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Welcome to dA-ShowRoom's first interview, we are proud to introduce 3wyl who has some great projects in the dA community... so let us begin shal we?

First, who are you, and what do you do?
Who am I? You can refer to me as 3wyl. :P

In all seriousness, I freak out when I see my name in front of me, online. The closest you’ll come to know my full name is "E".

I currently reside in the South East of England, and as to what I do… I photograph, mainly, but I write flash fiction and unconventional poetry on occasions too.

Typically, I’m open to every and any art out there! I’m mostly familiar with photography and literature, though.

Unless you mean profession and life in the real world? O.o

If that is the case, I volunteer in a charity shop every week, but I'm primarily a student.

How old were you when you found an interest in art?
Ah, quite old, compared to some!

I began photographing things with a digital camera when I was… 14, I think. I then began to explore literature when I was 15/16 and have been dabbling in other types of art (digital, artisan crafts) ever since. :D

What does art mean to you?
Ooh, toughie.

Art means… a variety of things. First and foremost, it’s one’s own way of expressing one’s self, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Art also broadens the mind and leads you into dimensions you would never have gone into, otherwise.

I don’t really know the exact answer for this. It’s too hard to describe. ^^;

What inspires you?
Humanity, mainly. Life… humans, thoughts, questions and why… why most of all. I’m not sure if you can classify that as inspiration, as such, but… yeah, humanity.

What brought you to deviantART and made you stay?
Ah, funny story, that. I won’t explain, because it’ll be too long, sad and weird, but I made a previous account before this one. I left it because… at that time, I wasn’t emotionally well. I came back in 2009 mainly because of the community. It’s a good one! :D

Do you have a particlar style or do you try to experiment?
I definitely try to experiment, but… is that a style in itself?

Most of my photos and literature pieces are out there, in terms of them being odd, unconventional, and everything else that can be labelled as "weird". I don’t like to stick to a particular genre, so I try to experiment, yes.

What is your personal favorite from your gallery and why?

I immediately think of my photography, but there are a couple of literature pieces that are my favourite, too. ^^;

I’ll go with this piece: ForgottenI just want to lie
down. I just want to rest. So
leave me… it’s quiet.

It’s a surprise for me, actually, because… it never popped out at me until I was browsing through my gallery trying to find a piece.

For me, there’s just something about it… When I reread this piece, what I was feeling at the time is brought up to the surface as well.

Where would you like to go with your art? Do you have any particular goals?
Ah, art is not a career path, for me. I mostly produce it for me… to express myself.

I don’t have any particular goals, no. It would be nice to see my photographs in galleries, perhaps, and to sell a couple of prints there. I wouldn’t mind being published, either, in some way or other.

Do you have any projects going on on dA?
So much I don’t know where to begin. ^^;

Let’s see…

Ok, my groups:

:iconprojectcomment: and :iconobscuredphotos:

They are pretty much the same, in terms of what they’re aiming to do: featuring and exposure the generally obscured and underappreciated artists and their art in regular news articles. ProjectComment is geared towards constructive comments and all art, ObscuredPhotos is more towards photography creation and bringing more recognition to those that feel they deserve more.

I submit Make a Difference articles weekly, which showcases one photographer, one writer and one other (either from traditional, digital, artisan crafts, etc.) that are underappreciated and unknown. In addition to that, I also submit Photography Release weekly, which aims to bring to you groups, submission guidelines, competitions, happenings, and all of that with the photography world here on deviantART.

I feature photography in articles monthly as well, and I volunteer in Project-Pay-Forward, DailyLitDeviations and alwaysmotivated which are all brilliant groups for you guys to check out! :D

What is the best advice you've been given here on dA?
I’m tempted to say that nobody has given me any advice here, on deviantART. ^^;

Erm… I honestly don’t remember. I feel as if… everything I’ve done, all the good and bad things, I’ve learnt by myself, and experienced by myself. :shrug:

It depends on what you mean by dA, really. I perceive that advice on dA relates to just art and things to do and not do. The community on dA gave me some great advice, but I find that relates more to the next question. ^^;

What about in real life?
Real life… ah, that’s a tricky one. Best advice… probably to have faith, I guess. To always look forward, always seek happiness, freedom… To believe in one's self, to have hope, and to not let anyone get me down. Mainly, that I'm not alone, that there are people there, for me, whenever I need them.

What's your favorite movie, book and band?
I’m typically not a movie fan. As for books, anything by Charlie Fletcher, Neal Shusterman, Patrick Ness, Gemma Malley, Maggie Stiefvater. They all write in different genres, from science fiction, adventure, drama, romance and more in between. They’re mostly children’s/teenager's fiction, though. I seem to have a soft spot for them. (Inner child ftw! :#1:)

As for band… eh, I’ll say that my favourite genre in music is rock, but I listen to everything and anything. My favourite artists include Breaking Benjamin, Red, Lifehouse, Innerpartysystem, Paper Route, Max Richter, Thomas Newman, Ravel, and loads, loads more.

What is your biggest pet peeve on dA and in general?
On dA, it’s when people whore out their art. I’m not sure whether you can classify that as a pet peeve, as such, but I find it… sad when a person feels like they have to submit to loads of groups to feel something. People who don’t reply to comments on deviations bug me as well, and those that favour popularity, pageviews, statistics and all of that.

In general, people who walk slow and block the path. I think that’s my biggest peeve. It’s the one I notice most, anyway.  

Ooh, also! Another one for dA, those that are in a position to help loads of people that don’t. That bugs me a lot.

Anything you would suggest to a new comer to dA?
Be active! Start watching people, supporting them, faving other pieces and constructively comment on deviations too! You can quickly gather friends, in that way.

Don’t try and act selfishly so it’s just you, you, you. Share and spread the love.

What tips would you offer to better one’s art?
Everyone has a different style, and to compare one’s own art to another’s isn’t the best thing to do.

Set your own standards, but don’t set them too high and… take in mind that changes and improvement do not happen overnight. It’s gradual, and it’s slow, but it’s worth it at the end.

Lastly, try and seek inspiration from everywhere, all walks of life. If you look hard enough, you'll see it.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I’d just like to say thanks, for both the interview and for those that have read it. It’s a great honour and I really do appreciate it.
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Wow, i never saw this! Very interesting. :D
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What a beautiful interview. I enjoyed it a lot. :thumbsup:
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Thank you (=. Glad you liked it. This was actually the first interview I ever made :faint: I was worried!
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Wow, so congratulations! The questions were really great :D