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The Encyclopedian Guidebook of Toontopia by conthauberger
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A voice actor comes to Fair City Ch. 1As soon as voice actor Allan Western uses his powers to vanish into thin air behind the back of his manager Robin Ship who is asking the actor who was discovered working behind a counter at a local bowling alley in Colonial Fair City under the name Al Batman one year ago to work as a cartoon voice actor for cartoons aimed at children since he has the voice of the Caped Crusader (The late Adam West version), he does not know outside of a few persons in his inner circle of friends, he is an alien from Lexicon who is close friends with Wordgirl's biological parents Roman and Yolanda Tocumen.Allan then reappears inside of his Chevy auto without anyone knowing his secret that he is on a mission to locate Janelle Tocumen who know goes by the adopted name of Becky Botsford who is secretly Wordgirl so he can prove to himself that the daughter of his best friends back in Lexicon that she is safe and sound on Earth.When Allan starts his auto to drive around Fair City in an attempt to locate the missing child of Lexicon who left the planet as an infant when she sneaked aboard a spaceship piloted by Captain Huggyface, he sees Tim Botsford and his best friend Ronnie "Pops" Moreno driving on a road by the hotel that he was staying at.Allan then thinks to himself "Well I'll be the voice of Batman. I recognize one of the two males inside of that auto. That New Era vintage baseball cap (a Black Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap with the gold P with stars all over the cap) that is worn by the driver looks a lot like Ronnie Moreno. I will use the old trick of nearly causing a car accident trick to get his attention. It never fails me to get to know someone to make them like me a lot."As Ronnie is driving away from the Panama Squirrel Lanes to take Tim home, the traffic light that is near the bowling alley is currently green so Ronnie has the right of way to travel toward his home when suddenly all of a sudden, the traffic light turns from green to yellow and then red as Tim screams to his friend "Pops. Stop. The light just turned red."Ronnie tells Tim in a mean voice "Just what I need. A backseat driver. Oh my goodness. That Chevy auto is about to...stop near us? That driver of that auto is going to hear from me on how to drive safely in this town. And I thought that being the school bus driver to take your daughter to Woodview was like that airplane ride with those drunk pro wrestlers that featured in Valerie's Squirrel's sports commentary 'Thank goodness I work in the independent circuit instead of the circus.' look like a smooth plane ride by comparison." (Dark Side Of The Ring story).Tim is thinking to himself "Pops must be working too hard in physical education class again. Becky and T J only drink milk and cookies for breakfast. Jacqueline is not a fan of pro wrestling documentaries or Dave Mets who is an underground wrestling writer who insults her in his wrestling columns as an old fashioned wrestling promoter." (No swearing, no rap music and wear leotards.)Then as soon as Allan gets out of his auto, he sees Ronnie madder than a hornet as he yells at Allan by saying to him "Buddy I do not know who you are. I had the right of way. Learn how to drive on these streets safely. I have a wife and two daughters to support."Allan then sees Ronnie as he uses his memory bank as he tells Ronnie Moreno in a cool tone of voice "Sorry man for the error. The good thing is that no one is hurt. Nice to meet you. My name is Al Batman (winks at Ronnie and Tim). I am looking for a place to stay for a few days. Can we be friends?"Ronnie then tells Al in a kind tone of voice "Sure buddy. My wife Jacqueline would like to meet you since you look familiar. Your name sir? Mine in Ronnie Moreno. The gentleman near me is Tim Botsford. He is my neighbor next door."Allan then tells Ronnie in a cool tone of voice "I will be glad to meet your family. Take me to your leader." More to come. I do not own the characters of Batman and Wordgirl. #Batman #Wordgirl
A voice actor comes to Fair City PrologueThe story begins in Fair City where Tim Botsford who is the father of Becky Botsford who is riding as a passenger with his good friend Ronnie "Pops" Moreno who is the uncle of Becky and her younger brother T J is the driver of his own auto after his wife Jacqueline decided to take the school bus that she co-owns with her husband Ronnie since this was her day off from her work at the cafe that she co-owns with her close friend Lia Gonzalez.While the two male guys are driving down a street ready to go bowling since Bruce Wayne is sponsoring a bowling tournament for children in Fair City with the proceeds going to give away movie tickets to see a "Batman" cartoon movie that is produced by Squirrel Promotions which is run by Robert Squirrel aka Detective Squirrel of the Colonial Fair City Police Department to be a one day showing at the same television studio where Seymour Orlando Smooth filmed his game shows.Tim tells his buddy as he is driving toward the Panama Squirrel Lanes which is named in honor of Panama Squirrel who allowed her likeness and name to be used as long as the profits go to her college education fund when she turns 18 years of age in a cool tone of voice "Pops, We sure look funny wearing these old fashioned baseball caps that the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team wore. Panama sure has fans in Colonial Fair City due to her crimefighting duties along with Wordgirl and the Isthmus Sisters as well as Captain Huggyface. That is amazing. What say you?"Pops then tells Tim "Come on Tim. My daughter Gabrielle has gained fame in this town by winning medals in girls gymnastics recently. She denies being the second coming of what's her name who is telling the press that she is not a quitter at that international gym meet in Panama City Panama last month." Pops means American gymnast Hillary Cougar who claimed that due to personal issues she stepped aside before the time competition at the meet.While that is going on, a major movie star named Allan Western is inside of his hotel room in Colonial Fair City talking to his manager Robin Ship that he needs time off to live a private life since many female fans are making his life stressful by asking for his autograph at sports events.Robin who is female is telling her client in a cool tone of voice "Allan come on. This will be the last city that you will be working to promote your role as the voice of Batman. Think of the children that admire your work as a voice actor after you tweeted on Twisty and I quote 'I would rather work as a cashier at Breaux Mart than do cartoon voices.' Don't let your kid fans down."Allan tells his manager Robin in a cool tone of voice "You are right. People make a big deal of some stupid remark that I made on social media. I am just going to step outside and breathe in some fresh air. " Thinking "I will just vanish into thin air using my special powers that I have being when I left Lexicon around the time that young girl who is named Becky Botsford came to this town 12 years ago. Her parents would die to have me pay them a visit claiming to be a long lost friend. Here goes." Suddenly Allan vanishes from the hotel as he will reappear driving his van to visit the Botsford family. More to come. I do not own the characters of Wordgirl and Batman. #Wordgirl #Batman...
More of the wrestling reality show comedy.Now back to the story where in a fan fiction reality show where female wrestler Alex Gracia is managed by her alien (Okay so she an alien from Lexicon who spent her training time in Panama) manager the Lady Raider who reach an agreement to have a medical exam to see if either person does not have any tuberculosis problems since Lady Raider kiddingly told her student Pink Dream that due to the poor quality of women's professional wrestling on Awful Entertaining Wrestling (AEW) and We Weren't Entertaining (WWE), Lady Raider boasted that she smoked one pack of Viceroy cigarettes before she started her own wrestling promotion in Colonial Fair City one year ago where she "Kicked the habit."Pink Dream who is a passenger in Lady Raider's auto since Pink is scared of riding as a passenger in her manager's motorcycle she calls "The Ring Raider" due to fears that her manager does not like to wear goggles while driving since in Raider's own words "I trust my instincts to ride around Fair City." simply asks her manager in a funny tone of voice "No offense intended. But I would rather trust Stevie Wonder to pilot an airplane from San Antonio to New Orleans."Lady Raider then tells her student in a funny tone of voice "Come on. Do not tell me you believe all of that bunk that is reported on Write Off magazine. I have refused to grant interviews with that magazine since they published a slanderous piece about me that I started a riot in Colon Panama at the Al Brown Arena when I punched journalist Dave Mets in the nose in the ring after my farewell match against fellow Panamanian wrestler Mary Gonzalez who made me submit to a camel clutch when he said to me 'I have seen Brandi Rhodes do a better job breaking out of that hold. You stink as a wrestler.' Keep in mind that I was full of sweat working a ten minute match against a relative of Lola Gonzales as she billed by the wrestling promoter when in reality she is a member of that family. The arena was about half way full when the other wrestlers who are male came out to keep me from beating him up as Dave went taken away to the dressing rooms with the help of the male wrestlers so we cool off." Pink Dream then tells her manager in a cool tone of voice "Remind me not to get you angry. I would not to be on the receiving end of your blows. Well here we are. Time for the moment of truth regarding taking the medical exam. Wish me good luck."Lady Raider would then tell her student "Well I am wearing my green shirt and blue pants, Let the fun begin at our exam." To be continued. #Women's wrestling #Pink Dream...
If a wrestling reality show would be a sitcom.Welcome everyone to another edition of "Thank Alex Gracia It's Friday" (TAGIF) which is a satire of pro wrestling and sports shows.The subject matter is an old episode of the sitcom named "Sanford And Son" which was about a junk dealer who lived in the Watts neighborhood that was televised on the Nothing But Crap I mean the National Broadcasting Company from 1972-1977.There was one episode called "A Matter Of Life And Breath." where I did not know that tuberculosis was nicknamed TB. Now I could just see a lady wrestler be concerned that Lady Raider who is the fictional manager of the "Pink Dream" Alex Gracia have concerns that her manager who admits that she is a chain smoker since watching Awful Entertaining Wrestling (AEW) and We Weren't Entertaining (WWE) matches make her smoke a pack of Viceroys a day.Of this is fiction since the Lady Raider does not smoke cigarettes due to health reasons. But in this case it is to show how a reality show that the Pink Dream wants to do with Scorpion Sky according to her Twitter account.Could you see Pink Dream tell her manager in a kind tone of voice "There is a free medical exam for us to take to see if we are not sick. I understand that you have smoked so many cigarettes that the length of the cigarette runs from San Antonio to Beaumont Texas."Lady Raider would reply to her student in a sarcastic tone of voice "That would be a super long cigarette which is longer than the patience of AEW fans hoping to see me return to work for Tony Khan. In his Pink Dreams." She puts up her first and fourth finger as a way of reviving the Texas vs Texas A & M rivalry since Garcia is a college graduate of the latter school.Pink Dream would yell at her manager by telling her "You know what I did to the last lady wrestler who made the 'Hook them horns' hand gesture at me?"Lady Raider who then replies to Pink Dream by saying "Let me guess. Rok C jumped off of the Bridge Of The Americas in Panama with a parachute on her as a publicity stunt. I understand when she landed on the ground at the former Rodman Naval Base she was greeted by Panama's finest and taken into custody of endangerment charges. Her picture taken at the police station. She was released from the Veracruz pokey since her wrestling promoter in Panama Hector Colon told the authorities that Rok C was promoting a wrestling show for him in a wrestling match against Sorangel Arce at the Balboa YMCA later that day. Thanks for the publicity stunt, the show was a sellout with 100 persons being entertained. How do you like my homeland now? By the way if I offended you since you think I flash the Texas hand signal, I did not mean to offend you? Friends?"Pink Dream would then tell her manager in a kind tone of voice "Okay so maybe I am taking my Aggie roots too seriously. We will both go to get our chest x rays to see if we are healthy as can be. To answer your question. Friends. I was not offended."Lady Raider then thinks to herself "I would like to be a fly on the wall working for Vince McMahon since I understand he would never hire me since I smoke Viceroys in one day like the number of chumps who put with his crap. A full pack of cancer sticks. He would yell at me 'Bleep damn it. Of all of the nations in our world I had to have a foreign wrestler that likes to rub into my face that I make a dictator look like a kind soul by comparison. I just wonder if God sent the Lady Raider as revenge for placing boots on the ground in 1989 to get rid of that drugstore owner in Panama." More to come. Lesson of the day. Do not get mad. Get even. #WWE #Panama #Women wrestling...


