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Practice makes PERFECT!!!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

Welcome to DA-LOVERS!

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CHESS GAME challenge. 3 weeks left!Hello friends!
This time we offer you to play a...
Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, images from
Everything related to chess is accepted! You’re absolutely free in your imagination! We’re sure you’ll amaze us with your creativity and originality!
May 1st-June 30th
:bulletyellow: You must be a member to be able to participate. Join :iconStewed-Tomatoes: right now!
:bulletyellow: Your entry must be made after the contest date.
:bulletyellow: We accept just photomanipulation.
:bulletyellow: Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. 
:bulletyellow: All stock and resources mu
New Challenge- WHAT LIES BENEATHGreetings Castle Folk...
What lies beneath your pillow or bed? And what lies beneath the lake or ocean? What lies beneath the soil? These are just a few of the concepts that can be illustrated with our new challenge. Let's get our creative gears moving to imagine WHAT LIES BENEATH, OK? :thumbsup:
:bulletred: You are NOT required to use a model BUT we recommend it.
:bulletred: You must include in your description what you are illustrating.
:bulletred: You are only limited by your own imagination, show us your best creative effort.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media is WIDE OPEN, options for the type of media include collage, traditional media, digital.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9th, 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work to show that it's not due by noon ;p)
:bulletred: You MUST include our group icon and the challenge theme in your description. If this is missing we MAY accept the piece but it will not be considered for priz
New Challenge-Jokers, Jesters and HarlequinsNEW CHALLENGE- Jokers, Jesters and Harlequins
Greetings Castle Dwellers...
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of inspiring artwork using these types of models and since for many here, we're moving into Summer. That makes me think of carnivals, circuses and such. So let's have some fun working with models that fit. Game on!
Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your work MUST feature a Model , NOTE: We suggest you refrain from using The Joker as represented by Heath Ledger. Create your own story.  
:bulletred: There are a lot of stock choices to choose from in the realm of jokesters etc and lots of genres can be represented so be creative,  there are MANY ways to interpret this challenge. Go for it! Work a clever concept for us.
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image
:bulletred: Media photomanipulations and digital mixed media.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on July 9 2018 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work t
June Challenge and May WinnerJune Challenge: Jurassic World
Everyone had a dinosaur phase in their childhood, right? :D  emote : Dino approves New Dino :dinosrawr:   
If you missed that vital step of nerdy development, here's your chance to make up for it - or if you didn't, to revisit your childhood fantasies! This month's theme is Jurassic World, which means everything with dinos is going to be perfect. Do you want to recreate a scene form the movies? Prove that the old trilogy is better than the one currently releasing its second movie? Or maybe... create your very own dinosaur? As always, it's up to you! 

Exclamation  Please state in the description clearly that your work is created for this challenge. Works without such disclaimer will be moved to the general June folder.
Tarot Card Challege Starts Today!GROUP NEWS
Hey everyone!
Welcome to our ULTIMATE  last challenge!
I want to thank those of  you who have sent me some nice comments and I'm happy that you understand that I'll be closing the group at the end of October, 2018.
This challenge will end in a month, on July 1st, and I will be looking at your beautiful entries through two spanking new
eye lenses. Yep, I didn't say eye glasses, I said eye lenses . I will no longer be wearing glasses. Can you believe that! My son keeps walking around saying he'll never get use to me without glasses!
Okay, I'm trying to keep the challenge simple. I already owe some of you gifts, and I want to get rid of all of my
points to you rather than donate them to another group.
So let's go and REALLY do a great job on these Theme Tarot Cards! Let's show those other challenge
groups who WE are at ManipulateThis!
:bulletwhite:TITLE: Spring Tarots Challenge.
:bulletwhite: THEME: Taro
New Challenge: RadioactiveYou took a risk when your gut warned you not to, and boarded the space shuttle. For the first thousand or so light years, the ride seemed smooth.
Everything started to look up, so you relaxed a little and mingled with the others on the shuttle. The evening began to wind down and suddenly
it was time for all of the passengers to enter sleep mode. When you woke, you realized the shuttle had crash landed and you had no idea what planet
you were even on! Now visualize what it was like. What did you see? What strange things lurked in the background? One more thing...
it was a RADIOACTIVE planet!
Everything seemed to glow in the night, or day...could you even tell what time it was???
Welcome to the new challenge hosted by

