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Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, :iconvenntus: and I went to New Zealand!! It's such a beautiful country! We went for almost a month and already want to go back. *O*

Of course, with The Hobbit which came out just as we were there, we had to dress for the occasion! We went to Hobbiton, the movie set of The Shire in both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, cosplayed as Merry and Pippin. A lot of people asked if we were headed home when they saw us dressed as hobbits heading to Hobbiton. XD

This was probably the fastest shoot we have ever done. Since we were actually taking the photos as we were on a tour, we only had a few seconds to set up each of our shots, but our guide was very enthusiastic, accommodating, and very amused. XD We were also really lucky that it wasn't raining or extra cloudy that day. And yup, cosplays made by us~ :)

And we want to share some of our behind the scenes photos of our adventures at Hobbiton, Rivendell and Isengard!

LOTR - Hobbits at The Shire by da-rk LOTR - Adventure Time! by da-rk   LOTR - Best Friends by da-rk


Arrived at Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand!

Love the beautiful rolling hills in New Zealand. It looks like hobbits could pop out of the hills at any time
Oh and yes, we have the hairy feet of the hobbits and walked around barefoot. :)

There were lots of super cute houses. I would totally live in one

The Shire really looks just like in the movies *o*
[Do you like my floating basket? 8D]

It was actually quite a hot day though. Sunburninguuuuuuuu

At Bag End - where Bilbo and Frodo live! :D

More Bag End! [Sam does a really good job gardening. XD]

View from the top!

Trekking through the hobbit hillssssss

And seeing more cute hobbit houses

At the end, we headed for the Green Dragon Inn, which was recently renovated to be a real working pub! :D

On the way!

So of course we stopped for a drink. Mmmmmm ginger beer <3

And relaxed by the fiyah in the hot summer heat ;;;;;

Playing around a little longer~
LOTR - Merry at the Shire by da-rk   Pippin at the Shire by da-rk

They even have Hobbiton buses

Last look at Hobbiton before we left. It's so beautiful! ;o;

The Hobbiton film set is on a sheep farm so there were lots of fluffy visitors :3

Lord of the Rings Tour

On our journey across the country, we also did the Lord of the Rings tour in Wellington, NZ and visited the filming locations of Rivendell, Isengard and a few others - while waltzing around as hobbits, of course. :)

At Rivendell, there were some decorative posts and maps marking the location. Rivendell wasn't as gorgeous as the location in the movie, but the filming site was very pretty in its own right

Supposedly, this post marks the relative heights of the characters. Although if this were accurate, Gandalf would be a lot shorter than I expected. o.o;

Big big trees at Isengard!

We also happened to find wild mushrooms at Isengard! A hobbit's favorite!
LOTR - Mushrooms! by da-rk

We also saw a giant poster of Bilbo on the side of a building in Wellington. XD

We had a wonderful time in New Zealand, and definitely will have to make another trip sometime! :heart:

As for the next convention, we will be at Gallifrey One, the largest Doctor Who convention in North America, from February 15-17th in LA! :D


Deep Dive Cosplay  |  Twitter

You all are so wonderful!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

KH2 - Waiting by da-rk

This was from :iconvenntus:'s and my very first photoshoot and is near and dear to my heart. I love this photo of venntus and am so happy to share it with you! *O* Thank you so much to :iconamagawa: for the lovely shot! *O*
:iconvenntus: and I cosplayed Loki with at New York Comic Con last weekend! Male and female versions XD

On the pretty Marvel stage~

With :iconserenadestrong: as Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim - We found this awesome Thor statue by Madame Tussauds. We thought it was a cosplayer at first until someone bumped into it and the statue wiggled XD

Demoed the Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth X-Box game! The producer was so excited and invited us to demo the game. It was a lot of fun kicking and punching in cosplay, and if we had played the single person mode we would have fought Loki. XD Although I had to take off my fur cloak/cape for round 2 because I was too shiny/furry for the Kinect to recognize my movements. Wearing our horns also made for a fun Kinect read-out of our body shapes. lol

Loved cosplaying Loki - and butting horns with :iconvenntus: Grrr!