Mature content
MAF 38 :iconlintu47:Lintu47 11 27
April: News and Updates
Hello to my watchers, 
So as you can see I have done quite a lot of crochet.   I have a lot more projects to sew up. 
I'd like to thank MasterPlanner for inspiring me to try crochet.   Her work is amazing.  Keep it up
I'm also in the middle of sorting out my photographs both Hardrive and Garden/flower photos from this year (Current project)
The Marketing and Social Media side of my Photography/Crochet has been an eye opener.  I'm glad I don't do it as a job. 
Look out for my website which I'm planning on having finished by the end of the month. 
So yes my next task is try some drawing.  i mean nothing defeats me right?
Thank you to all my loyal watchers
:iconaylishliane12:Aylishliane12 0 3
The Worst Part Of Censorship Is...
Once I posted a drawing with Rip and Zorin (from Hellsing) having sex. But it wasn't so explicit or obscene... They deleted it because someone reported it as "a violation of DeviantArt's policy". I replied that I seen far more explicit and pornographic content here, even without a mature content filter. I was waiting for an answer. It didn't come, so I posted the drawing again, and people appreciated my work. A day after posting it again, they sent me the answer I was waiting for. Nothing more than : "It's a policy violation, we deleted your deviation." And now, I lost it again... Even if I marked it as "strict mature content" (+18). And I think that this "+18" is a stupidity anyway... I have lost my virginity when I was 14 (I'm 19 now). And when I see things like "You can't see this until you'll be 18", I'm like "WTF?!". I've seen things like that on real when I was younger than 18, what's the point? And if there's a mature content filter why I can't post mature things?
Anyways, becau
:iconalexisyoko:AlexisYoko 0 18
Dream Journal, Issue #4
Hello everyone, Yuuki here!
Were you guys waiting for it? I can guess that the answer is a plain and big no, since I'm only being watched by 4 to 5 people TwT
Well, I gotta tell you guys something: from now on, the dream journals will be told in the present tense, and not in the past tense, since this is the right way to tell them.
Aaaaaanyways, "Aww sh*t, here we go again." - Johnson, Carl "CJ" - 2004
I'm driving around town, and suddenly I see lots of people grouping on a road crossing. I don't know what it is, so I stop my car and go see what's happening.
It's an amateur street racing championship, and almost all the entries were sold out. I'm just lucky enough to pick the last one.
A girl came to me, explaining the rules and how the race would be. First, we have to run on foot; later, on go-karts, and then with our own cars.
Some monents later, the race starts. I'm managing to get in the second place, although I'm so damn tired. The kart racing is goin
:iconyuukidesu9:YuukiDesu9 0 0
The Planetarium: Ep. 27 -- Astronauts Pt. 2
Stepping back again today from solar bodies to showcase more astronaut pictures.  Because without them, we won't be going anywhere.



