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Art Trades? Closed for now
Hi! I didn't do any ATs lately so I thought to do few ATs if anyone is interested doing one with me ^^
We can do and musical AT! Heres some info and rules because im to lazy to write again xDD Music Art Trade OPEN
Things i wont draw:
to brutal scenes
nsfw art
Things what i can draw:

Animals - Wolves, dogs, foxes, weasels, cats, maybe bigger felines, dragons (maybe ;w; ) original species ( if its not to complicated )
1. Be polite and patient
2. Please send the clear reference!
3. Please if its okay, you do the part 1st because few people tricked me or never finished their part  ;w;
4. Do your best and ill do my best! That means if you put an effort on your part, ill do the same on my part so that will be fair to both of us
5. Have fun!
I'll Pick just 2 ATs maybe idk, but please if I didn't choose you don't get mad at me! uwu
advantage hav
:icongalaxymelody:GalaxyMelody 0 19
Last days!
We are in last days of the double sale by Sidhe Rose Graphics and DragonRose Graphics, a sale with a discount of 25% only until October 15th
All these sets were made in a great quality, to allow you a diversity in your characters for M4 and V4. Some of them are exclusively on Fantasies Realm Market!
Also you find some props, and textures for hair.

:iconfantasiesrealmmarket:FantasiesRealmMarket 1 0
Believe in youself
:bademoticon: Hello, my dearest friends! :bademoticon: 
Today was that day when you don't expect something so special but it happens to you.
I wrote this journal because I want to let you know that sometimes we doubt in ourselves and afraid for something. We think that we can't to do something and that someone else do this thing so much better then you. It is not right, I think. We are all special. You, yes you, you're such one in whole world! You're very special. And it is not important in which step of art or other things you are, because in that way ( how you draw, etc) only you can do this thing because you're unique. We should believe in ourselves and move forward. We should to find a strong side, a source of strength in ourselves, we should to believe in better, in kind and in what we really love. 
Please, don't do these things which you don't like because these things can
:iconanastasiyakosenko:AnastasiyaKosenko 7 63
There is this Facebook page...
…and it’s called Beka z ''artystów'' z DeviantArta XD ( ), which could be transladed as: LOLing at “artists” from DeviantArt xD (beka is an extremely informal term for laughing at). I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it. I mean, freedom of speech is one of the most wonderful human rights and it’s great that people engage in a discussion about art. However, I cannot help being greatly saddened by this Facebook page.
First of all, the discussion between the members of this community barely counts as a discussion at all. Indeed, there are some witty comments, but most of them contains rather noticeable amount of verbal abuse. Actually, quite a few are nothing more but cursing, shaming and straight-out bullying. For example, a photo featuring people cosplaying as some of the members of the Justice
:iconmaerafey:MaeraFey 2 50
Wooohooooo today 4\6\2013 Tuesday is the first day in summer!! finally we're finished with finals and it's time for the sunny days.
also i hope my results are higher than last year's.
and i can't believe it! i'm finally at my final and third 'senior' year in high school .. just one more year to go. though i'll admit i think i'm going to miss it..
anyway i know this has nothing to do with the topic but i just want to get this off my chest ..
lately I've been running into a lot of idiots and racist people.. mainly closed-minded ones who just think like 'if you are not like me or had been born from another country than mine than you're gangster\terrorist\whatevershittythingsyoucanthinkof\   ... and that just pisses me off more than anything ..
ya know before i came out of childhood i used to think that all adults are wise or at least 'mature' no matter how angry they can be with each other of some miss-understandings.. but now.. man how naive i was.. a lot of the people who i run into onl
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Word Girl toughest battle yet
Prologue. After the Botsford family ended their celebrations at Jacqueline's Isthmus Cafe they went home to celebrate the remaining two hours of New Years Eve and as soon as the midnight bell rang to start the new year the Botsfords went to bed and enjoy a well deserved time of rest. What our heroes Word Girl and her partner Captain Huggyface do not know is that the best villain in Fair City since he has the awards to prove it Dr Two Brains is about to execute his most daring robbery ever. He intends to steal the moon and make it cheese so he can eat it. Will our tired heroes be able to stop his most dangerous crime yet? They will find out soon enough. They will get help from their assistants the Bad Girls of the Isthmus and others. Look out and buckle your seat belts. The worst is yet to come. The story begins at Dr Two Brains hideout just after midnight when Dr Two Brains wakes up from his evening nap and wakes up his henchmen Charlie and Zack.
Dr Two Brains: "Rise and shine guys. It
:icondeepizzaguy:Deepizzaguy 1 4
The final bell
The story begin with Daily Rag reporter Todd Ming nicknamed Scoops running to the battle scene where Miss Power has defeated in battle the Fair City villains and the Isthmus Sisters Donna and Debi who despite their determination not to fold under the tyranny of Miss Power were also on the losing end of the battle when Word Girl and Captain Huggyface came to the battle field in Fair City.