I've got the goods! Stealing all of :iconvenntus:'s props XD

There was lots of bunny ears all around and with photos with other Lokis too XD

And was a lot of fun when we found more Lokis! [venntus looks so devious!]

Discovered another Loki/Scott Pilgrim group! :iconserenadestrong: had to do a fight-off XD

There was also this booth that sold Avengers perfume and cologne. XD The Iron Man one smelled like a rich person, lol

With Nick Fury advertising

Sea of people at NYCC!


Although we didn't actually spend as much time at the actual convention this year. Spent a good amount of time shopping, chowing and watching Looper, which is an excellent movie btw! haha


San Japan 2012

I know I've been terrible about posting con reports on time this year so I will just have to abbreviate San Japan to the NYCC post. In short - we had a blast this year judging for both the Cosplay Show and the Hall Cosplay competitions. We hosted a series of cosplay panels, and per usual wore our BRIGHT NEON jumpsuits! This year's color was yellow!

Here's a couple shots of us as Len and Rin from Vocaloid [Tsunagi version]:
Vocaloid - Wave by da-rk   Vocaloid - Tsunagi by da-rk


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Ahahaha late con report of lateness. 8D

:iconvenntus:, :iconanimeleo: and I went to San Diego Comic Con this year! It was our first time going and it was a blast! Didn't cosplay this year as we just wanted to see all the sights, but jalfjdsjfdsjfa;dfjs it was so so much fun!

Spent a lot of time waiting in line [as SDCC is line con], but surprisingly managed to get into everything we wanted to see. :D Took a few pictures and wanted to share - most of the panels and some Exhibition Hall shots.


Entering the con!

Centerpiece of the Marvel booth and probably the most visually stunning booth at the con. Complete with the Iron Man suits from Iron Man 3. The guy standing on the stage was an awesome cosplayer *o* So many all throughout the weekend!

Exploring the Exhibit Hall. This was at the awesome Hobbit booth

Randomly saw Elijah Wood! 8D

Dexter panel! Ahhhhh and got to see the first 5 minutes of the upcoming season! Can't wait!

The tens of thousands of people wandering the Gaslamp District right after the con closed


Early morning lines for Hall H [the largest panel room a the con which holds 6500 people]

Waited for hours and hours, but did finally get into the Game of Thrones panel! :D

Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon Levitt presenting their upcoming film Looper!

And saw Matt Damon randomly. He got so many questions about Team America lol

Hoboing camping out orz;;;;;;;


HEEEEEEEEEE Martin Freeman at the Hobbit panel! *o*

And Sir Ian McKellan *O*

Group Hobbit picture! They also showed us 12 minutes of the film! It looks amazing! SO EXCITED




anddddddddd hobo-ed it out to get into the Doctor Who panel... but was worth it! [Not sure if we'll do it again, but was worth it for DW. 8D]

YEYYYYYYY Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who! Got pretty good seats too!

The Moff!


Definitely coming back next year! :D


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Anime Boston was fantastic this year! And for the first time, :iconvenntus: and I spent most of the weekend doing 3 photoshoots, sleeping(!) and hanging out with friends. On Friday, we did a group DOGS cosplay with :iconserenadestrong: and :iconmidsummerkiss: and did a shoot with :iconcandlelights-chaos:.  We even managed to squeeze in a second cosplay from Blazer Drive on Saturday. Hooray for actually being able to do stuff. 8D

Our Cosplay Propmaking panel with W Cosplay (:iconcrimsonnataku: & :iconcrimsonakuma:) also went very well. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Next up is San Diego Comic Con - July 12th-15th! Here's for trying (hopefully not) line con for the first year. :3


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Going to be at Anime Boston 2012 next weekend! Only one more week!

