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Hey there!
United States
It seems I've been doing a lot of firearm stock images, and that's going to continue. Remember though, my work that I have in the "Stock" dA section is copyright free! Just don't go around saying you made it, okay?

Feel free to draw these guns, manipulate their photos, or whatever artistic stuff you feel like doing to them. You don't have to tell me when you use them, but if you want to show me what you did to them, feel free! I like when people make stuff.

If you want more photos of a particular firearm, just ask! They're all mine, so I always have them.
So, I've been sitting on a lot of Weirdkid content from the last four months.


10:01 PM - Weirdkid: hey.
10:11 PM - Me: Hey.
10:11 PM - Me: How has Fry's been?
10:26 PM - Weirdkid is now Online.
10:26 PM - Weirdkid: pretty good.
10:26 PM - Weirdkid: just everyone is all layed back and aren't assholes and everyones frinedly.
10:26 PM - Weirdkid: after 2 weeks though I need to sell.
10:26 PM - Weirdkid is now Away.
10:27 PM - Me: That's nice.
10:38 PM - Weirdkid: ya
10:38 PM - Weirdkid: hey, want to buy a fridgerrator in 3 weeks?
10:38 PM - Me: Not really, no.
10:50 PM - Weirdkid: come on.
10:50 PM - Me: I don't really need a fridge.
10:50 PM - Weirdkid: if one is $2000 I get $200 profit out of one.
10:50 PM - Me: I don't have $2,000.
10:50 PM - Weirdkid: but if they return it. i get fucked in the ass hard core.
10:51 PM - Weirdkid: i would have to give my money back. bassicly.


12:17 PM - Weirdkid: i'm still upset about the werck yesterday.
12:17 PM - Me: I can imagine.
12:17 PM - Me: What happened there?
12:17 PM - Weirdkid: just a fender bender.
12:17 PM - Weirdkid: i hither.
12:18 PM - Weirdkid: she was hispanic, didn't know english that much, and she said it was my fault and she took off, i'm sure she didn't have insureanse so thats why she probbably left,
12:19 PM - Weirdkid: her liccense plate had the paper plates intead of physical tags........
12:19 PM - Weirdkid: Should have gotten a photo of her liccense plate.
12:20 PM - Me: Oh well.
12:20 PM - Weirdkid: chillly cheese dogs are the shit
12:23 PM - Weirdkid: want to buy my galaxy S5?


12:46 PM - Weirdkid: i might get the iPhone 5
12:46 PM - Weirdkid: iPhone 5S
12:46 PM - Weirdkid: might go back to apple.
12:46 PM - Me: Why is that?
12:46 PM - Weirdkid: just i miss it
12:46 PM - Weirdkid: being basic and easy.


1:57 PM - Weirdkid: You know what's the one thing that bugs the fuck out of me now:-)
1:57 PM - Weirdkid: Now.
1:58 PM - Weirdkid: Fucking pollen all over your vehicle.
1:58 PM - Weirdkid: Gross nasty.


3:24 PM - Weirdkid: UGh fuck this weekend sucks balls the most.
3:25 PM - Weirdkid: i got into a wreck wendseday, i lost 2 fucking friends last night due to a argment...... and I didn't get that much sleep.
3:25 PM - Weirdkid: got home at dads at 4am.
3:26 PM - Me: Take a nap if you get the chance.
3:26 PM - Weirdkid: can't.
3:26 PM - Weirdkid: don't want too.

5:51 PM - Weirdkid: HEy
5:53 PM - Me: yo
5:53 PM - Weirdkid: girls are a waste of time
5:53 PM - Me: Girls are a living organism pertaining to the human species, not unlike yourself.
5:54 PM - Weirdkid: yeah but i don't 'care.


6:11 PM - Weirdkid: my phone might have a virus
6:11 PM - Weirdkid: it doesn't want to update



2:29 AM - Weridkid: oh man this flavor is amazing


9:44 PM - Weirdkid: Hey
9:44 PM - Weirdkid: my new computer is pretty fucking quiet!
9:46 PM - Me: Niiiice.
9:46 PM - Weirdkid: got my photo?
9:47 PM - Weirdkid: however my RAM is only 800MHz it said 1600 on the box so how can i increase it? to 1200 or so?
9:47 PM - Me: Dunno how to mess with RAM, friend.
9:48 PM - Weirdkid: i'm selling my old ram to discount electronics.
9:51 PM - Weirdkid: their taking $20 a piece for the sticks.
9:51 PM - Me: Not bad at all.
9:51 PM - Me: Pretty good.
9:51 PM - Weirdkid: and saving for the money for another 8GBs of ram from Vipor in red
9:52 PM - Weirdkid: oh about the OS situation guess what happened thats very rare.
9:54 PM - Weirdkid: think i can multi task now like download a big file game on steam and play TF2 at the same time?
9:54 PM - Me: You can try.
10:10 PM - Weirdkid: the download speed is quiet signifacaintly faster.


6:09 PM - Weirdkid: oh if you get deisle gas on you, don't wipe it on your clothes.
6:10 PM - Me: Wouldn't dare.
6:10 PM - Weirdkid: I smell like deisle.
6:10 PM - Weirdkid: disle?
6:10 PM - Me: Diesel.


10:10 PM - Weirdkid: the download speed is quiet signifacaintly faster.


[Weirdkid bought a keyboard. He liked it because it had no number pad, but then he didn't like the backlight color.]

Weirdkid: Want to buy my keyboard for $50 Saturday or Friday?

Me: Not sure, it doesn't have a numberpad.

[I like numberpads.]


11:07 PM - Weirdkid: want to do $60 for the keyboard? just to make money a little easier? instead of 2 $20s and a $10?

[I am not sure how, but Weirdkid thinks that three $20 bills is easier on the wallet than two $20 bills and a $10 bill.


[An arrangement of quotes I wrote down but don't remember when they're from.]

Weirdkid: Do you get tired of spending money?

Weirdkid: You know better than to run from the police on foot?

Weirdkid: I still belive in nazis. Bro, just can't help it


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