Miss Power: "My student has come for another lesson."
Word Girl: "Let me set the record straight. I am not your student anymore. You were teaching me to be a bully and I am not going to allow you to train me in that manner again."
The villains, Sally Botsford, Todd and The Isthmus Sisters Donna and Debi cheer loudly together "Yes Word Girl. You are kind to your enemies and friends. Go for it."
Miss Power: "The cheers from your friends and enemies are not going to help you Weak Girl."
Word Girl: "You can call me whatever you want Miss Power. I am not scared of you. Bring it on."
Miss Power then throws a
:icondeepizzaguy:Deepizzaguy 0 5
Guess who is coming to the cafe?
Prologue. After Doctor Two Brains and his henchmen have agreed to a plan to steal the moon and bring it to Earth so the doctor can convert the moon into cheese to consume on New Years Day the plan seems to be the perfect crime since it would be past Word Girl's bed time and he figure she and her partner Captain Huggyface will not be able to stop him. Not to mention the Bad Girls of the Isthmus would not be able to be in combat shape to try to stop him. Surprise. A former mentor of Word Girl is coming to advise her former student in stopping the doctor from getting his desire to eat cheese. The story begins on New Years Eve at Jacqueline's Isthmus Cafe where she is celebrating one year of being in Fair City and serving the citizens of her new town some awesome meals.
Jacqueline who is dressed in a Captain America costume is making an announcement to her customers which include Becky Botsford, her pet monkey Bob, her parents Sally and Tim Bostford and their young son T J. Also in attenda
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The press conference
After Word Girl and Captain Huggyface agreed to be a press conference at the Trumpet Hotel in Fair City. Word Girl then went home and switched back with her school supplies as Becky Botsford and then came up with an excuse that she had an ice cream date with Tobey McAllister at the Isthmus Cafe. She said goodbye to her parents Tim and Sally Botsford who said to take care of herself and come home before supper and to say hello to the Moreno sisters. Becky promised this won't be long and would return as she could. She went to her room and said "Word Up" and became Word Girl and flew to the Trumpet Hotel to hold a news conference with Miss Power and her new mates Mimi Rose and Rosa Bond also known as the Fearsome Duo. Word Girl arrives at the hotel where he meets the Isthmus Sisters who say hello to the owner of the hotel Donald Trumpet the real estate rich man from Florida who was promoting this contest.
Donald: "Ah the pleasure of meeting Word Girl, Captain Huggyface and The Isthmus Sis
:icondeepizzaguy:Deepizzaguy 0 0
Dr Two Brains perfect crime attempt
Prologue. Dr Two Brains and his henchmen plan to steal the moon and turn the moon into cheese to satisfy his need for cheese. Can Word Girl, Captain Huggyface and The Bad Girls From The Isthmus stop his most daring scheme? Caution. This story will look like the Twilight Zone. Dr Two Brains and his henchmen Zack and Charlie are at their hideout located on Rangers Drive plotting a robbery on New Years Day. Charlie and Zack are exchanging gifts to celebrate the last day of the calender year. Dr Two Brains is not happy that his henchmen want to go to Jacqueline's Isthmus Cafe and celebrate a New Years Eve party with her customers.
Dr Two Brains: (angry) "Henchmen, for your information I am not going to allow you two clowns go to that cafe and celebrate a party at her cafe. I have a plan to perform the greatest robbery of all time. I am planning to steal the moon and bring it to Fair City and eat the moon after I make it a big block of cheese for me to eat. Now even Word Girl, her partner C
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L R W meets the other Word Girl at the store
Becky Botsford went to her school to debate her school friend Todd "Scoops" Ming at her school to talk about the controversial ending of a football game in Seattle. Becky believes the visiting team the Green Bay Unicorns were jobbed by the referees who allowed a receiver who caught a pass one yard short and then was tackled near the goal line to allow a touchdown. Todd believes the wide receiver of the Seattle Pilots did break the plane of the goal line before his knee hit the ground and the touchdown was good. Becky saw that the teacher who was going to keep law and order in the debate was Ronald "Dead eye" Moreno who is the physical education teacher at the school and also a no nonsense moderator. Becky thought to herself "Oh my goodness Coach Moreno the moderator of this debate? This is going to be tougher than battling Tobey's robots. Here goes nothing." Becky shakes Coach Moreno's hand who says to Becky "Thank you for the kind gesture of shaking my hand. Good luck." Todd comes int
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Nickname joke city
Becky Botsford was walking down toward her home when she saw The Scarlet Witch sweeping the sidewalk that led to her home. Becky told the Scarlet Witch she sweeps the dirt off the sidewalk like Word Girl beats the villains. The Scarlet Witch introduces herself to Becky.
Scarlet Witch: "Hello young lady what is your name? My name is Wanda but I am nicknamed The Scarlet Witch."
Becky: "My name is Becky Bostford. I read in the comic books you are a super hero and an alien like Word Girl."