For the first time in years, :iconvenntus: and I have decided to take a break from competing in the Masquerade, but at least we'll have more free time to actually do things and hang out with everyone [and not be as rushed pre-con!]. haha We're really excited to be doing a group cosplay with :iconserenadestrong: and :iconmidsummerkiss: from the manga DOGS! yeyyyyyyy

For Friday, I will be cosplaying Badou [going to have so much fun trying to see out of one eye 8D], venntus as Naoto/Giovanni, SerenadeStrong as Heine, and midsummerkiss as our Nill. :3

And now that venntus and I have a bit more time this year, we'll be doing a second cosplay as well - Daichi and Shiroh from Blazer Drive on Saturday.

At the con itself, you can catch venntus and I at our Cosplay Propmaking: Holy Crap How'd They Make That!? panel with W Cosplay (:iconcrimsonnataku:, :iconcrimsonakuma:) on Friday 4/6 at 10am in Hynes Panel Room 306. We'll be discussing prop construction from conception to creation and a variety of materials [complete with examples]! Hope to see you there! :3


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Thank you so much to :iconmidsummerkiss: for the premium membership! You are awesome! *O* Now I will definitely post more often and with lots of illustrations/photos/etc. 8D And to start I'll post a bit about the latest adventures in the Big Apple.

New York Comic Con / New York Anime Fest 2011

So! A few months ago [I know latest con report ever], I went with :iconvenntus: and :iconserenadestrong: to one of our favorite conventions - NYCC/NYAF! Got in late Thursday. Pretty much passed out. Not much more there. lol

Got into cosplay first thing Friday! venntus and I as jumpsuit!Tsuna and Spanner from Katekyou! Hitman Reborn and SerenadeStrong as Cheerzaku from Code Geass: Lost Colors. We headed over to the con first thing and tackled the Exhibitor's Hall, which was ridiculously amazing. There was so much to look at and do and it just seemed to go on and on.

And of course found some awesome things to pose with!

And transformers!!

Seriously the size of that thing is impressive! With SerenadeStrong as Cheerzaku!

Eventually found ourselves at the impressive Marvel Avengers stage. Something seemed to be going on... let's take a closer look

Seems like Stan Lee's signing! Along with a lot of other exciting Avengers events later on!

And some awesome Captain America props. There was a lot of great Marvel merchandise [this not being one of them though of course, haha]

I think I was so in awe of this convention that I forgot to take more photos here. I seem to be missing a bunch.. But I did remember to get some shots of some nice Doctor Who vinyl.

Stocked up on Tokidoki goods!

Skipping ahead a bit - Over the course of the day, venntus and I were recognized as Naruto at least a dozen times. LOL Although I think the best mistaken identity while wearing these cosplays has got to be MORNING RESCUE. Really. And if you haven't seen the commercial yet...

Friday really seemed to fly by. We took advantage of being in New York and did some exploring and indulged in delicious food. ;3 As for Saturday, there were a lot of great events. Many with very long lines, but we did get to do most of things we came for. But best of all, we finally got to do a cosplay collab with as characters from the webseries The Guild. venntus as Bladezz, SerenadeStrong as Codex, and myself as Tink. Much love for that series. Particularly appropriate since the latest season took place at a convention.

And BLURRIEST PHOTO EVER. But we got a chance to briefly talk with Felicia Day in our cosplays~ :D

We also got our props signed by Felicia and Sandeep!

Much later in the evening, we attended the Masquerade. Lots of great cosplays - and even an actual transforming transformer! *o*

NYCC/NYAF was a blast this year. Lots of good events and things to do. Will definitely try to come back next year. Until then, venntus and I will be taking a few months off to cool down from an intense cosplay year, convention schedule, and so much traveling I don't even know. The next convention we have on our plates is Gallifrey One - a Doctor Who convention in LA [February 17-19, 2012].

Until then, happy holidays everyone! And stay warm! :)


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Chicago Comic Con was a blast! This was the first year :iconvenntus: and I went, but after all the excitement we know we'll try our hardest to make it back for another year!

