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Practice makes PERFECT!!!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

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CHESS GAME challenge CLOSEDHello friends!
This time we offer you to play a...
Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, images from
Everything related to chess is accepted! You’re absolutely free in your imagination! We’re sure you’ll amaze us with your creativity and originality!
May 1st-June 30th
:bulletyellow: You must be a member to be able to participate. Join :iconStewed-Tomatoes: right now!
:bulletyellow: Your entry must be made after the contest date.
:bulletyellow: We accept just photomanipulation.
:bulletyellow: Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. 
:bulletyellow: All stock and resources mu
New Challenge- WHAT LIES BENEATHGreetings Castle Folk...
What lies beneath your pillow or bed? And what lies beneath the lake or ocean? What lies beneath the soil? These are just a few of the concepts that can be illustrated with our new challenge. Let's get our creative gears moving to imagine WHAT LIES BENEATH, OK? :thumbsup:
:bulletred: You are NOT required to use a model BUT we recommend it.
:bulletred: You must include in your description what you are illustrating.
:bulletred: You are only limited by your own imagination, show us your best creative effort.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media is WIDE OPEN, options for the type of media include collage, traditional media, digital.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9th, 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work to show that it's not due by noon ;p)
:bulletred: You MUST include our group icon and the challenge theme in your description. If this is missing we MAY accept the piece but it will not be considered for priz
New Challenge-Jokers, Jesters and HarlequinsNEW CHALLENGE- Jokers, Jesters and Harlequins
Greetings Castle Dwellers...
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of inspiring artwork using these types of models and since for many here, we're moving into Summer. That makes me think of carnivals, circuses and such. So let's have some fun working with models that fit. Game on!
Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your work MUST feature a Model , NOTE: We suggest you refrain from using The Joker as represented by Heath Ledger. Create your own story.  
:bulletred: There are a lot of stock choices to choose from in the realm of jokesters etc and lots of genres can be represented so be creative,  there are MANY ways to interpret this challenge. Go for it! Work a clever concept for us.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media photomanipulations and digital mixed media.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work t
June Challenge and May WinnerJune Challenge: Jurassic World
Everyone had a dinosaur phase in their childhood, right? :D  emote : Dino approves New Dino :dinosrawr:   
If you missed that vital step of nerdy development, here's your chance to make up for it - or if you didn't, to revisit your childhood fantasies! This month's theme is Jurassic World, which means everything with dinos is going to be perfect. Do you want to recreate a scene form the movies? Prove that the old trilogy is better than the one currently releasing its second movie? Or maybe... create your very own dinosaur? As always, it's up to you! 

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general June folder.
:thumb747800544::thumb745895923: My ContestContest Closed
My New Contest
Contest extended to july 15th
What do you have to do
Remake some of my works of your choice from my series, Vampires! with your creativity and imagination! You can change all the work, I want to see your version! it can be changed all the stock except the models! I'm really looking forward to seeing your versions!

Begin May 9th and ends June 30th
Your work has to be unique to this contest, it can not be submitted to other contests

To participate, You must be a part of the group:  :iconartscollection

Countdown to Strange Love Contest

Monday, May 6th @ 1:59pm

Challenge last 1 month

Weekly Feature(2)

Sun Apr 14, 2019, 2:39 PM by lapaowan:iconlapaowan:

Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love

Il mondo dei sogni by panjoool
Victorian Dawn by Azullyn
Moon angel by ElenaDudina
Give-me-your-Soul by Paradox-Off
The Coming Curse - Premade Book Cover by BookCoversArt
How the spring starts by GeorgeXVII
In silence by Amedeya
Mona Leesa Mona Leesa by DDimitri16
Lake of Souls  by Pendragon-Arts
Fallen from Grace by SecretDarTiste

Portrait 24 by Detniat
Back in the Village by JoePingleton
Au Revoir by Enamorte
theAngel by BettyElgyn
Horoscope Deity - Gemini by Ataraxicare
Melody of Ruin by Loksanor
Commission | Somniala - 3 by Nalak-Bel
UNLEASHED: Virtue- Charity Achivara 4 by HIRVIOS
Nooooooooooooooooooo! by JBergen1910
[LC] Sanyantl [OC] by MaeTeah

