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Practice makes PERFECT!!!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

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CHESS GAME challenge CLOSEDHello friends!
This time we offer you to play a...
Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, images from
Everything related to chess is accepted! You’re absolutely free in your imagination! We’re sure you’ll amaze us with your creativity and originality!
May 1st-June 30th
:bulletyellow: You must be a member to be able to participate. Join :iconStewed-Tomatoes: right now!
:bulletyellow: Your entry must be made after the contest date.
:bulletyellow: We accept just photomanipulation.
:bulletyellow: Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. 
:bulletyellow: All stock and resources mu
New Challenge- WHAT LIES BENEATHGreetings Castle Folk...
What lies beneath your pillow or bed? And what lies beneath the lake or ocean? What lies beneath the soil? These are just a few of the concepts that can be illustrated with our new challenge. Let's get our creative gears moving to imagine WHAT LIES BENEATH, OK? :thumbsup:
:bulletred: You are NOT required to use a model BUT we recommend it.
:bulletred: You must include in your description what you are illustrating.
:bulletred: You are only limited by your own imagination, show us your best creative effort.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media is WIDE OPEN, options for the type of media include collage, traditional media, digital.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9th, 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work to show that it's not due by noon ;p)
:bulletred: You MUST include our group icon and the challenge theme in your description. If this is missing we MAY accept the piece but it will not be considered for priz
New Challenge-Jokers, Jesters and HarlequinsNEW CHALLENGE- Jokers, Jesters and Harlequins
Greetings Castle Dwellers...
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of inspiring artwork using these types of models and since for many here, we're moving into Summer. That makes me think of carnivals, circuses and such. So let's have some fun working with models that fit. Game on!
Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your work MUST feature a Model , NOTE: We suggest you refrain from using The Joker as represented by Heath Ledger. Create your own story.  
:bulletred: There are a lot of stock choices to choose from in the realm of jokesters etc and lots of genres can be represented so be creative,  there are MANY ways to interpret this challenge. Go for it! Work a clever concept for us.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media photomanipulations and digital mixed media.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work t
June Challenge and May WinnerJune Challenge: Jurassic World
Everyone had a dinosaur phase in their childhood, right? :D  emote : Dino approves New Dino :dinosrawr:   
If you missed that vital step of nerdy development, here's your chance to make up for it - or if you didn't, to revisit your childhood fantasies! This month's theme is Jurassic World, which means everything with dinos is going to be perfect. Do you want to recreate a scene form the movies? Prove that the old trilogy is better than the one currently releasing its second movie? Or maybe... create your very own dinosaur? As always, it's up to you! 

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general June folder.
Tarot Card Challege Starts Today!GROUP NEWS
Hey everyone!
Welcome to our ULTIMATE  last challenge!
I want to thank those of  you who have sent me some nice comments and I'm happy that you understand that I'll be closing the group at the end of October, 2018.
This challenge will end in a month, on July 1st, and I will be looking at your beautiful entries through two spanking new
eye lenses. Yep, I didn't say eye glasses, I said eye lenses . I will no longer be wearing glasses. Can you believe that! My son keeps walking around saying he'll never get use to me without glasses!
Okay, I'm trying to keep the challenge simple. I already owe some of you gifts, and I want to get rid of all of my
points to you rather than donate them to another group.
So let's go and REALLY do a great job on these Theme Tarot Cards! Let's show those other challenge
groups who WE are at ManipulateThis!
:bulletwhite:TITLE: Spring Tarots Challenge.
:bulletwhite: THEME: Taro
New Challenge: Radioactive*CLOSED*
Winners will be announced in a few days.
You took a risk when your gut warned you not to, and boarded the space shuttle. For the first thousand or so light years, the ride seemed smooth.
Everything started to look up, so you relaxed a little and mingled with the others on the shuttle. The evening began to wind down and suddenly
it was time for all of the passengers to enter sleep mode. When you woke, you realized the shuttle had crash landed and you had no idea what planet
you were even on! Now visualize what it was like. What did you see? What strange things lurked in the background? One more thing...
it was a RADIOACTIVE planet!
Everything seemed to glow in the night, or day...could you even tell what time it was???
Welcome to the new challenge hosted by

Do you dare to set foot on an unknown planet?
1. Yo
My ContestContest Closed
My New Contest
Contest extended to july 15th
What do you have to do
Remake some of my works of your choice from my series, Vampires! with your creativity and imagination! You can change all the work, I want to see your version! it can be changed all the stock except the models! I'm really looking forward to seeing your versions!