I don't even know where to start. There was a TON of excellent events, panels and guests at WWCC. Between Boondock Saints, Torchwood, The Guild, Buffy, and many other events it was a blast! *o* venntus and I also had the good fortune to meet Felicia Day and Sean Patrick Flanery outside the convention as well. :)

Looking ahead, I'll be at New York Anime Fest/ New York Comic Con with :iconvenntus: and :iconserenadestrong:. We'll be debuting our new cosplays from The Guild! X3 I'm also regularly posting progress pictures at our Twitter @deepdivecosplay along with our cosplay shenanigans. 8D


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San Japan was fantastic this year! :iconvenntus: and I were part of the Cosplay Staff [aka the jumpsuits] and were the Hall Cosplay Judges. The Cosplay Show/Masquerade went pretty well this year and with every year we try to make it better than the last. :3 We were in the Cosplay HQ for a good part of the weekend across from the Cosplay in America photobooth, but spent a good part of Saturday evening working the Cosplay Show. X3 We love being a part of the staff, and this year was no exception. <3

As far as our cosplays at San Japan, we went as Bonten… and Kon… from the anime/manga Amatsuki on Friday. On Saturday, we were back as the JUMPSUITS! But this time in bright orange jumpsuits for Tsuna and Spanner from Katekyou Hitman Reborn. With lollipops. :3

We met many new and old friends at San Japan this year! <3 Also, after this weekend I am tempted to start back up on WoW. Discovered some awesome guildies among friends. 8D

Btw, we would love to hear your feedback on the Cosplay Show and other events at the San Japan Forums:…

Annnnd tomorrow, :iconvenntus: and I will be heading out to Chicago for Wizard World Comic Con! Oh many, there are so many events that I want to go to. BUFFYFEST. BOONDOCKS PANEL. THE GUILD. AHHHHHhhh This is the first year we're going, but I have high expectations and know I won't be let down! X3

Then I will sleep for 10 years. 8D


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Heading out to San Japan this weekend with :iconvenntus: and :icontoosexyforyourparty:! San Japan is a growing convention in San Antonio, TX. There's a great schedule planned and packed with tons of cosplay panels and events! venntus and I will also be working as cosplay staff all weekend. We'll be at cosplay HQ Friday and Saturday so come by to sign up for one of the many cosplay shows/competitions/etc. or just to say hi. :3 You can also be sure to spot us running around at the Cosplay Show/Masquerade Saturday evening in bright orange jumpsuits.

Friday, we'll be cosplaying Bonten… and Kon… from the anime/manga Amatsuki. Annnnd Saturday we'll be wearing our new cosplays of jumpsuit!Tsuna and Spanner from Katekyou Hitman Reborn! [Gotta love that series. We've been dying to make another cosplay from KHR. X3]

Hope to see you there!

I know I need to do a con report of sorts for Anime Expo, but I'll be sure to post one after the deluge of cons in the next couple of weeks!


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:iconvenntus: and will be at AX this coming weekend! We're going to be wearing 2 new cosplays based on Kurogane and Fai of Tsubasa! Hope to see you there! :3


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:iconvenntus: and I set up a Twitter account for updates on our day-to-day cosplay adventures: @deepdiveCosplay

yeyyyyyyy 8DDDDDDD

We have so many cosplays and cons planned for this year. The latest one being our Amatsuki cosplays of Kon and Bonten. We did 2 photoshoots recently with :iconf15h571x: and Jellybeantotoro. :heart:

A few photos from the Amatsuki shoot:
:bulletblue: Where the Sky Meets the Earth
:bulletgreen: Bonten
:bulletblue: Kon
:bulletgreen: Reminisce
:bulletblue: Harmony

Ha, cosplays that actually match the weather. ;D
The other photoshoot was of our Skip Beat! cosplays from last summer. It's about time. lol

Looking ahead, our next convention will be Anime Expo! yesssssssssss so excited 8D


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FJSFL:SDJF:SJD:UESDJAKLJ Anime Boston 2011 was this past weekend, and it was AWESOME. uwaaaaaaa~ I love this convention. *o* I'm so happy I got to see and catch up with so many of you. Time flew by way too fast!