Think you can handle this? by Starina-Lenore
The Moon by CinnamonDevil
Magical Girl by Meryosie
French Pussycat by stevie-wydder
Hello world by Nevaart
Peterhof by Cranash64
The famous seamonster by Nevaart
Prizm by AstaQte
Western: 3:10 to Yuma by krizok
King of the Jungle by XINights

catra sketch by datcravat
Will you come back? by White-Night-56
Daenerys Targaryen (SFW) by martaino
Witch of the Skies by Ataraxicare
GRIS by agnes-green
Deadlands (sketch) by Nikulina-Helena
Red Queen by DoMyzu
Europa by Sarcatica
Frankenstein by Disezno
Red by Arkarti

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Weekly Feature(1)

Sun Apr 7, 2019, 1:48 PM by lapaowan:iconlapaowan:

Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love

Winged Vengeance by Echoes-Of-Aimee
Ghost in the Shell by Nikulina-Helena
Sweet Berries by Twinkle-space
Cube Religion (2017) by Kiriya
draw and ship away by the-first-seer
Enchanted Land 3 by Dani-Owergoor
Grim Vengeance by AdriaticaCreation
Transport Printanier by MireilleD
Gate of Reincarnations (2014) by Kiriya
Concept training ( Tower Bridge ) by panjoool

Runecaster by Nastya-Lehn
Aria, Spell of the Sea by YunaXD
Mush by Simanion
AURA by Grafik
The king's journey : A darker path by AnatoFinnstark
Old Island by JoeyJazz
Sea Antique by ArthurHenri
Late by livousart
YCH: 6. Mercy by MILMARI
Shark by gielczynski

Vargad Marksman by ArachnaFonFenris
Hakuro from Onmyoji by Meryosie
Fizzblaze by redeye-art
Sonya by AstaQte
Usurpers! by ArdenEllenNixon
If you know that you care, don't hold your breath by Mynameisapalidrome
Hostile Territory by da433
The Fading Camouflage by Sara-Arasteh
Cuddly Mares by StarlightsMarti
Dolls on Christmas Eve by rollarius55

The Witness by SythraNightshade
Emma by Hika-Vns
Saeran - Mystic messenger by Ereyz
Yakushi Kabuto by AdriaMarina
Way Down Hadestown by andycwhite
Guts Berserk DD 2019-03-24 by barfast
SLOW DANCE by TomyNyaka
Rogue by jfsouzatoons
The Crow Fanart by RedGeOrb

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Sun Apr 7, 2019, 2:05 AM

Here's our monthly feature,with the best submissions of the month.

Show them some love!:love:

