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The Young Gods

At the Chinese New year day celebration in Paris (Place de l'Hotel de ville). Young men waiting for the celebration to start. In the background the Hotel de Ville (Paris main town hall)

Photo: Feb 18th 2007

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Wonderful contrast between the Chinese costumes and the French architecture. :nod: :trophy:
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Thanks a lot Linda ! yes I like these contrasts and here everything looks so natural ! Asian are very well integrated in France !
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You sure have a lot of celebrations, how fun, I love the costumes. I'm glad they're in color! :D
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Yeah you're right ! I enjoyed to work on a first series in sepia but it's also great to see the costumes real colors !
Paris is a great town for celebrations and concerts and cultural life !
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Thank UuUU ! :-)
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Oh, is that singing? :D
daaram's avatar
Ah yes ! like a cute little Romeo to his pretty Juliette ! I'm singing my love to you playing on an old electric guitar ! yes yes ! ;-)
daaram's avatar
I love you my lady !

Kisses :giggle:
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Elles sont trop classes, les barbes!
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Oh que oui ! :-)
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On peut aussi s'en servir comme echarpe?
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