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Hello! Welcome to dA-pagans!

dA-pagans is a Pagan group which is focused on bringing together members of the deviantART Pagan community to inspire, create, and share wonderful pieces of art that have that wonderful Pagan flair to them. It's my hope that the community here will become strong and supportive of our Pagan brothers and sisters, to provide a wonderful place for us all to share our art and inspire others to learn more about our differing faiths.

Anyone is welcome to join regardless of whatever Pagan faith they practice. We also accept non-Pagans, so long as they come in peace.

If anyone has any awesome suggestions that would help make this group great, please feel free to note me and I'll be happy to look into it!

Pagan Mentors

Here you can find Mentors who can answer questions and offer guidance for those who are new to the Craft or who just need some questions answered. They are listed below alphabetically by DA screen name for your convenience with a brief description of their path and experience.

I am an Ordained Eclectic Spiritualist Pagan centering on American Indian, Celtic, Norse, and Egyptian spirituality with emphasis on Shamanism, Animism/Totemic spirituality, and I know and understand the Witta, and Druidic paths. I am also versed in Greek and Roman Mythology as well and I am familiar with Alchemy and Technomancy, though not as well versed in the last two as I am with the others.

I'm a traditional witch, who found Wicca at the age of fourteen, but discovered by the time that I was eighteen that I would be much better off just being a plain old witch, which suits me just fine. I'm experienced in crystal healing and magick, as well as chanting, as well as being creative with alternative altar choices, as I'm in a home where I'm not allowed some of the traditional items.

I'm a fairy-witch and have practiced Wicca and Witchcarft inspired by Scott Cunningham and Kate West. In my own tradition I use elements form Nors, Greco-Roman and Celtic mythology, and I work with meditation, the charkas, visualization, and other mediums.

I'm Rafaela, follower of Matka Zemlja (Mother Earth) and Hecate. I teach the mythology, holidays, traditions and beliefs of the Southeastern Europe and the Balkans. I have studied it since I know about myself and know enough to teach. I write spells for those who need it and want them, and I have a nice way with herbs and chanting. I'm still learning the tarot cards, yet I do readings fairly well.


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:shoutbox:Interactive Group Book of Shadows Forum:shoutbox:

Use this resource to share knowledge with your fellow pagans. Included information can be:
:bulletgreen:Tool Crafting
:bulletgreen:Any other Pagan-centric information that would be included in a BoS.


Whether you're new to Paganism or if you've been Pagan for years, we sincerely hope that the information included within our Pagan Resource Guide will be of help to you!



:bulletgreen: There is a global limit of 7 deviation submissions per week.

:bulletgreen: All art submitted must have a PAGAN theme.

:bulletgreen:Submit your work to the correct galleries! :D

:bulletred:No hate speech, racism, etc is permitted in any part of this group.
Keep the negativity on your own page please!

:bulletred:Your art must be your own - Art thievery is not permitted!

Contest Rules

:bulletgreen: There will be a limit of 1 entry per person unless otherwise specified
:bulletgreen: The entry must be PG 13-Rated. (No obscenities, no excessive gore, no excessive nudity... Think Movie ratings)
:bulletgreen: All general group rules apply (Art must be your own, etc).
:bulletred: No Flaming, no Trolling, no Hating on anyone's entry please. Any who do will have their entry automatically removed from the contest with no opportunity to re-enter.
:bulletred: When Voting, bribing other deviants to vote for your entry (with points, llamas, views, favorites, etc...) is not acceptable. Failure to comply with this may result in your entry being removed from the contest altogether with no opportunity to re-enter.
:bulletred: Please note that making multiple accounts (or enticing others to) for the sole purpose of having more than one vote by only one person in the voting sessions of a contest is also unacceptable, and if this behavior is discovered, the offending party's entry may be removed from the contest with no opportunity to re-enter.

Rules put into effect: 2 March, 2012|updated 5 March, 2012|updated 5 July, 2012|updated 10 December, 2012

*All rules and guidelines are subject to change as needed.

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If so, drop by da-PagansDonate!

I would like to suggest a possible participation avenue for our members - Pagan Book Reviews!  Those who have books on Paganism, regardless of branch (Wiccan, Shamanic, Druidic, Technomancy, Celtic, Norse, American Indian, Egyptian, Shinto, Hindu, etc), are invited to write reviews of said books to be posted in a folder I will set aside for that purpose.  The reason for inviting reviews of these books is to give all our members a library of books to peruse so they may chose, based on those reviews, the best ones to pick up and add to their personal libraries for research and learning along their chosen path.  I would suggest that your submissions include both Title and Author of the book, what culture or path the book is about, as well as a photo and ISBN of said book for ease of reference.

I would like to hear the group's thoughts on this idea, as well as any who would like to write such reviews.

Thank you and blessed be.

Update Oct 3rd, 2014
I see we have our first book reviews posted.  Beautiful, thank you!  Please keep them coming, our community membership will greatly appreciate them.

Blessings to All.
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