I was with :iconvenntus: and :iconserenadestrong: for the most part of the weekend. <333333 venntus and I also ended up winning First Place for Craftsmanship in the Masters Division for our Castlevania cosplays of Hector and Alucard:… I CANNOT WAIT to do a photoshoot for these cosplays! X3

Thank you to everyone who came to our Cosplay Propmaking Panel on Friday with :iconcrimsonnataku:, :iconcrimsonakuma: and :iconmarkiemark425:! We hoped you enjoyed it and perhaps picked up a technique or two! 8D


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I am absolutely ecstatic for Anime Boston this year! AB is my favorite convention and with every year it just gets better. :iconvenntus: and I will be there for the whole weekend and debuting some crazy cosplays we've been working on.

venntus and I will be competing in the Hall Cosplay Masters Division, and we'll also be in the Fashion Show at the the Masquerade. But the best place to catch us during AB will be at our panel Cosplay Propmaking: Holy Crap How'd They Make That!? with W Cosplay and BLiTZ Cosplay on Friday 4/22 at 4pm in the Hynes Panel Room 107. Come by and learn how to make your own props out of plastic, leather, wood and more or just to say hi! :D

I look forward to seeing all of you! :3


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:iconvenntus: and I just came back from the amazingness that is Gallifrey One - the largest Doctor Who convention in North America - held in LA. It was such a wonderful con.  There were lots of panels with the writers and cast of Doctor Who and Torchwood. THE BEST. :heart:

Looking ahead, venntus and I will be at Anime Boston 2011 from April 22-24! We'll be debuting some crazy cosplays that we've been working on for a while now. AND trying something new this year - we'll be hosting a cosplay propmaking panel on Friday with W Cosplay (:iconcrimsonnataku:, :iconcrimsonakuma:) and BLiTZ Cosplay (:iconmarkiemark425:). There will be lots of props, tutorials, and fun to be had! Come by and check out our panel!


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Long time no post! ahahaha Been busy, but still kickin~ 8D

:iconvenntus: and I were at San Japan working as cosplay staff/judges and hanging out at Mechacon earlier this summer.  8D

Annnnnnnd in a few weeks we're going to be at New York Anime Fest 2010! 8DDDD  :iconvenntus: and I will be there all weekend with :iconserenadestrong:, :iconmidsummerkiss: and :iconminakichan:! venntus and I will be in our Tsubasa Shaoran and Sakura cosplays so give us a shout if you see us! :D

Talking about Tsubasa, venntus and I recently did a photoshoot of our Tsubasa cosplays in the frozen tundra depths of Alaska, US! it was really really cold, lol

Anyway, check out some of our photos~ 8D

Photos by da-rk:
:bulletblue: Our World
:bulletgreen: Don't Let Go
:bulletblue: As the Rain Falls
:bulletgreen: Longing for...
:bulletblue: Don't Look Back

Photos by venntus:
:bulletblue: A Search for a Reflection
:bulletgreen: The Beginning of Loss
:bulletblue: Toscavivari
:bulletgreen: Alamakriev


Deep Dive Cosplay
Anime Boston was absolutely amazing this year! :iconvenntus: and I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and meeting new ones. :)

From the VGO Concert to the Masquerade, I was very impressed with the events this year. This has also got to be one of the best Masquerades I've been to.  Everything ran very smoothly, and there were so many amazing skits this year!

:iconvenntus: and I competed in the Masters division and took home a Judge's Award for our Final Fantasy 12 cosplays of the summons Zalera and Adrammelech!  These were seriously some of the craziest cosplays we've ever done. We put in hundreds of hours of time in a ridiculously short period along with blood, sweat and tears.  During the crazy building process, we realized there's a reason that no one has cosplayed these summons before. orz;;; But it all paid off in the end! X3

We posted a small preview… of our cosplays prior to the con, but I'll also post a full-body photo soon. *EDIT* Full body shot here!…

It was great meeting everyone at Anime Boston! I already can't wait for next year! XD


Deep Dive Cosplay
Exactly one month from now is Anime Boston 2010! You can be sure to see :iconvenntus: and me there!  I'm tremendously excited for this year, and once again venntus and I will be featuring our newest cosplays.  We've been working hard for the past few months on a special project that we'll debut at the Hall Cosplay Competition and Masquerade Fashion Show this year. We'll also be posting previews closer to the con. Please look forward to them. :3

