so much when I could opt-out of Eclipse, but since they're taking away that option and forcing all users to convert, it really sucks.

And the thing is, if my content here got traction in the first place, I would suck it up and deal. But feeling like this site is dying--and then accelerating its demise with unwanted change--on top of that nagging, subtle feeling that there's no point in uploading to this platform in the first place makes me feel really disenchanted for the future of dA. At least my presence here.

I'm not deactivating. I'm not even leaving, really. I still follow countless amazing artists here and I love seeing what they produce. I check my notifications multiple times per day, and I have done so for as long as I've had this account. I don't anticipate that changing. But I'm losing the motivation to keep this account updated. I'm already a couple months behind on uploading my art here. Maybe I'll get around to that soon, maybe not. I'm just not sure. 

But if you do follow me, you do like my art, you do want to see what I produce--first of all, thank you. It always warms my heart when people like what I make. Second of all, I want to take this opportunity to share where else you can find me in case you don't want to wait on the occasional potential update here--or in case you yourself are leaving this site but want to stay in touch. by Daarka

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