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Broken Saints Fanmanga



This is a piece of work done with a variety of materials, watercolour pencils, pens, markers, and then touched up on the computer. If the op's feel that it is in the wrong categories, please, by all means, feel free to move it, just please to GOD dont delete it, please? x_x

SHAME ON YOU if you haven't watched Broken Saints yet. > : D For shaaaammee!!

Broken Saints is a joint venture done by a small group of VERY talented peoples. : D If you haven't got the DVD, I suggest you go out and buy it, its over thirty hours of pure heaven. Squee~! : 3

The girl is called Shandala (she's a pagan, lets call her, from an off-shore island called Lomalagi), then the old man in the straw hat is called Kamimura, a Buddhist from the east, the big, baldy bugger is called Oran, a Muslim from, well, any given Muslim country, by crackey! ^_- And the long, messy haired guy at the fore is Raimi, who's Christian (or precisely, Roman Catholic). It's a story about how all four of these characters, from four corners of the globe feel and sense this same vision of world-ending foreboding, and how through some miraculous fate, find eachother all across the world, and come together to try and stop an evil organizations plan to manufacture God.

I don't want to say much more on it, incase I spoil it for anyone, but its really great. : D BS would make an awesome manga, look, Raimi is a bishie already!! -Points- XD
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Oran was always my favorite