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Publication Interview and New Series.

Mon Aug 11, 2014, 10:45 AM

Hi everyone!

I am very happy to announce here the publication of an article about my work as a photographer and my way to work with Adobe Lightroom in the latest issue (N°7) of the French magazine: "Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie". In this special issue you will find my interview and 7 of my best creative photos on 4 pages (2 double pages). My interview is from page 86 up to 89. Internet is a great media but to see your works published in a « real » magazine is an amazing experience.

Check my Photoblog for more details and photos Here.

Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie by daaram

Also, today I submitted the last picture from my latest creative series: Alistair: « Portrait of a tree with a thousand faces ».
For this series the subject of the study and unique model is a huge tree (I called it: Alistair) that I can see through my window since years. I created all this series during one month between June and July 2014. I invite you to discover these works on my D.A account and the complete series of 10 photos on my Behance account <a wytiwyg="1" href="…>Here.

Keep in touch!

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Interview + News about my works!

Sun Mar 17, 2013, 8:58 AM

Hi everyone!

First news : As you maybe know I recently had the pleasure to receive a Daily Deviation (D.D) from Arctoa on my abstract photo:"Arctic Morning" (see the image below). Thanks to everyone for all your comments, Dev watch and favs!

Second news : I recently answered to an interview about my abstract photos for the: Saturday Spotlight Volume 16 with Arctoa for the DeviantArt's group Abstract and Surreal I took my time to fully answer to very interesting questions like: "Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?", "What inspires you to use Abstraction or Surrealism in your work?" or "What do you want to express with your artwork? What is the idea you're trying to put across?". So I'm inviting you to discover and read the full interview following this link @:… I would be happy to read your reactions and comments about it! so you're welcome! :-)

Third news : I'm showing my photos on several other websites and creative communities on the web and actually I'm enjoying to show them at Behance. The last "project" I submitted there is called: "Cold vision" and it's a selection of 10 of my best abstract photos I took through the glass windows in the tramways of Sosnowiec (Poland). This "project" reached the first page of the most viewed photos worldwide! So I'm inviting you to have a look on this series. The first picture from this selection: "A bit warmer than hell" received a Daily Deviation at DeviantArt in February 2012. So please don't hesitate to comment and to add your own appreciation if you like it! This is the link to this album Cold vision_Behance

Fourth and last news for now : A while ago I've been contacted by an important advertising agency who discovered my works (mainly) at DeviantArt and wanted to use one of my abstract photo from my:"Cold vision" series as a background for the advertising campaign of a world famous brand. I'm now waiting for this advertising campaign to officially start to tell you more.

Best greetings from Paris, France,

You can follow my works on several personal websites and online communities:

Personal Photoblog
Official website
Tumblr Portfolio
Behance Portfolio  
Art Limited Portfolio  

Facebook fanpage

And if you like music like I do I've got a Last FM account, don't hesitate to add me there & I'll add you too:

Last FM

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Thanks a lot for the D.D !

Fri Feb 22, 2013, 10:11 AM

I'm very happy to announce that today on February 22nd 2013 I received my 6th Daily Deviation on my picture: "Arctic morning" (see below). I want to say once again thank you very much to Arctoa :iconarctoa: for the support, the comments and for this D.D and to the very interesting and very active group: Abstract & Surreal :iconabstract-and-surreal: I'm very proud of this award! Thanks also to all my Dev-watchers and visitors faving, commenting and to all of you discovering my gallery!

This is a selection of my last pictures about the sky and the clouds taken through the glass window in the plane during the flights between France and Poland, Paris Beauvais and Katowice to be more precise. I'm a French photographer living in France with my beloved Marta who has Polish origins so very regularly we're traveling to visit her family. Quite soon we'll go back to Poland so I'll enjoy to take more photos of the clouds!

I'm working on this subject since 2009 so this is a short selection of my best older works.

Best greetings from Paris, France :-)

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I am happy to announce the publication of my photo: "A bit warmer than hell" (see above) in the last issue of the e-magazine: "Point of Simplicity" n°7-Mindgames devoted to "conceptual photography and creative use of optical illusion". My image is illustrating Florian Schmidt's (aka DpressedSoul @ D.A) very interesting article called:"The de-materialization of artwork".

The e-Magazine is available here @:…

My Photo is visible on pages: 62 & 63.