Do you dare to set foot on an unknown planet?
1. You must be a member of :iconTheDivineEye: to enter. Anyone can join, so
My ContestMy New Contest
What do you have to do
Remake some of my works of your choice from my series, Vampires! with your creativity and imagination! You can change all the work, I want to see your version! it can be changed all the stock except the models! I'm really looking forward to seeing your versions!

Begin May 9th and ends June 30th
Your work has to be unique to this contest, it can not be submitted to other contests

To participate, You must be a part of the group:  :iconartscollections: 
Submit your entry to:

Countdown to The Big Friendly GiantChallenge

Friday, August 31st @ 1:59pm

Challenge last 2 months

Check out this great parody!:D

P.s. The founder of :icondeviantartworld: is in need of points,so that he can upgrade his group into super group!

If you like this video,think about giving him some points,any small amount is good.:)



Tue Jul 17, 2018, 4:17 AM



Rise of Evil by Secretadmires

THE ARBORETUM by Lunarlueur

Contest Vampire Castle by jiajenn

Torniquet by EvanescentAngel666

Sea's stories by IgnisFatuusII

That's a cute hat! by lexiww

Four Of Pentacles by EnchantedWhispersArt

Mystic Skull by Sinphie


Evolution of Virtue, Altruism and Shame. by smartiepix

TL Bday 2018 by Mom-EsPeace

Goodbye Atlantis by kimsol

Totem Spirit Deer by Ellyevans679

The Hour before Dawn by SummerDreams-Art

Magic Strikes by DanielPriego


The Fire Angel by mumu0909

She Dreamt Big by vacuumslayer

Tenderness by jiajenn

Blood Goddess by Corvinerium

Elle Fanning by Autodestruct1on

Red Riding Hood (Alternative) by isildurion

MUJER by MarMorena

Atlantis by DeniseWorisch

Propaganda by davidsibande

coral dreams III by Gwendolyn1

Le naufrage du Nautilus by cflonflon

Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Clockwork Fairy by AlexandraVBach