 Skull 17 (50Skulls) by scenesbycolleen
Space Surfing by NicebleedArt Cosmonaut in asteroid field by VadimSadovski
A New World by SpartanK42
 Crash Site by VITOGH
Stellarnaut v2.0 by JoeyJazz Commission for Wintersweet by longestdistance
Mission failed by PedroDeElizalde
:iconplanetrix:Planetrix 13 23
Friendly Feature #1
Yo! today I'd want to share some of my DA friend's creations with you :aww: check them out, they need far more love :love:
First go my fellow comic makers :D
Sarada's Conclusion by Animaid101Myrmidon: The Forged by TGping
And some just awesome works by various awesome people :aww:
Deep Sea Hat and Cowl [Sold] by ChibiShay Red Panda BC by CrazyCatDesigns BioShock 2 - Bigsister - a by Destro2k Inktober climb by Lopry Steampunk Tarot: L'Appeso by OcioProduction
Floating Island Wood Burning by Alicia-Imagination Lucy Heartfilia[Fairy Tail] by Lylisaurus Next Level (Colors) by hudaim Burning in the sky by RoadBaka Bishop's Palace by mancusoartworksWorkshop20171021 by Weadme Kuro Usagi by YoungChanNguyen Darkness by PhuongMAi128
:iconsandrarush:SandraRush 13 75
Heart Heart WHOO!!Heart Heart 
I'm excited to announce I've reached 100 watchers I want to do something to celebrate! I'm going to do a Raffle give away of one head-shot Icon and one busts of your furry/anthro only character.
 Raffle ends December 9th 2016
The winner will be announced then 

