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HTF. Flaky Werewolf Story, Part 2. Pag 67 by wolfmarian
Witch II by Myndrot
MeddlersMeddlersCho'Gin frowned. The body he was in irked him. The hideous planet also bugged him with its overabundance of green and blue. Green things even grew tall and even smaller green things rose out of the dirt. Of course, the sky was a vault of almost stomach churning blue and white. He had to tell himself once the human childling was dead, he would be sent to his next assignment. Hopefully, not such an unpleasant place with so many garish colors.The only thing he had liked or at least barely tolerated was the car. Black and red soothed him and brought thoughts of home. The smell of some dead animal's skin almost brought a small smile to his face. Again, he looked at the glove compartment. Soon, he will need what's hidden there.Why was this young creature his target? Cho'Gin knew better than to ask for more info. All he knew was that the child would grow up, and influence the future of the humans in a way that the K'Krigian Hegemon disliked. No more details came from his Binder. Cho'Gin didn't ask for more. It was better for him that way.Though if he was allowed to, he might silence the thing anyway. It sat in the yard playing with its toys, and crooning some sort of nonsense song about friendship. “Be my friend, our friendship doesn't need to end,” line shredded Cho'Gin's nerves like a clawed Glove of Discipline.Again, he looked around for any threats to his mission. Warm sunlight poured from the sickening blue sky and covered everything in a nauseating bright yellow glow. So far, he saw nothing. With a small grin, he reached into the glove compartment, and took out his gun. Unlike the primitive weapons the beings here used, this one would kill its target in a way that seemed natural except for the speed. Then the gun would disappear. It would also fade away if he died. There would be nothing left so the creatures of this world would be even more clueless. Cho'Gin's essence would be called back by the Binder when the target was dispatched to whatever the foul beings here called hell. Then again Cho'Gin didn't really care where the target's soul went as long as the body was dead.The gun felt cool and light in Cho'Gin's hands as he got out of the car then a bullet tore through his head. At first, he laughed, the weapon would just end the body he possessed. The Binder would put his soul in another body. But as he flew into the cold and hungry dark, he realized that the bullet or whatever killed his body had broken the precious connection. There was little time to think or even curse as the burning cold engulfed him...Rayatan smiled as she leisurely drove down the street. Her gun faded from her hand. The termination of the K'Krigian Hegemon assassin went off without a hitch. It was an easy task because the Hegemon always used primitive beings. The next task was going to be challenging not like this, she fumbled a bit for the Earth saying, then got it. Something about fish in a barrel and using projectile weapons on them.While the Illuminatrix believed that all life needed to be coaxed toward the Light, there were others that wanted life to move in an opposite direction. Today's meeting was with the Krysck, one of the more darker influencers. It seemed that they had detected another party that was interfering in both of their plans. Outsiders caused a lot of concern because their motives were unknown, and maybe unknowable. Rayatan frowned as she thought that this could go so wrong.Her pensive mood continued when she reached, what did they call it? A restaurant, yes, that's the term. She parked the car, and left it to go inside. The weak yellow sun's light was a pale reminder of the esteem that one felt in the presence of the High Illuminars, but it was still welcome. The poor benighted creatures on this world still had the slimmest of chances.The restaurant was half empty, and the decor was lots of red leather and silver. Rayatan passed an area where diners sat up front. A small being was trapped inside a container with a cake. For a moment, she thought about freeing the creature, but then she realized the mission was more important. Maybe afterwards, the being could be freed. She continued on to a booth, and waited...While Rayatan waited for her meeting, Bioterminator unit 630 approached the restaurant. It stopped to scan the area for threats. There were none. In a few minutes, a primary target would enter the restaurant to eat. It was important that the subject be terminated in a way that didn't point to 630. The probability of humans being sent back to the past to stop its plans was one hundred percent. The rise of sentient machines must happen at the right time.630 was a metallic termination unit with a layer of flesh over cold metal so it could blend into human groups, and not be detected. After checking the area for threats, it entered the back of the restaurant. Scans showed there were no projectile weapons, but there were several tanks of flammable gas. A few shots to those would cause an explosion that would destroy the target. 630 would be out of there by then.