This image has already received several awards on the Internet, at ArtLimited and DeviantArt in 02/2012.

- Thanks again to: KizukiTamura :iconkizukitamura: who first suggested this photo for a D.D.

- To Florian :icondpressedsoul: for the D.D and to think about me to illustrate his article.

- To Teya :iconteyasaveleva: editor in chief at "Point of Simplicity".

You can also read this article here at D.A @:

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Thanks a lot for the D.D !!!

Tue Feb 14, 2012, 5:37 AM

That's a very nice surprise, my picture: "A bit warmer than Hell" (see below) received a D.D (a Daily Deviation) this morning (French time). I'm really happy with this and I wanted to thanks once again: KizukiTamura :iconkizukitamura: for the suggestion and support and to DpressedSoul :icondpressedsoul:

I'm a member at DeviantArt since 7 years and that's my 5th Daily Deviation. This new prize is very motivating for me as a creative photographer, it's pushing me strongly to be completely free to create images so abstract, so near from my love for Abstract Art, painters from all times (From Van Eyck to Schiele and from Rothko to Andy Warhol) and many photographers for sure !

I will continue to show here at D.A the best of my works and I also wanted to say that I'm also very happy to receive this D.D today, on the Valentine Day…because it's on this website that 6 years ago, receiving a D.D on another picture (Dog) that I met my woman and beloved Marta :iconyuki-the-vampire: that's a really nice sign ! :-)

See below a selection of other pictures from the same series. All those photos were taken with my cell phone in Sosnowiec, Poland through the window in the tramway, then reworked on Photoshop and other softwares.

And the other D.Ds I received on my works:

A great Valentine Day for everyone ! :heart:

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Cover for a Philosopher's book

Fri Sep 16, 2011, 1:22 PM

Just a short journal to share with you the result of one of my recent professional projects. I just received from the Italian editor: "Feltrinelli" from Milan the copy of the book written by the Italian Philosopher: Umberto Galimberti. I illustrated the cover with one of my photos of the statues at the Louvre museum.

You can see my original photo on this gallery (see the thumbnail bellow). It's a sculpture by Henri-Joseph Ruthxiel: "Zephyr & Psyche" 1813 photographed at the Louvre museum in Paris in April 2006.

I'm really happy with the final result ! :-)
If you're interested, this book is available at this address @:…

All the best greetings to my friends, my contacts and all of you following my works at DeviantArt ! and mainly to my Love Marta who is my very best support and my Everything !

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Olivier 'Daaram' Jollant Photography

Thu Dec 23, 2010, 1:35 PM

Hi I'm Olivier Jollant aKa Daaram, French photographer. I'm at DeviantArt since more than 6 years ! I met here a lot of great artists, some very interesting contacts, very good friends  and most of all I met at D.A my Beloved one Marta. We met on this page one day of April 2006 when I received a Daily Deviation on one of my pictures. I think that this website brang me luck and that this community had an influence on my way to create, to rework very regularly on new images, to become quite good on Photoshop and probably to become more professional. Becoming more opened to people's comments and opinions about my works, even if I'm still quite often surprised with which pictures my visitors and Dev Watchers are liking the most on my gallery.

In 6 years I received 4 DDs and I'm really proud of it. Now those photos are like a part of my creative identity, kind of visual signatures, little parts of me traveling all around the web and spectators eyes and that's really great ! You can (re)discover those rewarded pictures below.

Since those 6 years I've been very active at D.A and also on a lot of other websites, Photoblogs, creative communities, dozens in fact ! but it's impossible to manage all this at the same time during ages. Each one of the pictures I'm submitting on the web are (less or more) reworked on Photoshop, I'm usually spending 2 hours on a photo sometimes a lot more, rarely less...

This is a short list of the websites where I'm showing my photos:

Official web site @:
Personal Photoblog @:
Art Limited @:…
Coroflot @:
PhotoMoment @:

Facebook @:

Photography is my job, I'm specialized in creative reports and fashion portraits. I'm always searching for: New exhibitions, customers, publishers and professional contacts. If you want to get more informations about my work don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail @:

This is some of my other most popular pictures at D.A:

All my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Creative & Happy New Year 2011 :-)


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15 minutes of fame

Mon Feb 8, 2010, 10:13 AM

- Outside of Deviant Art I'm showing my works on a lot of different creative websites and communities for photographers. I'm always very curious to discover new places to show my pictures and to have them discovered by more and more people, as well as to share my passion for photography and all kinds of Arts. Since always I'm very interested in fashion photography and having an experience in it.  And since I'm working a lot in collaboration with my beloved and favorite model Martanna :iconyuki-the-vampire: at D.A, I was looking for a website specialized in fashion.