There will be two winners
1st place: Busts
2nd place: Icon Headshot

What I need from you:
You must be watching me to enter/new watchers are welcome!

Clear reference of your character

Your characters personality

If you read this type 'Otters love noodles'
:iconott3rspac3:Ott3rSpac3 4 63
danUK86 Feature!
This is a feature of danUK86's deviations to thank him for the 1 year of core membership! Thank you very much. :hug: These are my favorites from his gallery.
  Glenbrittle II by danUK86  Glenbrittle by danUK86
Haweswater by danUK86  Afon Lloer by danUK86  Summit View by danUK86  Llyn Ogwen by danUK86  Glenfinnan by danUK86 
:iconevelynvictus:EvelynVictus 1 21
Hi everyone!! I recently hit 400 watchers, and, as promised, have decided to do an adopt giveaway!! I'm so very excited!!
To begin with, there are 2 prizes!! The winner will chose which they want, and the runners up get the leftover!
-This precious baby, and her surprise, hair down outfit!

Custom examples found here -->
Entry is super super simple! 
All you have to do is comment!!
BUT there is a few ways to get more entries!
- Favourite this giveaway +1 Entries
- Make a journal about the giveaway [AND SHOW ME!] +2 Entries
- Be a watcher
- NEW watchers +1 Entries
- OLD watchers (before 400) +3 Entries
-HOMESTUCK - GUESSED BY nyctohylophobicpine -  EQUIUS
Previous Guesses
:iconplastic--beach:Plastic--Beach 12 66
[FREE] Requests (5 slot - CLOSED)
Ew, I'm so insecure. These are the first requests I will do.
So... I hope not be wrong.
•I can do•
•Feral (Felines, Canines - or only wolves, I can try)
•Anthro (Felines, Canines - or only wolves, I can try || only bust)
•Pokémon (Normal, Gijinka - only bust)
•Manga/ Anime characters (only bust for humans || only manga/ anime I've completed or I'm reading/ watching -> MyAnimeList / MyMangaList)
•I really like draw others' OC!