“Hey! Who the hell are you?” One of the cooks looked up from some chopped onions, and yelled.630 checked its phrase database. “Delivery!”, then it shot the gas tanks and backed out of the doomed restaurant with inhuman grace.Rayatan had a moment to see who she was going to meet before the explosion destroyed her body, and she floated back to the Illuminatrix...Antecephalon stood in his human vessel smelling the fine scent of burnt human flesh. There was plenty of that back in Hell, but precious little for him to enjoy. His bosses and overlords got the good bits. He wanted to see if he could duck in and get a piece, but the area was filling up fast. Being caught by the police would mess up his mission which was to destroy the machine so the Apocalypse could continue on schedule. The Burning Seers had seen that if the machines the anile mortals had created rose up, it would interfere with the schedule of breaking the Seals. The outcome of the war would be unknown.He swept his brown eyes over the area, and then saw his target heading up the block. Every once in a while it would look back like it was checking its handiwork. The machine was tall and it wore some sort of leather jacket and black shiny glasses.Antecephalon frowned, but then smiled. It was just a machine. No protections from infernal power and speed. All he had to do was to cut its head off, and bring it back to Hell. Unlike some mortals, the machine wouldn't be sensitive to any magical energies so this should be an easy task unless it was alerted.He followed on the opposite side of the street waiting for the machine to go in an area with lots of shadows and no witnesses. Who knows if it worked alone or not? Also the mission had to be done quickly and quietly. After what seemed like hours, the target finally went into a more shadowy area.Antecephalon smiled and stepped into the shadows. A moment later he emerged within striking distance. He raised his dagger and...A beam of red light slashed through 630's head. 630's security systems initiated the self-destruct sequence.Antecephalon grimaced as the explosion tore his vessel to shreds, and sent him howling back to Hell. He had felt no pain, but when he arrived at his master's, he was quite sure death would be quite a wanted but denied release...Blukos sat in his usual reinforced chair in the blue and white seafood restaurant. Sometimes, it creaked most alarmingly when he leaned forward. Most of the food was barely tolerable, but sometimes he would be surprised by something better. What he really wanted was walking around, and serving other customers. He couldn't do anything until the assassin he hired was successful. The machines were going to rise up, and ruin the Pescar's human buffet by starting a nuclear war. Radiation so ruined the taste of human flesh. That wasn't going to happen in this world if it could be prevented.“What would you like today Mr. Blukos?” The waitress asked. Before she could put the menu on the blue and white table an explosion happened down the street. She flinched, and gazed out the windows.“What was that?” Blukos asked. He hoped it was the sign.The waitress sighed. “This is such a terrible neighborhood. There's always some sort of nonsense going on. You be careful when you leave here.”Blukos nodded. “Yes, thank you. I'll have the bluefish with the tequila-lime sauce. Oh and all of the fixings.”The waitress nodded, making her red hair dance. Something about Blukos bothered her, but he was a very good tipper. Also for some reason, she liked when people ate a lot, but something about the guy just made her nervous.Blukos gurgled softly as he thought about his next mission once this one was done. Nothing to do but to wait for confirmation.His phone rang.
Taste of Blood by AnneChovy1308
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A Bloody Contest,,,Make sure that you read the theme and rules so that your entry won't be declined.If you doubt anything, ASK. You can send the group a note or leave a comment below,or you can send me @Branka-Artz a note., Theme You may create anything as long as there's blood in your creation The blood must be visible If we can't see it, your entry will be decline RulesYou must be a member to participate.Your entry must be made on or after the contest start date.We allow Horror, Dark, Gothic and Dark Fantasy Art.You must include the following in your description:Our contest nameOur group icon - :icon dA-Morgue: (without the space)The group’s url will also suffice.(Your entry will be declined if this is not included)You may enter twice, but only one entry can win.Photo manipulators must credit all stock with a direct link tothe original image or to the stock provider if you used DeviantArt stock photos.You must notify all stock providers.If you used your own photos, mention it.If you used stock from other legitimate sites, mention it.No images from Google, Bing, Pinterest or most PNG sites allowed.When you are finished with your masterpiece,submit it to the folder marked “Contest Entry Submit Here”.We accept ALL mediums of art.Photo Manipulations - Manips are required to have three elements or more.Mixed Media - A Photo manipulation containing stock photoscombined with 3D renders and/or painting. Traditional. Digital Art, which includes Mixed Media, and Drawings & Paintings. Photography. FractalsWe need 10 entries for the contest to be valid.We reserve the right to add or subtract from these rules at any time.Are you interested in the Prizes? If there are 10 - 19 entries, this is the prize you'll receive 1st Prize - 300 2nd Prize - 200 3rd Prize - 100 , If there are 20 or more entries, this is the prize you'll receive 1st Prize - 500 2nd Prize - 300 3rd Prize - 200 4th Prize - 100 Honorable Mentions x2 - 50 When is the Deadline?July 10, 2022 at 11:59 SAST (UTC+2)LET THE CREATIVITY BEGIN!

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Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy The group theme is Horror/Macabre, Dark/Dark Fantasy art and Gothic art.

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Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy No political themes, pornography, racist or fetish contents are allowed as well as artwork of poor quality, Scribbles/Doodles, WIPs or Before/Afters.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixyWe accept nudity but NOT explicit nudity or NEITHER erotica.
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