Today I am an octopus by SuicideOmen

[Drakengard] Silence The Mother's song. by FlyingGinger

Whispers at Sunset by CarmensArts

The Woodland Creature by charmedy

My Escape by JayGraphixx


Sister Location (Baby) by 666Lewz666


Tea time by Kajenna

Star Lord y Gamora by DamianCA

Girl on Tank, Fantasy Woman Pin-Up Art, DS Iray by shibashake

Birthplace by telaga

Ziggy the cat =^..^= (commission) by 1NFIN1TY

the hyper DJ by Agura-Nata

Chloe by Hector-Monegro

Three of Wands by Memuii

Chrystell by candemarzat

El Triton by Anthrokim

Choronzon - Mitos y Leyendas TCG by SolDevia

Chromatic aberration by MalthusWolf

Rota by LeKsoTiger

Age by Ariel-X

Tribal Phenice by Maxa-art

Daughter of Death by TeroPorthan

Suprise! by FleetingEmber

Stardust by Phatpuppyart-Studios

DnD. Paloma by kiikii-sempai

Dragon lair by DiscordTheGE

Something Missing by Enamorte

Spirit Forest by Aramisdream

Forgeciel by Nalak-Bel

Did you hear Something? by JBergen1910

Spirit of the Forest by Noxaunu

Commission: Alicia Kyamato by galia-and-kitty

Nexus by lavam00

Evelyn by Kamiyamark by DrewDiddy1996

Invitation by PeculiarDork

Solomon Kane by CristianAC

Sweet summer day by Kajenna

In Flames by Nexaam

My sweet spring(1). Commission. by Taiss14

#DrawThisInYourStyle: Iris Compiet by Krovav

The Lost Kingdom by Ellysiumn

The Guardian by AnatoFinnstark

[13] Luminous by Catstudio7

Rine The Tiger by FlashW

King and Queen by Phatpuppyart-Studios


An Affair To Remember by Shotechi

Impossible! by Cranash64

Watercolor TOUCAN painting (illustration) + video by jane-beata

sea wild flowers by kavouranny

Lady Justice  by KM-SDM

Justine by flowerpowerstock

Noches de luna y pateras by squidmaiden

Elle Fanning by SufiaEasel

Rima by Eilerinn

Ah unexpected amazement by whostares

Under the sea by Gyuufun

Escape - I by BlackSpiralDancer1

Night Of The Sane by ArachnaFonFenris

Urban Wildlife by deepgrounduk

They're Watching by CinnamonDevil

The Beetle King by Tuntalm

Midnight-sun by jeremiahkauffman

Where are you? by AstaQte

Secret Owl by Cat-Anna

Red sky - watercolor illustration (surreal) by jane-beata

Overtinking by umantsiva

Still life with parrot by Shanglon

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

The Tear That Hangs Inside My Soul Forever by SandraWinther

The Outsider by anndr

Albedo cant stand it anymore [Overlord] by ThyBlake

Divine MAG [Redraw] by Ampraeh

Kai Hatake by Catstudio7

Flying Midoriya ( Huston, we have a problem) by Yuwy-ow

Taste by Fleshgoredon

New Life by Renata-s-art

Cain by Feig-Art

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Weekly Feature(1)

Sun Jul 8, 2018, 12:59 PM

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.

Show them some love!:love:


. . . Injustice . . . by ChIandra4U

Repartir le pain by WalkingGedis

Flying Carpet by annewipf

Small Miracle by Phatpuppyart-Studios

Finding Home... under the Moon. by smartiepix

Death Race by isildurion

Final2 by NaouriRedouane1998

The Green Magic by jiajenn

Dream house by FantasyArt0102

Behind The Scenes by BeboDesign1

Card Of Saddness by da505

Mother of Dragon by Danilo-Costa

Unexpected gift by Poglazovs

The Sand Mermaid by ManuxGame

Grow Up. by FlyingGinger

Uncertain destiny by ElenaDudina

Let's Rock! by mshellee

The Light From Deep Darkness by MoodyBlue

Mermaid Cliffs by tamaraR

Secrets And Lies by Ariel87

Wanna Join Us ? by OTG85

Renew by TheBakaArts

Deadly Spell by SvetlanaFox

The Keeper by allimli

Birna The Whale Rescuer by BrietOlga

Strength Of An Eagle by HILIF

Beyond Our Dreams by clair0bscur

Jurassic Escape by charmedy

Heart's Collector by silviya

Girl with Dragon tattoo by Madink2000

Queen's Castle by mumu0909

Advena Mater by WalkingGedis


Golden by Craftea

Peaceful Eyes by Ardoric95

OC Annie by YarBrenor

Elven Ranger by Alrooney

Eliza by trungvip99

Once upon a time ... by FurkanHolmes

[DAZ3D] - Succubus - the Ritual by PSK-Photo

Dark powers by LacrimareObscura

Luna by FleetingEmber

TWWM Plains Event: Wildflower Field by The-Monster-Shop

Carousel by DarkRapier

Cute Pirate Girl and Treasure, Fantasy Woman Art by shibashake

Commission: Tamina by galia-and-kitty

Aqua #destinyblueredraw by SquirrelHsieh

Night Theater Square by agevla77

Zonogard by SaifRygo

Selva by FlashW

Venom's wrath by gielczynski

Thracian peltast by JFoliveras

Owl Guardian by kosolap

Night picnic by Silverbloodwolf98

Uncle Carl - Animated Version by TimTaller

Calm before the storm by wayleri

Little Shaman by BettyElgyn

Reload by EvaKosmos

Fenrik [Commission] by Alrooney

Yasuke by SC4V3NG3R


Pirate mermaid by Byrsa

Sentinel of Veracruz by A-D-McGowan

La belle dame sans merci by Pidimoro

Th Little Princess by borda

Not you again! by Cranash64

Plushie by AstaQte

Kiss of Death by theartofTenia

A Pact Into The Unknown by EnysGuerrero

PoB Sustain: Eliza, Vignette, Mileva by DanielleMWilliams

Art Trade~ by KatelynCapybara

...not sharing the same drink by agevla77

Sideshow Damsels (1) by DanNeamu

Goldilocks by pegasuswarrior

Mother And Child by flowerpowerstock

Watercolor fantasy portrait - EMILY by jane-beata

Roots of Clio by squidmaiden

Jacksons by wayleri

Girl with a candle by FallenFantasyArt

... by JohnKarnaras

Watercolor fantasy portrait - MARINA (+ tutorial) by jane-beata

Fan,Cartoon or MangaAnime Art

Elastigirl by AyyaSAP

Would You Like My Hat? by andycwhite

Lady Bug (Miraculous) by Ksulolka

see you at AX by jiuge

Aura by Vetyr

Yennefer by RowenHebing

Tsukiyomi + Speedpaint by Merakieru

Princess Serenity (Lineart by Artgerm) by MPL-Art

Violet Evergarden by DATXD

Princess Yum Yum by AmestaO3O

YCH Commission #6 - It's Time To Dance. by ArtwithKA

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Winners of -The flower of my heart contest

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 5, 2018, 11:55 AM

Sorry for the delay,but as they say,it's better late than never!:D

I think this contest was successful,with a total of 29 entries!:D

Here are our winners of our eighth contest,here at :iconda-lovers:

❀Our Winners❀

Beginners Level (third place):

Sunflowers by BestArtChoice

Intermediate Level (second place):

Daughter of the Sun by GDanyelle

Advanced Level (first place):

Girasoles by maiarcita

Special Mention Winner:

Country girl by ULarka

Our winners will be receiving:

:bulletorange:1'st place(Advanced level)-  320:points:

100 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletpurple:2nd place(Intermediate level)-250:points:

75 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletyellow:3rd place(Beginners level)-170 :points:

50 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletyellow:Special mention-100 :points:

All the winners will receive 1 exclusive stock /premade background from

:iconrenata-s-art:  :iconmshellee::iconhermitcrabstock: 

:iconamaranta-g: and :iconflowerpowerstock:

All the winners will receive a feature from

:iconannewipf: :iconhermitcrabstock:


:bulletred:There are 8 judges in total.

:bulletblue:Each of them give their vote by points for every entry in each category,based on quality and creativity.

:bulletgreen: The entry that receives the most points wins.

:bulletyellow:If there is a tie in the voting in the same category,we proceed to use the public poll votation.



goddess by rocheleheart10- RECEIVED 23 points FROM THE JUDGES

sun beauty by rocheleheart10- RECEIVED 18 points FROM THE JUDGES

He's my Sun by AniXxAnics- RECEIVED 25 points FROM THE JUDGES

Girasoles by NUBES112- RECEIVED 31 points FROM THE JUDGES

Contest entry - The Sunflower's King by NastyaHi- RECEIVED 21 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflowers by BestArtChoice- RECEIVED 35 points FROM THE JUDGES


Walking on Sunshine by Branka-Johnlockian-RECEIVED 61 points FROM THE JUDGES

May's Challenge - Long for the Sun by TiBiArt-RECEIVED 87 points FROM THE JUDGES

Golden Sunflower Eyes by AliDee33-RECEIVED 29 points FROM THE JUDGES

The sunflower lady by annemaria48-RECEIVED 47 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflower dream by flowerpowerstock-RECEIVED 50 points FROM THE JUDGES

happy sunflowers by Agura-Nata-RECEIVED 44 points FROM THE JUDGES

The sunflower by annemaria48-RECEIVED 107 points FROM THE JUDGES

The Sunflower Princess by PsdDude-RECEIVED 100 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflowers girl by flowerpowerstock-RECEIVED 72 points FROM THE JUDGES