Begin May 9th and ends June 30th
Your work has to be unique to this contest, it can not be submitted to other contests

To participate, You must be a part of the group:  :iconartscollection

Countdown to Your Deepest Fear Contest

Wednesday, October 31st @ 2:59pm

Challenge last 1 month

Check out this great parody!:D

P.s. The founder of :icondeviantartworld: is in need of points,so that he can upgrade his group into super group!

If you like this video,think about giving him some points,any small amount is good.:)


Weekly Feature(2)

Tue Oct 16, 2018, 7:50 AM

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.

Show them some love!:love:


The Entrance by charmedy

Detroit: Become Human by Hend-Watani

Evening Light Unicorn by annewipf

welcome-to-Hell by Paradox-Off

Wings Of Night II by IrisAurorae

Attack by Amaranta-G

Passage to eternity by Ellysiumn

Singing with the Stars by CharllieeArts

puff pastry by IgnisFatuusII

Petite Fille by DDimitri16

Tombe Halloween avec Momie by MireilleD

Crash Site by DanilDark

Trust by davidsibande

Realms Of The Sacred Seed by MoodyBlue

AirBender by NaouriRedouane1998

Gentil Clown by thornevald

New World Order by Softyrider62

The Crow by PlacidAnemia

The guardian by CrisestepArt

Evil Is In Me by BeboDesign1

The leopard family by doclicio

Entombed by Paradox-Off

The Aroma of Halloween by BrankaArts

The Exhibitionists by vacuumslayer

Mischievous   Fairy by anais-anais61

The Jilted Bride by AusWolf666

Sea Music by Jchandekar

Book Cover by HILIF


The seeker of salvation and light by Develv

Into the Flowers by ManuxGame

Resurrected by wayleri

Cortana (SFW) v1 by martaino

Devil Girl Pin-Up, Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray by shibashake

Agony by LukeFitzsimons

Hexxen - Headless Rider by helgecbalzer

Lilly Goldheart by John-Stone-Art

[Commission] Kel by Isminne

Like a new Judith by Aramisdream

Some Never Change by JBergen1910

Be free by Ellysiumn

Automn by Kristell54

Night Theater Square by agevla77

[LC] Sectaire Naui by Nalak-Bel

Hope by vurdeM

Horizon by Daytonvira

Princess Mowglinoke by Galidor-Dragon

(SP) Heart by Volnium

Into The Woods by deathbycanon

A Cute Owlet by Ksenos-ks

Under Your Control (Contest Entry) by LacrimareObscura

The fractal visitor by Agura-Nata

Jungle kitten by Skyrawathi

Pray by Varjopihlaja

It's time to change by Lurelin


Inktober 2018 Day 13 : Guarded by Feuerwicht

Diballa by wayleri

INKTOBER DAY 9 - Precious + Hibiscus Witch by Idunaya

The Death of a Rose by theartofTenia

Israeli Beauty - Shay Benita by Yom-Tsiur

Aubrey by KanchanMahon

Raluca (commission) by squidmaiden

GT 13- Regrets by mylittledeadbunny

Haunted in Space-Time by Sara-Arasteh

The Rose Garden by JohannesParaomnia

Dali Inktober by GeorgeXVII

Whose in Control by deepgrounduk

crimson elf by llamadorada

What am I supposed to do with this? by Cranash64

Hello Fall by RosaRubea

Pure by The-Emmeranne

Muse. Self-portrait. by Penti-Menti

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

Princess Peach x Bowsette by AyyaSAP

Prepare for Battle by Varjopihlaja

Peach by SandraWinther

Cute Boosette. by Taiss14

Garden by VeilaKs

Joke's on YOU by Varjopihlaja

Commission: Sayna-Yuki by DoMyzu

GW: Jora by misellapuella

Moonlight Song by SlytherclawPadawan

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Weekly Feature October(1)

Sun Oct 7, 2018, 10:27 AM

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.