If you spot us at the con, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to say hi~ :)

:spotlight-left: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep :spotlight-right:

:iconvenntus: and I recently had our photoshoot of our Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep cosplays.  It's been an amazing journey making, wearing, traveling all over the country and finally doing a photoshoot with these cosplays.  We started making our Aqua and Ven cosplays back in 2008 when there was only a trailer and a few concept images out, but despite the lack of references, after seeing the trailer we instantly knew we had to cosplay these characters from such an amazing series of games.

These cosplays (armor, props, and all) were made entirely from scratch and took us about 300 hours each over a year.  =o=;;  All armor is hand carved, molded, and shaped. The armor was painted and weathered to give it a battle-worn look. As for the pleather, there's lots of it - 2 layers for the upper body. The top layer is to give a plated look for the 'soft armor' on top of the pleather body suit.  Our keyblades also light up and make 'FWOOOSH' noises (which sound like a flushing toilets)!

We've also received a number of questions about what materials we've used. For the armor, we used a thermoplastic called sintra. If you're interested in trying your hand at making your own armor, check out our tutorial:… :)

The Photoshoot

For the photoshoot, we had been planning this crazy adventure for nearly six months.  We made a three and a half day trip to get to our photoshoot location in a remote area with cliffs and mountains. Then, we climbed a mountain in full body pleather!

There was a lot of climbing [for hours], getting lost, running into dead ends and accidentally brushing against cacti. Somehow we also had a knack of losing the trail in the pursuit of some nice looking rocks and then not being able to find our way back/down in armor no less, lol. But in the end it paid off; we had a lot of fun road tripping~ 8D  Thank you TooSexyForYourParty! We couldn't have done it without you! :heart:

Thank you to everyone who believed in us and cheered us on! You guys are the best! :heart:

Please check out our photos of these cosplays~ :3

:camera: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Photoshoot

Photos by da-rk:
:bulletblue: Radiance
:bulletgreen: Refuge
:bulletblue: Solace
:bulletgreen: Crossroads
:bulletblue: Departure

Photos by venntus:
:bulletblue: Aeolation
:bulletgreen: Centre
:bulletblue: Vermilion
:bulletgreen: Atmos


For our full photoshoots: Deep Dive Cosplay
It's been a while since I last updated, but since then a lot of things have happened.  :iconvenntus: and I had a blast at Anime Boston, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and meeting people.  We won Second Place Craftsmanship in the Intermediate Division at the AB Masquerade as Ven and Aqua of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep!  :3

We also had a great time at Anime Next a few weeks ago.  We were really surprised when we won Best Craftsmanship in Journeyman at the Masquerade for our Birth By Sleep cosplays! *O* We also won the "Ooh Shiny" Judge's Award for our keyblades since they light up and make sounds. XD But this also means we're Masters now. FLDLJDJFFLUF;FJDLKFJS;fjs;ad

Looking ahead, we'll be at Otakon with our Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep cosplays of Ven and Aqua!

Ever wondered how some crazy cosplay props are made?

After a long time Ven and I have finally pooled together our knowledge to create a tutorial about the thermo-plastic, sintra.  This material is great for building props and other unwieldy cosplay parts.  Please check out our tutorial… for uses on building, heat forming, painting and more!  The tutorial features our cosplays from Final Fantasy XIII [Lightning's sword] and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep [Ven's armor].


<a">Deep Dive Cosplay
Anime Boston 2009 is coming quickly!  Ah, I'm really looking forward to this year's con.

:iconvenntus: and I will be debuting the cosplays we've been working on for a year now.  8D;;  Now to finish all of the last touches in the next week and a half. jldaj;fajds;

Also, if you're going to Anime Boston (or A-Kon) please check out my friend's :iconminakichan: Artist Alley booth!  She's an amazing artist and will have her Hetalia doujin there!  :3


Deep Dive Cosplay