•I can try

•I don't do

•Backgrounds (I'm so sorry, I'm not sure to make them)
•Hentai/ ecchi/ gore
Mawshot/ other fetish
:iconmewyia:Mewyia 2 11
55000 pv and Art Feature for my dear watchers #3
Hello, my dear friends!
:heart: rvmp  Huggle! :heart: rvmp 
First of all I want to tell you that today, I noticed, that I have 55000 pageviews! Anniversary! OMG! :surprised: 
That's fantastic! It made me very happy that so much people like my art and want to watch my art! :shuffelin: 
I will try to do the best to improve my art, my skills and to make my art more interesting and original for you!
Your interest is a huge stimulus to me! Thank you very much! 
Every comment in my gallery from you always makes me very happy and helps me to believe in myself, even if it's just one word!
Sometimes I feel myself disappointed or insecure in myself, so I just reread some comments in my gallery, and then I become more confident and want to create art again and ag
:iconanastasiyakosenko:AnastasiyaKosenko 11 28
Happy New Year!
Can't believe it's 2016. Where the heck did time go? I hope to see more action around here. I heard rumors that Orochi came back and the mystics and humans had to deal with him again, but maybe I'm just thinking too hard. I'm glad Magoichi's back(though Kojuro still has yet to return).
((PS: Don't ask :angry ))
:icondate-masamuneplz:Date-Masamuneplz 1 67
Hey! Activity Update! (January 2016)
C'mon. Seriously. Anything? Hello?! *knocks* Taking enough time to make these journals, sheesh...
To New Followers
Thanks for the follow! Hopefully you'll like what I'll be posting, or have posted.
Please. Don't forget to +fav and comment! I'll probably be mentioning this again later in the journal.
*sigh* I'm such a bad follower myself. Though most of the people I've been following usually get enough activity at their page, so I kinda shy away a bit. And I've just been very busy lately...
My Message/Notification area is such a mess. Makes me wonder if I'll be doing a clean-up when I'm less busy, and especially the appearance of my Gallery. I don't want to abandon this profile, just because it hasn't been doing so hot. Like most people making their alternate accounts. "chainchomp7" has pretty much been my "Universal Username."
I've only really been active on Miiverse most of the time though, and even activity there isn't
:iconchainchomp7:chainchomp7 0 15
The journey to capture Change
Capturing Change was a collaborative assignment created by DeviantArt, in partnership with Sony, to bring together four photographers from the community, each in a different country, and have them document changes in their surrounding cities and cultures, using Alpha cameras.
I was invited to be part of this project at the end of October and was very excited to learn that I would be working with three amazing Deviants – the beautiful and talented OliviaMichalski, from Germany, the ingenious darkdex52, from El Salvador, and, from Dubai, the not-so-beautiful yet deviously skilled MARX77.
Having the opportunity to work with such a team, along with DeviantArt staff, was the highlight of this project for me. Of course, I enjoyed the Sony camera too! ;)
For the assignment, each photographer received a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera, to take out to the streets and experiment with it.
:iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 27 34
We are Noir-XVIII
To those with an open mind we speak with an honest heart we are a team of youthful artist that make visions a reality not just for ourselves but for the community as well. We are a team of courageous determined artists that want to have fun while still young and enjoy making art for people and for you the readers. We are based in Detroit Mi USA but we want to be able to reach people outside our community and make them apart of our vision lets have fun with what we can and be creative we may have our limits but that wont stop us. We will give you our time we will give you advice we will give critiques and you will have our attention.
:iconnoir-xviii:NOIR-XVIII 1 0
I entered into the Art Institute!
Hello, my dear friends!
I entered into the Art Institute on budget place on design! Yay! My Dork Dance 
That's absolutely amazing! Just amazing! I'm sooo very happy! 
There're 112 people on the exams for design and only 24 budget places! But I did it! Geronimo!  
I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams! I'm incredibly glad that I made this decision to go away from the first Economic Institute to enter into Art Institute, and go this way, the way I really need and love. I already wrote a huge journal about it here. Maybe it will help to you. Just read it.
Don't be afraid to change something in your life if it's something really important to you. And you can do everything you want - just you need to make an effort. And everything will turn out! Even a butterfly can change a lot. Always listen
:iconanastasiyakosenko:AnastasiyaKosenko 3 75


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