Show them some love!:love:


Yes, Mylord! by removale

It's A Wonderful Day for Pie by vagabond-mm

Ozuma The Mysterious of Life by MLauviah

Viper by Cyren-Nalini

Nature Pure - Version 1 by JassysART

Fascination by stellartcorsica

Welcome Home by DanilDark

Abode of the soul by VitaShuba

Pumpkins by mshellee

Welcome Home by DanilDark

The Cursed Queen by Melanienemo

Supernova by Siha-Art

Dance Macabre by DDimitri16

Two Universes by OliverInk

Excalbia by OliverInk

Upside Down by JUSTMEPEACE

The Key by MelFeanen


Demon of Wind by SquirrelHsieh

Sunken Painting by marijeberting

Enchanting melody by Ellysiumn

John Maclean by Juney-chan

Dark Castle in the light by RedGeOrb

Winter flower by FlashW

Heroe by igreeny

Phoenix by ElXi-Ameyn

The floating fortress by CristianoReina

Golden fireflies' heath by CristianoReina

I will take care of You by Ardoric95

Cavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League Book III) by tjota

The Great Elder of Rowenvale by JBergen1910

The Resistance needs explosives by Cranash64

WildFire by Grim-Red

Hacha Solar by YunaXD

Shaman with Army of the Dead by TeroPorthan

Cirilla isn't a girl anymore by ULarka

Autumn Forest Speedpaint by Isminne

Bear with Me by JoePingleton


05. Chicken by Cranash64

GT 05- Cleaning up by mylittledeadbunny

Kung Pao Noodles by SufiaEasel

Fancy Guppies by corpseandCo

The witch's dream by Pidimoro

Pink Lollipop by pegasuswarrior

Amaris by The-Emmeranne

The Girl Who Didn't Cry Wolf by Sara-Arasteh

Spirits of the Dead by ElizabethHolmes

GT 01- Blood bath by mylittledeadbunny

Sanguine by redeye-art

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

Bowsette by Pewneen

Commission: Sayna-Yuki by DoMyzu

GW: Jora by misellapuella

Bowsette. by Taiss14

[Elsword]Ice Berthe speed paint by BakaTiano

Boosette (Princess King Boo) by FaithWalkers

Moonlight Song by SlytherclawPadawan

Magic by NikaInfinity

for the horde! by ShivaWalker

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Monthly Feature-September

Tue Oct 2, 2018, 1:56 PM

Here's our monthly feature,with the best submissions of the month.

Show them some love!:love:

Under the sea - The little mermaid by CristianoReina

Captain Marvel by Brillantezza

Hero by PelechiAM

it grew on me... by Feuerwicht

lotus by kavouranny

The Horror of the Dwarfs by JohannesParaomnia

Costume.. by Sara-Arasteh

Every Breath You Take by WinZerkBlackHorn

In the depths of sleep by NadiaDibaj

Coin by FlashW

We're Here to Help, Always by Ranarh

Dragonstorm by Raivis-Draka

Ghoul Headmistress by TeroPorthan

Twosret by YunaXD

Judge and Purulent King by DeliriumVeritas

Fairytale sunset by Ellysiumn

The Lost Battle by Secretadmires

Icescape by Czepeku

Morning Breeze by JBergen1910

Felina C. Purrkins - The witch lady (Art Prize) by LacrimareObscura

Answer by palsie

Wolf by rogerfrankho

Unidentified Object M_E_R_C_U_R_I_U_S by MalthusWolf

Monoclesaurus by Renata-s-art

The birth of peace! by CharllieeArts

Red Bird by mshellee

Autumn Splendor Wallpaper by annewipf

The Devil in me by AmethystRaven-Art

Spring in autumn by ElenaDudina

Anabiosis by mimikascraftroom

Aphrodite (Greek mythology) by Lothiel-14

Where-is-the-Light by Paradox-Off

Death Becomes Her by AdriaticaCreation

Lilith by Lvcifera

Je rentre ou je sors ? by Eymele

Lady of the Sun by Anagraphy

The Valley by jiajenn

Midnight by Wesley-Souza

Stars Above, Stars Below II v.1E True Sunset by SlytherclawPadawan

The Sleeping Rose (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

The Valley by jiajenn

PurpleDream by IgnisFatuusII

First Connection - oil painting by borda

Lord Durbar by Selenada

[LC] Vykho, roi Kayuu by Nalak-Bel

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius by YunaXD

[LC] Soreokhmet, deesse du Soleil by Nalak-Bel

Gabriel by marcosnogueiracb

Under The Skin by Kryseis-Art

The Beholder of the Eye by Rowye

Still Life by da505

Soul of the accord by Vasylina

568 by AnnaHelme

Belle-Mid-Night version by shawli2007

Greatest Showman by SteveDeLaMare

Meat dumplings by Gloom82

Too Much of Water Hast Thou, Poor Ophelia by LicieOIC

Dreamqueen by umantsiva

Dragonfly by LukeFitzsimons

The dreamy tulips by Ellysiumn

UnTITled by Yseulta

Splash Art Commission - Lynn O'hara by Eddy-Shinjuku

Girl by ElizavetaS

Girl and Her Favorite Toy by AugustinasRaginskis

Summer  Evening by IgnisFatuusII

Wind of change by TatyanaChe

SatNam by TriZiana

Lilith by LuneBleu

Chaldea by ErikShoemaker

Nikxstock Doll face by jiajenn

NO MERCY by panjoool

Ruby Geisha (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

Jasmine by SandraWinther

Dark Soul by SandraWinther

the menace by baaltas

Book Cover Commission - CS Ulyate by Yseulta

Words don't come effortless... by Feuerwicht

Gnome Concept Art - Orcquest - (c) Maze Games by helgecbalzer

The Nightmare (Contest Entry) by LacrimareObscura

[LC] Neferkha by Nalak-Bel

Hatshepsut by YunaXD

Machines-apocalypse by adrianocadau

Sea's treasure by IgnisFatuusII

Dream Of Reality by Secretadmires

The Fountain - oil painting by borda

Fall's here by 1NFIN1TY

So tiny by Cittyy

Weekly Feature (3)

Tue Sep 25, 2018, 4:38 AM

A bit late this week,but...Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.

Show them some love!:love:


