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Well, Seymour, I made it- despite your directions. Ah. Superintendent Chalmers. Welcome. - I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable ...

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Well, Seymour, I made it- despite your directions. Ah. Superintendent Chalmers. Welcome. - I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon. - Yeah. Oh, egads! My roast is ruined. But what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? Delightfully devilish, Seymour. Ah- Skinner with his crazy explanations The superintendent's gonna need his medication When he hears Skinner's lame exaggerations There'll be trouble in town tonight Seymour! Superintendent, I was just- uh, just stretching my calves on the windowsill. Isometric exercise. Care to join me? Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Seymour? Uh- Oh. That isn't smoke. It's steam. Steam from the steamed clams we're having. Mmm. Steamed clams. Whew. Superintendent, I hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers. I thought we were having steamed clams. D'oh, no. I said steamed hams. That's what I call hamburgers. You call hamburgers steamed hams? Yes. It's a regional dialect. - Uh-huh. Uh, what region? - Uh, upstate New York. Really. Well, I'm from Utica, and I've never heard anyone use the phrase "steamed hams. " Oh, not in Utica. No. It's an Albany expression. I see. You know, these hamburgers are quite similar to the ones they have at Krusty Burger. Oh, no. Patented Skinner burgers. Old family recipe. - For steamed hams. - Yes. Yes. And you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled. Ye- You know, the- One thing I should- - Excuse me for one second. - Of course. Well, that was wonderful. A good time was had by all. I'm pooped. Yes. I should be- Good Lord! What is happening in there? - Aurora borealis. - Uh- Aurora borealis at this time of year at this time of day in this part of the country localized entirely within your kitchen? - Yes. - May I see it? No. Seymour. ! The house is on fire. ! No, Mother. It's just the northern lights. Well, Seymour, you are an odd fellow but I must say you steam a good ham. Help. ! Help


even if wario ware is ment to be weird as fuck how the hell did wario manage to befriend orbulon
so........i got scammed of some of my tf2 items
i dont know why but for some reason team no pulp's members are complete cunts
Meggy is the worst thing to ever come out of SMG4



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

if you havent heard i have been recently scammed and all of my more valuable (and expensive) tf2 items have been taken away from me like a shiny in the safari zone running away. since i have no way of getting them back and not having enough ref and keys to get replacements, im now in a sort of purgatory of me not being able to get back my stolen cosmetics and taunts, and thats where you guys come in. since im too lazy (and not having a paypal) to make a patreon, ill have to ask you guys to help find replacements for my stolen cosmetics/taunts. yeah this seems lazy of me to do (and to be honest i was unsure if i should make this) but i literally have no other choice than to do this (other than rack up on ref and buy replacements slowly). so basically here's how its gonna go down, if you happen to have a spare of the cosmetic/ taunt or purchase me a replacement for the cosmetic/taunt you can "donate" it to me so that i wont feel more nude in tf2, cause those items mean a lot to me. Ill provide a list of the cosmetics/taunts that have been scammed from me in a sec but i have to say it again, i will be very greatful if you help me out here with this delema im having. that beang said here's the list 

The Surgical Survivalist*The Spook Specs*Mad Milk''Comic Sans'' (aka Weightroom Warmer)*Packable Provisions*Endothermic Exowear*Taunt: Rancho Relaxo*GraybannsThe Conscientious Objector*The Last Breath*The Brotherhood of Arms*The Classified Coif*The Cross-Comm Express*Taunt: The Schadenfreude*Strange Apoco-Fists*Field Practice*The Space Diver*Genuine Companion Cube Pin*Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Medi Gun*The Snow Scoper*The Federal Casemaker*Cosa Nostra Cap*Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Crusader's Crossbow*Nutcracker Mk.II Iron Bomber*Night Owl Mk.II Rocket Launcher*The Abominable Snow Pants*Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Ubersaw*The Kathman-Hairdo*Night Owl Mk.II Sniper Rifle*Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Flame Thrower*The Himalayan Hair Shirt*Tsar Platinum*The Enforcer*Dr's Dapper Topper*Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II Knife*The Maul*Cardboard Boxed Air Strike*The Sharp Dresser*The Cockfighter*The Virtual Viewfinder*, Taunt: Mannrobics*Taunt: The Victory Lap*Starboard Crusader*

optional: kazotsky kick* (dont ask im too poor ref wise to get it)

please help dear old unkmustard butt hurt king dedede  

(i will put a * onto items that have been suxessfully replaced)

Edit: i am working on making a parteon but im not gonna just steam roll it out i wanna get it into a state in which i feel like it's ready to be released

Edit 2: thanks to i got a majority of the items back


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