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The Courier (1/2) by Daaberlicious The Courier (1/2) by Daaberlicious
    VHV as a galaxy is not typical in many regards. While some elements may be familiar such as the presence of magic and fae and a pantheon of goddesses, there are no orcs, trolls, ogres, goblins, elves, or dwarves to be seen on any planet or star. In fact, save for a select few, any typical fantasy element thinkable pretty much does not exist here- You wont find specific classes like paladins, rogues, mages, fighters or thieves, you won't find torches mounted onto walls as the one true go-to light source as being effective as a modern LED, and you won't have kings and queens, lords and ladies, and princes and princesses ruling everything. Some things, yes, but not all governments are despotic.

    Another thing that makes VHV so weird is just how dangerous the galaxy is. You may be used to settings where good not only triumphs over evil, but crushes it rather quickly on its own silly terms and with a bizarre chivalry. Bad guys and beasts in those stories are not smart. They may think they're smart and many others within those settings may agree, but in VHV, those same people and beasts are actually smart. Good's fight over evil, though it will end in an inevitable victory still, is not easy. Evil doesn't care about honor or mercy. Evil rarely thinks it is evil, and will do everything it can to win and push its agenda. The beasts on the other hand, will not pursue what is not worth their time. They will not fight to the last breath if there is nothing worth protecting. They will run away to lick their wounds and continue to be a persistent problem if not genuinely outwitted.

    That is where adventurer's guilds come in. Evil is not stupid, and danger is not dumb, so good forces cannot afford to be either. Adventurer's guilds don't want the brave and the bold. They don't want those who will rush in to danger for the joy of the fight. They don't want those seeking fortune and glory, or a promise of might, immortality, blah blah blah. They want those with true courage, not those who fear nothing, but those who recognize and understand their fear yet press on anyway. They want those hesitant to draw their blade or gun and would much prefer to not draw blood at all. They want those whose greatest passion is to better the galaxy- Those who fight so others do not have to, those who help because they are there to help, those who give their time and their kind words and all the love they have because they have those things to give.

    To this aim, one such thing The Councilship Adventurer's Guild does is provide a courier service. Councilship colonies typically start out with a small number of people, usually 200 of varying age, landing a colony vessel on an ecosystem-compatible planet, where this vessel is by design taken apart to be assembled into a large enegrium reactor, while lights, cables and certain life support elements are adapted into the shelters they build. Often, colonies eventually grow to modest towns before stabilizing, and sometimes they even become large cities and start expanding to other continents, but most of the time, planetary threats stop colonist growth or even cut into their numbers. Such cases have very small populations, numbering an average of 50 people and usually see little growth or decline. Sometimes, these colonies prove very valuable as the colonists harvest unique and very useful resources at a big profit, or they become vacation spots as the colonists get rich off of tourist money, or even a single scientist or mage with plenty of money on hand decides he likes the quiet and puts the colony on the map with his mere presence, but sometimes...

    Sometimes you need couriers. In the worst situations for colonies, settlements are forced to separate and spread apart, lest the whole be all in one place for the danger, and in so doing be completely wiped out. Single houses powered by single generators, fed by single farms or a singular section of hunted and gathered resources and defended by a single enchanted barrier can sit several miles apart from each other. Even in such colonies, comfortable living is possible provided you can cultivate a farm, but even with power, running water, heat, food and internet, things must still be transported from place to place. Adventurers who act as couriers are such people. Barely trodden or even paths never taken can only be found by the keen eyes of an adventurer. Creeping through the landscape and avoiding threats requires the deft footing and caution of an adventurer. A courier is needed because space vehicles have no landing pads and therefore cannot take cargo, but cannot travel in atmosphere fuel-efficiently besides. Rolling ground vehicles can't make a path, and anything sufficiently large enough to break a path can't be made without it being too expensive for someone involved. Couriers are much cheaper, but more importantly, more available. A good courier can navigate any living landscape from point A to point B living off just what they can find along the way or take in their packs.

    Why couriers though? Because everyone has something they can't replace- A precious treasure from an ancestor, A keepsake with great sentimental value, a weapon or tool that simply can't be made on planet.

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NetVip3r Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016
very nice, very nice
Daaberlicious Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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