Magic book by Ellysiumn

Naiad Queen by Amanda-Kulp

Daenerys : Rise and Conquer by AlexandraVBach

Squirrels at play by mshellee

Gate to the city by jiajenn

Grey shadows by the-Scarlet-Queen

Red by AmethystRaven-Art

Daydreaming... by StelfySkya

The Black Queen by silviya

Don't let it freeze by PlacidAnemia

The Beauty by Laughingbird11

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Jeffach

Merrmaid 1 by annemaria48

Scarlet Witch by charmedy

Fishing by annewipf

Vale of Tears by Corvinerium

Magical moment by CarmensArts

STALKER #20 by IvaanMR11 by IvaanMR11

Hysteria II (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

Cinderella - Mother's Grave by Amliel

The Cuelebre by Amaranta-G

Key to the elfish door by IgnisFatuusII

Sauron by Lothiel-14

Journey beyond the clouds by NaouriRedouane1998

Vampire's Regrets - NEW WORK! by BrietOlga

End of Fairytale by Secretadmires


Jandosch Arc II by Agura-Nata

Fight the Dragon by ClairMatin

The Story of Aya - Scene 2 - Escape by RowenHebing

Fox by ARiA-Illustration

Sty-fly by nilwill


Widowmaker Graffiti by Leo-25

The Flower Fairy Michelle of Pixie Hollow by Phoenix-Dream--Angel

There you are! by zero0810

He is my Savior by oooangelicartooo

[C] Mysterious night by Lidiash

Key to Happiness by palsie

Hide and Shhhhh! by JBergen1910

Yuriko by umbatman

November by Dferous

Simple Dreams (Innocent Vision II) v.2 by SlytherclawPadawan

Rainbow girl by DaenirArt

The Dark One by FelisGlacialis

Volfyirion: command room by Travis-Anderson

Nymea Act2 - Explorando Khala by 79Guarisapos

Kittens!, Red Haired Cat Girl Fantasy Art, DS Iray by shibashake

Choose only one option by MoyKot

A Call by sil3ntgirl22

Go Quickly by Ardoric95

Ruins in the Grove by Isminne

Purple Hibiscus by luukassl

Sacrifice by Detniat

Comme le ciel by jesss33

Renegade (ArtPrize) by LacrimareObscura


Selfie by Cranash64

Clenched teeth of pain by ArachnaFonFenris

A dream by Pidimoro

The Ceryneian Hind. by Adonis2k17

Inside Out.. by Sara-Arasteh

The Autumn moon by Aramisdream

got to stay strong for love by kavouranny

My queen ...rather not by KainTheVampireLord

Flower Ballet by Eilerinn

Frustration by D-C-P-Niszczyciel

The Secret Garden by ultramarinewitch

. : a l o n e . e x e : . by EHXKOR

Under The Castle by BozhenaFuchs

Howl's Moving Castle  by Aldonika

Autumn dream by untuox

Autumn Fox by mia-sko

New Year Eve by ultramarinewitch

Patronus by SunlessRise

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

Under the sea - The little mermaid by CristianoReina

Genji - Modified Oni. by ArtwithKA

Psylocke. by Taiss14

Contest Entry by sianic

Serious Tallest Red by LordPhantomChips

Red Mercy by AyyaSAP

Onikiri by kamkam16

Raiders Of The Broken Planet by OliverInk

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Weekly Feature(2)

Mon Sep 17, 2018, 4:10 AM

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.

Show them some love!:love:


What a sight by mshellee

Old Forgotten Times by MoodyBlue

Autumn Dream by Feast-DigitalArt

Jess Doll Face by jiajenn

Druid by MelFeanen

Aftermath #2 by IvaanMR11 by IvaanMR11

Lamia by Wagner

Encounters from another dimension by Ellysiumn

Labyrinth of Night. Adel. Colonists on Mars (serie by Wagner

Our Last Days by BeboDesign1

Natural World by Kryseis-Art

you can find it in me by Nikkayla

Street photography by VitaShuba

Night Cat by PsdDude

Leopard the king by saritaangel07

Bones collector by PlacidAnemia

Cinderella Castle's by mumu0909

Koshik by Jeni-Sue

Hone-onna by Nikulina-Helena

Little guard by Tyami

Elemental of Voice by Vasylina

The Alpha by BrankaArts

On my feet in the middle of the street by NaouriRedouane1998

Cinderella by annewipf

Zombie by VitaShuba

Beyond by InertiaRose


Iona [Commission] by Alrooney

Brave  Merida by Kristell54

Axel by Kristell54

My happy harvest by Kajenna

Katy by ArthurHenri

[LC] Licornes Kayuu by Nalak-Bel

Freedom by FlashW

Repyt by YunaXD

Red moon Werewolf by plamen5rov

PRACTICE IV by kittypinkart

If You Care to Take a Dare... by PookaDoodle

Gaby by SilviaMS

Kaitrin - Breton Lass Concept by Isminne

well turned off by Agura-Nata

La comtesse et le catto by Enamorte

Masc by Oddly-Spliced

Sirin by JoshBurns

Slickforce Girl - Erika and Nkiru by Giye

Home Sweet Home by Nexaam

Searching by thegryph

Sleep by vurdeM

[Reward] YumiJin by Nalak-Bel

World beauties 11 - Russian Rowan by crayonmaniac

UnTITled by Yseulta

Volfyirion by Travis-Anderson

Goblin's Dog by TeroPorthan

China by GinAngieLa

i hate rats by frenxvii

Cascade by BloodyWing

I went fishing today... by Tuntalm

The Talking Puddle by JBergen1910


Die Schlucht by RaphaelaArt

Holo - Spice and Wolf by IKrystalDrawing

Clement Becq in Watercolor by SufiaEasel

Goodbye My Little Friend by KrisFirst

Disintegration of mental constructions by 4ratko

centaur by ondine25

Love and death by Pidimoro

Transmutation by umantsiva

Maslenitsa by squidmaiden

. . . No Perfection . . . by ChIandra4U

Ambush by Sara-Arasteh

Love of butterflies by Idunaya

The Rhino and the Rabbit by SteveDeLaMare

[LC] Karza Nalitzicatl Tomin'tzin by Nalak-Bel

wanna fly away by kavouranny

Red Kite Scratchboard by AmBr0

is this landscape? by JohnKarnaras

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

Raiders Of The Broken Planet by OliverInk

La Goulue by Aste17

love in the air #6 by Ikanu96

On That Morning by luniara

Velvet Crowe by Zolaida

Bloodelf Paladin by Jorsch

the Faithful by myks0

Bubbline Forever by SigneRJArts

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