The Peacemaker by EldarZakirov

Crying (Close Up) by Nisha2313

Unbreakable by Catstudio7

Tears by Rali-95

Blood Dragon Saria by John-Stone-Art

~Cool World~ by xXKammyXx

Dance under the red stars by Manticora-Miorro

King of Swords by Ruavell

Older Kairi by Asteltainn

Guilty Crown by wawtman

Warrior Shaman by TeroPorthan

LC | Montagnes Prismes by Nalak-Bel

Space Expedition (Commission) by LacrimareObscura

Flower Demon by Windami

[LC] Dusan Dor Kentigern [OC] by MaeTeah

Elizaveta, 2019 by Carlos-Alberto-Salv1

Paranoia Street by AugustinasRaginskis

Love, Death + Robots by Windami

Surrendered - Experimental Heart (Book V) by tjota

Mermaid - Animated Version by TimTaller

A quiet Hope by Aramisdream

She is Hish-qu-Ten by evalynzarich

Awakening (+NSFW optional). by Taiss14

Solara by Fumicheri

Blue Wings, Red Trail by JBergen1910

[Comm] Kyhmall, the Elven King by Isminne

Emerald Dream by Ellysiumn

Parasite by Reboksa

LC | Forets Kuushies by Nalak-Bel

Stymphalian Birds by YunaXD

Ahri League of Legends (commission) by Tigrsasha

Robinson Crusoe - Animated Version by TimTaller

Lana Solaris by Domeano by DrewDiddy1996

Bird Woman by CarmensArts

Dear mirror, you show my true face by Wesley-Souza

Enchanted Land by Dani-Owergoor

Parabola by mirandaadria

Plasma Sons Cover Art by Rowye

Nirvana by Pendragon-Arts

The machine of life by EstebanSayhueque

spirit of forest by Silviene

Birds Lover by annewipf

Enchanted Land 2 by Dani-Owergoor

Occamy by Tanakoo

The Ritual - Version 3 by Wesley-Souza

spirit of forest by Silviene

Orion by JayGraphixx

Nimue Lady of the Lake by kimsol

As we sail into the Heavens by Amliel

The forgotten gate by aweldeng

William Blackswan - Survival Denied (CD cover) by Rowye

I feel lonely by panjoool

The Melody of Stars by Ladesire

Frozen by FoxyM8

Bzzzzz.... by silviya

my fairy king by ShivaWalker

Tailor Spirits by ArachnaFonFenris

Flying Whales by Almatheya-Andra

Communication by Feuerwicht

Empower Her by InuyashasRealWife

Cityscape painting by BozhenaFuchs

Friend's OC Fanart by IKrystalDrawing

Oniriki from Onmyoji 2 by Meryosie

Shroom Vampire by Fleshgoredon

Shanto Relaxing in the Morning by SufiaEasel

Altered Symmetry by thecamat

Love is the reason... by WhimsicalBlue

Fanny by Lora-Vysotskaya

When the world was young... by WhimsicalBlue

Weekly Feature(5)

Sun Mar 31, 2019, 3:10 PM by lapaowan:iconlapaowan:

Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love

I feel lonely by panjoool
Ursula the sea witch by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
Year of the Pig by annewipf
Starbase Eutopia by OliverInk
Design Nature Fantaisie by MireilleD
Just Another 999 Books To Read.... by supersnappz16
Fairy Spring-by-GothLyllyOn-MMXIX by GothLyllyOn
The forgotten gate by aweldeng
Nimue Lady of the Lake by kimsol
Sagittarius by CeliliaWonder

Monsta by TacoSauceNinja
Kaelimara Venandris by Chocaboo
Koratum II by the-first-seer
Spider-Man PS4 by livousart
Forest melody by FlashW
Favourite place by Rami-fon-Verg
Red elven by RedGeOrb
Logan by AlyonaSkywalker
Arcturus by PelechiAM
Little Giovanna by Nisha2313

Oniriki from Onmyoji 2 by Meryosie
Shroom Vampire by Fleshgoredon
Stargaze by AstaQte
Western Series: Pierce Brosnan by krizok
Small sparrow by vafiehya
The Little Prince | Brian May by ShivaWalker
Shatters of Doubt by Sara-Arasteh
Principesse... by verda83
Octopus by DaysOfLunatics
Cityscape painting by BozhenaFuchs

God Is In The Rain by Dani-Owergoor
Wedding Neo Queen Serenity by Ksulolka
burn auburn by voidvcat
Alita by Hika-Vns
the Ride by myks0
Draco Malfoy by Rami-fon-Verg
Kitana Khan - fan art by Skyrawathi
Beastial Descent by DeathGoddess231
Lost Woods by VITOGH
LoZ: Princess Zelda portrait (OoT) by misellapuella

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Weekly Feature(4)

Sun Mar 24, 2019, 9:18 AM by lapaowan:iconlapaowan:

Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love

Dystopie by MireilleD
Autumn Candle by AusWolf666
Occamy by Tanakoo
We found the last temple by panjoool
Thief by mirandaadria

Flower Demon by Windami
Eagle No. 5 by Xoinox
In the Sea With All of My Things by AugustinasRaginskis
For Glory For Honor For Valhalla by baaltas
Mermaidia by BisBiswas

Spring-primrose by Alena-48
Habibi Lal (Kira Lebedeva) by SufiaEasel
. . . New view . . . by ChIandra4U
Blue Rose by ZuhaLoveMusic
21st century Neptune by squidmaiden

Ada Wong. (+NSFW optional) by Taiss14
Nero DMC5 by HoneyBunny-Art
Saber by GBSartworks
The Bloody Countess by Galder
Raindrops by Iiniqli

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