SunFLowers Life by MikhaelPacheco-RECEIVED 32 points FROM THE JUDGES

sunflower fairy by kavouranny-RECEIVED 69 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflowers by lapaowan-RECEIVED 108 points FROM THE JUDGES

- Did you enjoy the sun? by Aya-DNARECEIVED 87 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflower Fairy by morosity-RECEIVED 63 points FROM THE JUDGES

Summergems by EnchantedHawke-RECEIVED 43 points FROM THE JUDGES

Sunflower by vagabond-mm-RECEIVED 26 points FROM THE JUDGES

the Land of Sunflowers by poisen2014-RECEIVED 98 points FROM THE JUDGES


Daughter of the Sun by GDanyelle-RECEIVED 136 points FROM THE JUDGES


My pure flower by ThunderMadArts14-RECEIVED 8 points FROM THE JUDGES

Girasoles by maiarcita-RECEIVED 27 points FROM THE JUDGES

[DA-Lovers Entry] Forget Me by FlyingGinger-RECEIVED 13 points FROM THE JUDGES

Country girl by ULarka-RECEIVED 26 points FROM THE JUDGES

Here you can see all our entries:

  goddess by rocheleheart10  sun beauty by rocheleheart10  He's my Sun by AniXxAnics Girasoles by NUBES112

the Land of Sunflowers by poisen2014 THE GIRL AND THE SUNFLOWER by CatyRuiz3

My pure flower by ThunderMadArts14 [DA-Lovers Entry] Forget Me by FlyingGinger







TheAllex Test Feature

Wed Jul 4, 2018, 7:50 AM

Monthly Feature-June

Tue Jul 3, 2018, 3:40 AM

Here's our monthly feature,with the best submissions of the month.

Show them some love!:love:

Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean by Freksama

Point of no return by ivanaanemon

Quick drawing - Celine by SanneAdeen

Suikoden III: Iksay Village by la-sera

RWBY [WW2 Nations Battles] INVASION Ruby vs Cinder by ThyBlake

Sailor Moon by AmestaO3O

Special Week Patreon Poll by LadyKraken

WoW Commission: Human Paladin, Gnome Priest by Patriartis

Lana Solaris by Tony-Tzanoukakis by DrewDiddy1996

PM: My entire universe by Nevaart

Maned Wolf by RiverHound

The pill of the surreal (Fran Bow) by MihaiRotaru

Georgus the White Viper, techmarin of Black Vipers by ArachnaFonFenris

Deep Osean by jurithedreamer

Portrait 8 (TA) by Nalby1981

Girl on the Beach by IKrystalDrawing

Moon Child by EnysGuerrero

Sacred Sword Janna by IKrystalDrawing

Les Eboulements By Moniki by flowerpowerstock

Amphitrite Base Card Art - Mick + Matt Glebe by Pernastudios

Windows to the Soul by Feuerwicht


Frog and Dragonfly Drawing by AmBr0

Insight might hurt... by Feuerwicht

Per Aspera ad Inferi by CinnamonDevil

Midsummer V by Dferous

Mirakise by Kittew

Corrupting an Elf Gate - (c) Paizo by helgecbalzer

Midsummer VIII by Dferous

A Wyvern's Welcome by JBergen1910

Adventure time by Kajenna

Melancholic world by Yuwy-ow

breaking out by Agura-Nata

Sword of the Silver Flower by shizen1102

DragonSlayer by PelechiAM

The universe inside us 4K~ 50.000 watchers by Ellysiumn

Cool water by FlashW

Killeanas inner flames (Birthday Gift) by LacrimareObscura

Shell We Meet? by AmestaO3O

Demon girl by ViolettaChevalier

drowning by sollenafotografie

OC Tess (4 month ago) by YarBrenor

Purple Jay by Leo-25

Bone Dragon by John-Stone-Art

Watch over the Horde by Ardoric95

Leisurely Stroll by AugustinasRaginskis

Retry by vurdeM

mbp-td-01 by shichigoro756

Owl No. 8 by Xoinox

Draw me like you would one of those French Fairies by galia-and-kitty

The wrath of Dracula by Julianez

Avengers: Infinity War The Final Battle by Danilo-Costa

Jagi, can you hear me? by FlyingGinger

Gaia. The goddess of Earth. by NestraS

Constellation Aquarius by theAllex

Once In A Blue Shroom by needcaffine

Cosmic Gate by kuschelirmel

Wine Time by ManuxGame

Cruel Beauty by shannalei

My Pet Pari by Jeni-Sue

The Raven by TatyanaChe


Young Gods: Son Of Rome by JayGraphixx

Tornado Cover Art by Rowye

Shaman by flowerpowerstock

Mother earth by Aeternum-designs

Red Riding Hood returns home by umbatman

Tender Sugar by Phatpuppyart-Studios

Forest Goddess by Branka-Johnlockian

Kingdom of the Dark Souls by adrianamusettidavila

Hextech Poppy Wallpaper by Gallagxher

Mother of Darkness by Aramisdream

Demonia Endormie by PlacidAnemia

Dead desert by jiajenn

Oraculo by EstebanSayhueque

Beyond Forest by Dani-Owergoor

Infinite Sound by Mish-A-Man

Spring Wonders by IZSTEVE

Varda (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

Jurassic World by charmedy

Underwood by AdriaticaCreation

Mister Indigo98 by IndigoMR

Jellies by annewipf

Starseeds by TheArtofNeferum

Guardian 4 by Antoshines

Silken by SigneRJArts

My Thoughts are Swimming by RedLadyMercenary

WoW OC - Lexith by Jorsch

Lich Warlock by John-Stone-Art

Evelyn by DeivCalviz by DrewDiddy1996

Winter evening by FlashW

Space by PelechiAM

Mermaid by Prywinko

Forget Me Not by shannalei

Daydreaming by funkyatelier

Mermaid and Butterflies, Fantasy Woman Art by shibashake


Exquisite Malaise by MJWilliam

Universe by Ennya7

Potter by mmmprod

Lady Pulsar by misellapuella

the Ritual by JasperHolland

Sea Princess by GjschoolArt

Puppet Master Portrait by Raivis-Draka

Steven and Michelle COMMISSION by Amourinette

Flora by setsuna22

Terra - The beginning by AdriaticaCreation

Bewitched by PeculiarDork

Never Let You Go by Mr-Ripley

White feathers by ElenaDudina

Radioactive by JoeDiamondD

Arrival of the Beast T. Hayden by StarsColdNight

Brain-Ultimate by Mr-Xerty

Onmyoji Mio by Wyndagger

Galaxy Goddess (Sailor Galaxia) NSFW extra by galia-and-kitty

Sea of Dreams by SummerDreams-Art

Floating Strawberry Land by IZSTEVE

Dying light - part 2 by JoeDiamondD

Dragon's War by GjschoolArt

Castle-Vista by Mr-Xerty

Snail steampunk by Avi-li

All That Glitters is Not Gold by SandraWinther

art #50 by Atlas-66

Warm Place by NaouriRedouane1998

Hope in music of Sadness by WhimsicalBlue

Flying Jellyfish by JennyLe88

Aoandon Butterfly Dance by Ksulolka

Susabi attack! by curlyhair

Untitled by KrisaHe

Star Trooper Achilles by texahol

The Forest's Lady by Feega

Kerrilandra (Commission) by AyyaSAP

Lana Solaris by SkavenZverov by DrewDiddy1996

Cloud by NevaGames

Frost Wolf by Kashivan

Backyard Exploration by EranFowler

Sylvanas Windrunner - Warcraft Wallpaper Art by Eddy-Shinjuku

The Iron Crown of the North by sandara

Um Lugar Encantado by Wesley-Souza

Distance by jiajenn

Sweet Moment by panjoool

Jungle Myth by Dani-Owergoor

The pond by Amaranta-G

archangel gabriel .. God is my strength by enkrat

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