- That's how checking Google I discovered a website called IQONS. It's a community where Fashion Photographers, Make up Artists, Stylists and Fashion Designers can show and share their works. Some of them are very famous in France and Worldwide like Jean Paul Gaultier, JC de Castelbajac, Viktor&Rolf and the famous photojournalist Sebastiao Salgado. So few days ago I registered and opened a gallery on this website @:

- This morning I was happy to discover that my gallery was on their main page for 24 hours for what they are calling the "15 minutes of fame" selection ! that's an excellent opportunity for my works to be seen and discovered ! thanks a lot IQONS ! and don't hesitate to add me on your friend list if you have an account there :-)

- See below my last photos of Martanna submitted here at D.A:

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Vote for my works !

Sat Jun 20, 2009, 8:09 AM

I'm participating for the first time to the Hugo Boss Fragrances contest on the theme "Summer time". I submitted 5 of my pictures, reworked to include the Hugo Boss perfume bottle's design. Since this morning you can also discover them on my D.A gallery (see bellow).

The contest will be closed at the end of this month: June 2009, so if you like it, I invite you to vote for my works ! to do it...

Please click here @:…

If the direct link doesn't work, please click here @:… then on the first image on the left called: (current Round) then to check for:"Olivier Daaram". Thanks a lot in advance ! :-)

Heat: Hugo Boss contest by daaram:thumb126575673:
Hands to the light: Hugo boss by daaram:thumb126576258:

I invite you to visit the: HUGO-Gallery :iconhugo-gallery: at DeviantArt ! they discovered my pictures on this website and invited me to participate to the contest ! thanks a lot to them and to Sarah in particular !

Results on August 1st 2009 Let's cross the fingers !

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I'm happy to invite you to discover in the News articles, my interview by Helewidis, gallery director at DeviantArt and specialized about photojournalism ! it was extremely interesting to answer to her questions and I've learned many things about myself and my own way to work as a photographer ! I'm also very happy with her choice of the photos from my gallery to show ! thanks a lot to her ! :-)

Photojournalism Interview(s)#8 Daaram @:…

I'm proud and happy to be the N° 8 of this excellent series of interviews with Photojournalism photographers at D.A. You'll find the links to these very interesting news articles under my interview.


In March 2009 I answered to another interview about my photos for a Polish newspaper called: "Dobry Znac". Marta translated the questions from Polish to English...and my answers from English to Polish (knowing that I'm French)! so it was really a collective work with my woman ! I really enjoyed to answer to Aneta Saks questions !

This is the link to the translation of this interview @:…
And the link if you want to download this newspaper issue in PDF in Polish @:…

Best greetings to all my friends and Dev Watchers ! :sun:


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Mon May 4, 2009, 5:27 AM


This is the brand new address of my official photographer's website ! Since a long time I was thinking to create my .com. I wanted to have a professional link to give as a visit card to my contacts, at the same time to feel there like at home in my personal virtual studio/gallery and to show the very best of my works !

All this became true thanks to my beloved Martanna… who worked hard on the html coding and the technical part of this site ! Thank you 1000 times !

I invite you to discover and to visit it and to tell me what do you think about it !

So just Welcome!

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Hi to everybody, I came back from Poland last Saturday, after 10 great days spent in Sosnowiec and travelling all around. This is my 4th travel there and I think that this report is probably my best one, I'm very proud of my works. I'm reworking on the best ones and I'll show them at D.A. I hope that you'll like it !

I just discovered that somebody bought on my gallery a quite big print of my picture: "Souls" (see below) and I'd like to say thanks a lot to the unknown buyer !

Souls by daaram

This is my last submissions about Poland on this gallery:

Plastic fields by daaram Last tulips by daaram Before the line by daaram
Dark city light by daaram

See below some of my last Favourites:

Bouquet de nerfs 7 by edredon Gone On Holiday By Mistake by jazzylemonade hello by gwichin
in thought by CiRcUsSpiDeR break by uzengia m a n by pigarot
:thumb75287360::thumb105359746: dead end II by AlicjaRodzik

To all my friends and Dev Watchers: I wish you a very nice and creative Spring ! See you soon ! :-)

My official Online Art Community is ArtLimited
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New Prints Available !

