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[ADOPT]Stimpank Mouse girl[OPEN] by OldFoxDlA
Witches Adoptable auction [OPEN] by PjlinaTheSilense
Heliconia by Crazy-Zoroark
Cute Bat by UndercoverPsycho
2016Advertising -PaidResources-ComissionInfos
[PRICE DROP!] Hakimimi-Garden Adopt EXTRA - (OPEN) by LaurenBanbi
[PRICE DROP!] Hakimimi-Garden Adopt - (OPEN) by LaurenBanbi
Pancakes chibi YCH (CLOSED) by KMPRSYAA
Lolita YCH 2 (OPEN 2/2) by KMPRSYAA
Fan Arts 2016
Regret by point-maitimo
Pierrot by KMPRSYAA
elf by VictoriaFormalin
Saber Alter by kisatsuki
Literature 2016
Sugar cup YCH Sample! Yui! by Ebonnii
Animation 2016
[CLOSED] Adopt a SPACECRAFT  TYPE - 01 | Free SB! by FractalMoon
[Gift] Yoichi Mochiru by Ailixa
Turret Aiming [Animation] by SkarabeyDM
Animated Anime YCH (OPEN) FREE SB (2 slots) by Bai-Jiu
Textart and Typography 2016
Bridgewalk - Main Menu by iamjcat
kILL yourSELF by Hekkoto
Film Studios - Logo Switch by Dana-Ulama
Katype: a Typeface for Cats by JuicySlug
Photomanipulation 2016
Fallen Angel by Fiendcute
Angel by Fiendcute
Theater of the Three Actors  by agevla77
Seoul, up and down... by agevla77
3D,Sculpturing, and Crafts 2016
:Pumpkin: Halloween - Sir Daniel Fortesque by Hedenus
Evening Sea [LowPoly] by SkarabeyDM
Asteroid Belt by SkarabeyDM
Mountain Ring Rail [Animation] by SkarabeyDM
Digital 2016
Comet me by orionJPG
Reborn by DarkWordex
Two swords are better than one by ChrisSowinski
Biohazard Alien Bust 80's vhs style [COMMISSION] by Mama-Bear-Art
Traditional 2016
Bookmark Charlie |Hazbin Hotel| by juspeczik
Serene by Silerna
Colors of the Sun by Silerna
Warmth by Silerna
Photography 2016
Colorful plant by IWilsonArt
OCs 2016
YCH - Jo 2 by FredericoEscorsin
Resources Tutorials 2016
[OPEN] Adoptable zombie-girl by reygamaru
Digital Art 1 old
Camille Desmoulins by 0torno
Text Art and Typography old
My art for the design study 6 by Xbasler-Issei-2082
OC s old
Gadget and Gizmo by Muggyy
Fan Art old
Mercy WIP by Omegabinary
Photography old
Buddha head by Harmonieduchaos
Traditional old
Commissioned Ink by yuyanda
3D, Sculpture, and Crafts old
Abstract Sea Thing [LowPoly] by SkarabeyDM
Photomanipulation old
Funky Garuda by Harmonieduchaos
Animation old
Sad cloud by KellerAC
Digital Art 2 old
:.  Upbeat and Illuminating  .: by Nimiszu
Wallpapers old
Peas and Carrots by KellerAC
Cosplay old
Shizune by geekyemoKun
Monthly Challenge
Love is all you need. by mylittlebluesky
Photography 2 old
Sail by JuhaniViitanen
Fan Art 2 old
Commission: Hiro and Erica by kgfantasy
Digital Art 3 old
The storm by FlashW

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Lime Saber Marionette J by MaxPaucar92
STFU by FCNart
Welcome to Deviant Art by FCNart
Freatured Member
are there others like us? by chpsauce
Dream Catcher by Louisalings
Miku Append by Butjok
Digital Art
New Born by Amarelle07
Uprising by Amarelle07
Now I Know by greempo
YOU by greempo
New York - W 59th Street by DarkSaiF
A Taste Of Freedom by diggedy
Montreal - Building by DarkSaiF
The Cherry Tree by MichaelMagin
Fan Art
Tetris4 by Firlefanzerei
Lone Soldier by Bluedog24wolf
Ariel by Eternal-S
Okami - refusing to fall by Grypwolf

Rules - 2016 Edition - August2016Update


:icongroupsplz: DeviantART*Revolution! :la:

:damphyr: Group Rules:

Submitting art:
:bulletgreen: We do not accept stock photos.
:bulletgreen: We are more focused on your best pieces of art. This means we look for good resolution and also compare your picture to the rest of you gallery. This also means sketches or works in progress will not be accepted. currently this is not thoroughly a thing anymore but it will hopefully be back in soon.
:bulletgreen: This isn't facebook
:bulletgreen: Your submissions must be correctly categorized. We will not categorize it for you (tell us if there's a category missing!).
:bulletgreen: Please do not submit art unless it is 100% yours, regardless of whether or not you have permission, we will not accept it (exception: photomanips).

:bulletred:The first thing you should know is what specifically each folder is.:bulletred:
Here is what we expect you to categorize:
-Featured: This is where your friendly staff places their favorite submissions to the group. This folder is closed.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:NEW:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Advertisements - Comissions Info and Paid Resources : Paid Photoshop Actions , Paid Resources (Textures, Brushes etc) and if you do commissions , your information sheets with prices and examples too!

-Digital Art: This folder is for art made primarily in a computer program THAT IS NOT FANART (GIMP, Paint, Photoshop, SAI, etc.)

-Text and Typography: This is for a) art made with words or artistically styled words or fonts.

-OCs: For your ORIGINAL characters (we DO NOT accept reference sheets)

-Fan Art: For characters of movies, books, etc. that you have drawn yourself. ANY fan art, regardless of media should be submitted to folder.

-Photography: This is for pictures you have taken with a camera. This is a difficult folder to submit to. We RARELY accept flower photos and people photos because they are both very easy subjects to photograph and are not usually artistically captured.

-Traditional: For any art where you have used paints, pencils, pastels, etc.

-Literature: For your best works of writing

-3D, Sculpture, and Crafts: Things made in 3D and anything you have made that is not already mentioned.

-Photomanipulation: Photomanipulations are considered as such if 2 or more images have been used to create a new piece. If you only edited the colours/levels/etc of an image that is a 'Digital Art / Mixed Media' deviation. All stock used must either be your own or given credit for photomanipulations. You must also have permission if it is NOT stock. If it is your stock please mention it in your artist comments section! Reason being we receive many submissions who forget to post the links to other's stock and it's difficult to comment all of them to check.

-Animation: For a series of moving pictures.

Contest Folders: We hold contests regularly and encourage you to submit to them! currently not in the programme, sorry.

Group affiliations:
:bulletred: You group must have at least 100 members to be approved.

:damphyr: Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletyellow: How can I join this group?
Just find the button that says "Join This Club".

:bulletyellow: How can I submit my works into this group?
After you had been approved to be a member, you can post your work in this group. Just find the button says "Contribute Art" and post it there. Note that you must submit it into the correct folder.

:bulletyellow: How can I become a contributor/cofounder (in 2016)?
Send a note containing how much time per day you can spend on the group ,how old you are, and what you do for a living. Why do I ask for occupation ? Because the group does not need someone who will go into inactivity within 3months of becoming a contributor, or less. I want to get a little future proofing in at this point , so the fiasco that has been going on since 2013 does not repeat itself , now that I'm halfway ontop.
Also include "By the power of Greyskull, I have the Power" so I know you've read the rules.

The DeviantArt Revolution by MaxPaucar92