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I so am. I less than three them so much. So much.

:heart: :heart: Espeon, Weavile, Flygon, Lucario, Absol, Arbok, Marowak, Dragonite, Infernape, Honchkrow, Tyrannitar, Ninjask, Garchomp, Milotic, Swampert... the list just goes on and on :heart: :heart:

What are yours? :'D

Temp: [link]

Nintendo really needs to let us have more than 6 at time D:
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FANDOMkeyboard Digital Artist
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SpiceCreamHobbyist Traditional Artist
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FwyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Lost all my Pokemon I was attached to, to file corruption ejgioej
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4chocolatemewHobbyist Photographer
Oof, that's rough! That's the worst!
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anyone who thinks they're just "pieces of code" have no soul
i love my blaziken, decidueye, yveltal and delphox no mater what
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
Truer words were never spoken. The game is designed for players to develop close relationships with their Pokemon, likewise giving each one an individual personality to make them seem more real.
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SpiceCreamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Except in the games they can become code-

But besides the joke, I 100% agree with you ;v; <333
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NWR-2000 Artist
Incineroar, Lucario, Zeraora, Greninja, Shiny Female Greninja (Pokemon Ultra Sun), Shiny Female Lvl. 100 Squirtle (Ultra Sun as well), and Venusaur.
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MissPeppermintSpiceStudent General Artist
Is this f2u?
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AjuveOrPenguinStudent Traditional Artist
Arcanine(first pokemon other than my starter that I got to lv 100 in white 2), Azumarill, Infernape, empoleon, mudkip(yes I do liek mudkips:D (Big Grin)) , honchkrow, garchomp, palkia, watchog (first shiny I found full 1/8192:D (Big Grin) ), and giratina. These are all my favorites, I love the stamp:) (Smile) . also did you Also talk to your pokemon because it felt like you were giving them actual commands(I did):D (Big Grin) 
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ninten111Student Traditional Artist
It's hard to say... But my favorites are Pikachu, Umbreon, Sylveon, Litten, Lucario, Braixen, Fennekin, Shaymin, Zoura, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam! Not to mention a few others.
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ninten111Student Traditional Artist
I also have a Pikachu in every game since Pokémon Yellow!
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espeonplays Digital Artist
all my pokemon
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AnniChu333Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For me it's Pikachu in every game I have. :,)
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luckxzzeeStudent Digital Artist
Yes lucario,sceptile,articuno,fennekin,zoraurk,evee,phanp,and beeheyem. they are my family! (^-^)
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My pokéteam in X : pink heart bullet 716 Xerneas Charizard Icon #448 Lucario Gogoat Emote Delphox Icon Talonflame Emote pink heart bullet 

My pokéteam in Moon : pink heart bullet #792 Lunala #773 Silvally #730 Primarina #750 Mudsdale #745 Lycanroc Toucannon sprite pink heart bullet 

They're my babies and I love them ! In Pokémon X, they're all lvl 100, but in Moon, they're close to it. 
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salmon heart bullet #724 Decidueye #730 Primarina #727 Incineroar #778 Mimikyu Delphox Icon #700 Sylveon salmon heart bullet 
my high-leveled pokemon from my moon and x games.
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K1ngNightmareHobbyist Writer
pokemon mega lucario gif 
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Zombie-ChickenzHobbyist General Artist
I have literally become so attached to my Decidueye that I named her, gave her a personality and backstory, and draw her and my trainer character interacting every time I get the chance CX
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K1ngNightmareHobbyist Writer
oml same! I love my shiny lucario so much ;w;
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Zombie-ChickenzHobbyist General Artist
Cool! What's their name? :)
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