Scarlet Witch: "You are kind of correct. I am a mutant that was working with the bad guys before I joined the Avengers. What do think of me as I was sweeping the sidewalk with my broom?"
Becky: "That if you don't wear a cape, you would be ready to fly." The Scarlet Witch has a great laugh at the joke.
Becky: "If I had a dollar for every time that joke is told to me I would own many of the businesses that Mr. Big owns in Fair City. Nice to meet you."
Becky returns home with a smile on her face. She has me
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Dr Two Brains shoots a tv ad
Dr Two Brains and his henchmen shoot an ad for a diet soft drink at Jacqueline's Isthmus Cafe in Fair City. Dr Two Brains, Charlie and Zack are sitting on a table when the director of the television ad John Manningham tells the trio to smile at the camera and read from the script when he yells "action". The cue cards are flashed by his assistant Richard Jones. The director yells "Action" and the cameras are rolling.
Dr Two Brains: "When my henchmen and myself want to unwind after a tough battle with our nemesis Word Girl, Captain Huggyface and The Bad Girls From The Isthmus we all love to eat the Dr Two Brains special. One large pizza, two liter drink and for dessert ice cream." Then Gloria Gonzales who wearing a Word Girl costume and mask gives the trio a large extra cheese pizza and her assistant Lia Garcia gives the trio a two liter diet drink called Seventy Up to the gentlemen. Zack and Charlie lunge for the food when Dr Two Brains says stops them from eating the food without his p
:icondeepizzaguy:Deepizzaguy 24 10
Words have power to hurt people
Prologue. Theodore "Tobey" McAllister III was with his robots in Fair City trying to get his favorite hero Word Girl to battle him again. What Tobey did not realize is that Word Girl had with her as her teacher an alien named Miss Power. Miss Power was teaching Word Girl the power of words to take down her foes quickly so she can more time as her mild mannered person named Rebecca "Becky" Botsford and spend time with her family. Word Girl was going to find out the saying "Be careful what you wish for." since her insults could hurt her reputation as Fair City's crime fighter and guardian angel. The story begins with Tobey in Fair City using his robots as a calling card to get rival to get her attention.
Miss Power: "Okay Word Girl you know how to take down your foes by the power of words to find their weak spot and then your rivals will go down hard and give up their battles against you so can get all of the free time you want to spend with your family and friends. You are a fast learne
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Who has the right to be human?
Human rights. Everybody heard the phrase and they might even be able to give a few examples of those rights. Like the right on food and clean water. Good education and health care. To most people who read this it will seem commonly accepted, but it is not. To many people in this world human rights are not universal. Did you ever wonder how this is possible?
The problem with human rights is the fact not every person is qualified as a human. Children are being drowned in the wet concrete of a building, to please the gods. Simple because they are children. They are too young to hold any real value. Since they are thought of as replaceable and disposable, they make the perfect sacrifice. And this is not the only way children are devalued. They are bound or caged in their houses without any contact outside their family. Sometimes children are even dumped on their own without anybody to talk to. Mostly because they are mentally or physically disabled.
During my time in Uganda I met a girl wh
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Greetings. As you could probably tell by the title of this journal entry, I’d like to know if you lot would be willing to fund me on the website: Patron. Now, you may be wondering: "why the hell I would ask this of you when I have so few watchers on DeviantArt?" Well, I assure you, the answer is that my situation is quite dire and I need to get out of it as soon as possible. And just what is my dire situation? Well, although it's possible that many of you may think I’m making this up, and I will not deny that some people are sick enough to do just that. The main reason my situation is so dire is due to the abuse I have been getting from my parents, and I don’t have enough money to move out of the house. To prove to you the validity of the abuse that has been received by my parents, I'm providing you the links to two letters I made to them in an attempt to make them realize the situation they put me in; minus my friend's notes and people’s names:……
I also reached out to my teachers as well and here’s the list I gave them.…
I have been trying to get help for this through confiding in my teachers and my youth pastor. Unfortunately, so far nothing has come of it. And so I have decided that the only way to truly resolve this is to move out completely. Perhaps when I accomplish that goal, I could use Patron to help with college, better my equipment, buy groceries, and hopefully get my book published.  Perhaps as a bonus, I can even use it to move to the U.K and get away from all the shootings that have plagued the U.S once and for all; therefore starting a new, and hopefully safer, life. I really do hope that you at the very least consider supporting me in this endeavor, and spreading the word. For now, each and every one of you stay amazing!
people who can confirm what I say is true HSeeker16  and Cocowal01
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Hello, dear friends! :dance:

The Non-Urgent Commissions Sale is open again!


Commissions by kgfantasy CLOSED Animation Commissions CLOSED by kgfantasy :thumb566160312:

We draw:
- Original characters, fan art.
-  Nudity/ecchi/shoujo-ai/shounen-ai/sexual themes are accepted, but there are some limits.

We don't draw:
- Hard hentai, genitals, mecha, guro ans such.

..:: EXAMPLES ::..

Commission: Sailor Diamond Unicorn by kgfantasy Commission: Sailor Moonstone Kirin by kgfantasy   PATREON FAN ART: Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn) by kgfantasy BSSM fanart: Mercury Star Power by kgfantasy   PGSM fanart: Despair of Princess by kgfantasy PATREON FAN ART: Part of your world by kgfantasy

Princess Luna (My Little Pony) [links updated] by kgfantasy : Commission: I'll protect you by kgfantasy Commission: Starry Night by kgfantasy Commission: Serenity and Endymion by kgfantasy HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Chibiusa and Helios by kgfantasy Neo Queen Serenity by kgfantasy

Commission: Queen Jadine/Midori by kgfantasy Chibi Commission: Sailor Magic (Happy Halloween!) by kgfantasy

Mature Content

PATREON FAN ART: Inner Moka (UPD: NSFW available!) by kgfantasy
Commission: In The Cave by kgfantasy Commission: With You by kgfantasy Commission: Sailor Itzcuintli by kgfantasy Commission: Asuna and Kirito by kgfantasy Commission: Under Blooming Sakura by kgfantasy

PATREON FAN ART: Kousagi (Parallel Sailor Moon) by kgfantasy PATREON FAN ART: Morning Grace (Princess Tutu) by kgfantasy Animation Commission: Vanille, Pikachu Girl by kgfantasy Animation Commission: Kiama by kgfantasy Animation Commission: Unwanted Visitors by kgfantasy Redraw Scene: I Love This World by kgfantasy

If you have any questions, send a note to :iconkgfantasy:

Thank you! :love:
We are hosting an Animation Giveaway now :heart:

Winners will get:

Full Color Animated Headshot
Redraw: Ready to Transform by kgfantasy

Full Color Animated Half Body
(if the number of participants will be more that 500)
Animation Commission: Unwanted Visitors by kgfantasy

Full Color Animated Full Body
(if the number of participants will be more that 1000)
Redraw: Future Self by kgfantasy

You can find the rules and other information here => :thumb548825984:

Good luck! :dance:
Hello! :dance:

Till the end of the August, when you order a commission you get a background FOR FREE! Also, if your order is a couple/group commission (2 or more characters), you get a special discount! The sale is very limited, so hurry up to get a slot :love:

PayPal & Points are accepted!

Price List & Commission Form => :thumb554826963:

..:: Examples ::..

Commission: Asuna and Kirito by kgfantasy Commission: In The Cave by kgfantasy Commission: Under Blooming Sakura by kgfantasy Commission: Our Own Little World by kgfantasy Commission: Kiyohime by kgfantasy Commission: Lola by kgfantasy Commission: Abel and Georgie ~ In The Sunlight by kgfantasy
Princess Luna (My Little Pony) [links updated] by kgfantasy Commission: Kawaii Cafe by kgfantasy Commission: VULTURE Cover by kgfantasy HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Chibiusa and Helios by kgfantasy Commission: Serenity and Endymion by kgfantasy Commission: Starry Night by kgfantasy

If you have any questions, send a note to :iconkgfantasy:!

Thank you!
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