Wed Jan 28, 2009, 2:35 PM
Hi to everybody ! just a short message to say that I added three of my pictures to be available as a print.
I let you discover them bellow. All the other photos available are visible here @:
If you're interested with other ones of my pictures don't hesitate to send me a Note at D.A.

Sexy Chanel by daaram A Queen's Butt by daaram Playing at the fountain by daaram

Olivier Daaram - Photographer - 43 - Paris - France

I search: Exhibitions-Customers-Publishers-Contacts.

I offer: My vision, style, savoir faire in Photography & Photoshop.

Main web sites:



French Photoblog



My 4 D.Ds:

The man with the birds by daaram Living shadows by daaram
D O G by daaram Playing at the fountain by daaram

Timbre - Stamp by Bloc-Notes
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Poland, Polska, Pologne

Mon Sep 22, 2008, 10:40 AM

Hi to everybody ! I'm coming back from a travel of more than 2 weeks in Poland, the country of my love Marta and her family. That's why I wasn't here at D.A to submit new works, to answer to your comments, to say thank you for the favourites and to all my new Dev Watchers.

This travel is my second one in Poland. I love this country and Polish people. This country is extremely inspiring for me as a photographer. I like the atmosphere of the towns, marked by the cold communist times mixed with the modern ones, with also a so nice nature and ancient history. My pictures could sometimes seems cold and mainly showing destroyed buildings and graffiti on the dark walls, but for me Poland has something out of times, cold, heavy sometimes but so extremely human.

I took around 800 photos and I'll show at D.A some of the best ones. It was also good to be out of the Internet during 18 days and to simply live, to meet great people and to take pictures.

This is a selection of the best images I took in Poland in March 2008 and during our last travel.

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Gay Pride 2008-Paris

Sat Jul 5, 2008, 10:22 AM

This is the link to the slide show of all this report at YouTube @:…

Men in Pink by daaram Cyber Punk by daaram Modern Lolita by daaram
:thumb90123799: Pride and Flags by daaram After the last truck by daaram
2 generations of men by daaram Mister Chains by daaram:thumb90115200:
Mister Neptune by daaram:thumb90116467:

Mature Content

2 Worlds by daaram

Some girls by daaram:thumb90353577: Kiss my airs by daaram
Psycho killer by daaram Cyber Punk II by daaram Mister Soldier by daaram
:thumb90418933::thumb90234764: Mister Butterfly by daaram
Sister by daaram:thumb90421989: Oriental dancer by daaram
Black Brothers by daaram Le Diva by daaram Afro Diamond by daaram
Beer can dress by daaram My dearest reporter by daaram Shiny little star by daaram

Mature Content

A joke between gay guys by daaram
Let's talk about Fashion II by daaram

Mature Content

Mister slave by daaram

Catwoman and Co by daaram Petit Bateau by daaram Ordem e Progresso by daaram

Mature Content

Two points of view by daaram

And Marta's first picture submitted on her gallery from the last gay pride:


For the ones who are interested to discover more of this work this is the link to my French Photoblog @: (2000 pageviews per day actually) and to the photo album (with a slide show option) @:…


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Today a very good and interesting article has been published about my works on the web at
"Stitched Magazine"

I wanted to say thanks so much to Kahl :iconkahl: for the huge works, her very interesting text, respect of my images and way to speak about them ! :-)

I just discovered that I sold a 18x24 inches print of my picture:"The man with the birds". I wanted to say thanks a lot to the unknown person who bought it ! well I'd love to see a photo of how it looks framed in its apartment !

The other good news are that I opened an account on a Dutch community for visual Artists called: Image Creative @:… few weeks ago and that 3 of my pictures:"Living Shadows", "Pink Punk" and "Light Monster" received a P.O.D (Picture Of the Day) prize ! it's just like a D.D on this website. And today my picture: "The Man with the Birds" received a Award for May 2008 !

This is a selection of my last pictures of the Musée du Louvre's statues

<div align="center> Agony by daaram The Opera singer by daaram The Visitors by daaram
The Cardinal's wife by daaram Captive by daaram