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Our affiliations and allies. Feel free to join us and support us in the fight against internet crime that is waving here.

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I'm watching you art thieves by Koala-Sam I'm watching you art thieves :iconkoala-sam:Koala-Sam 5 29

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ALL MEMBERS/NON-MEMBERS: Be sure to read this blog about the rules~


:bulletgreen: We are not the deviantART admins.

:bulletgreen: The primary purpose of this group is to encourage silent anonymous reporting however we also aid in reporting when necessary.

:bulletgreen: You can review the Terms of service and the Etiquette policy to see what's permissible and not permissible on this site.

:bulletgreen: We can't report traces, we just can't. If you think you must then tell the original artist, not us.

:bulletgreen: We no longer support or endorse screenshots. deviantART forbids it, so it's not our fault. Unless it's a tutorial or something stupid, then it's allowed.

:bulletgreen: If you want to join then you cannot have anything that violates dA's terms of service in your gallery. We also recommend that your conduct remains appropriate while you are a member of this group.

:bulletgreen: The "Report Deviation" option is your greatest weapon against art related policy violations, report wisely.

:bulletgreen: Due to the removal of third party copyright infringement feature, we will no longer be accepting links to copyright infringement altogether. Sorry. Blame ProtectArt for this, not us

:bulletgreen: Do not comment with anything regarding underage or ban evaders, if you can't file the report yourself then contact the group via note and a group admin will assist you.

:bulletgreen: Reports on harassment will be hidden as third party harassment reports are no longer valid by the deviantART staff. Blame dA $taff again for this, not us. Alought though, you can still send harassment reports and we will do all our best to push them to work hard on them [the staff members]. But, we won't guarantee you anything.

:bulletgreen: Don't ask to be a founder, co-founder, etc. Your question will be ignored and hidden.
Copyright Policy: Learn it and live by it.
**You'd better understand this before sending anything to the group, even a comment.
You can watch these groups to catch official DA feature upgrades, news, and stuff:

FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?

FAQ #7: What is the policy concerning photographs of corpses, cruelty or death?

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

FAQ #32: Fair Use and Your Submission

FAQ #34: Are there any rules for the journals?

FAQ #155: How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?

FAQ #250: The laws of my country differ from those of the United States- which ones apply?

FAQ #263: What is "spamming"?

FAQ #295: What exactly is an "Abuse or Exploit of the System"?

FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

FAQ #696: How does DeviantArt comply with COPPA?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

FAQ #13: Does a Mature Content tag make it safe for me to submit whatever I want?

FAQ #165: Do you allow images or literature depicting bodily wastes or fluids?

FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity?

FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?

FAQ #249: Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?

FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

The official Copyright website can keep you up to date with anything you need to know.

:lock:* A petition asking for art theft policy reform
If this reaches two thousand signatures we may very well see a change to the way this site deals with various cases of possible copyright infringement.
*The petition has been locked. It's no longer in function.

This is a Tumblr page devoted to stopping theft! We were asked by another deviant in the community to have it here.

Artist Confessions can be used to expose big popular art thieves anonymously so that their fans won't swarm your page with hateful messages, it also serves as a place for artists to reflect back on themselves and each other.

deviantART Help & FAQ | Contact the Helpdesk | DeviantArt Support | DeviantArt Status | About Receiving Help | Knowledge Base | Terms of service | Etiquette policy

Thank you all again for supporting a wonderful and worthy cause. Let's take care of this problem!

Group Info

The anti-theft group. German shepherds and Bloodhounds are the featured police dogs. (maybe Labradors) If the join requests are closed, comment below and I will invite you. This is an anti- theft, spam, trolling group. We get rid of the idiots who don't belong here on dA (which doesn't mean getting rid of innocent people that trolls think they don't belong here)

We are crime stoppers on the internet.

Join these anti-theft groups here:

dABloodhounds ArtProtection and The-Art-Police
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Sep 1, 2012


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stop art theft

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Spread this Journal; feature it in your Journal entries, Forums, Organizations, everywhere you can. Deviantart needs to enforce etiquette policy, or this site will collapse as if it's not already started to collapse!

UPDATE! 10/10/2018. A professional illustrator AlectorFencer also complained about how this site is functioning. The situation has went out of control and it's time to put a stamp on this and end this madness once it for all!

Front Page Porn PageEven though I'm not posting much for being deeply focused on my comic project, I do tend to come here and browse art to enjoy and keep up to date with everyone's creative flow.
I do enjoy to browse the several front pages such as the popular sections of DA to find more artists and things that interest me. However, with every second scroll, there is either a highly explicit fetish picture or highly explicit (mostly badly executed) photography of a naked woman. I wrote a similar journal not too long ago but it's really taking over now.
DA's main face, the first pages that everyone is going to see when entering the community, is turning into a porn hub. I truly have no problem with nudity or depictions of harmless fetish fantasies. But I can now choose between several photos of women spreading their legs, close up pictures of scrotums, inflated women filling up rooms and squeezing their partners against the wall, row after row of scrolling. Sometimes, inbetween the fleshy circlejerk, ther
When seniors and the most popular illustrators complained about this problem, then you can understand that the situation is critical.
The administration doesn't do its job well; they praise how they do everything in their power to make their site safe for everyone. When we report them our problems, they tell us to ignore it. They don't realize that ignoring doesn't solve the problem. They play an Administrator; people are angry because the administration treats their problems as if they were a game. They don't understand that a job of an Administrator is serious. People are angry at the way the Administration performs, in the way they treat our problems and how they behave towards us.

I'm annoyed about your direction, your lack of focus on key areas and your lack of communication. This communication used to be famous. There were days when you could report pedophiles, and you were 100% sure the Administration would expel pedophiles and pedophile protectors. After massive updates that you did three years ago, this place has started to collapse. Pedophiles, cyberbullies, Internet trolls, spammers, minors, R34 art, and pedophile protectors are floating on this site uncontrolled. Take for example a Malaysian pedophile; he is mercilessly flooding this community every day with his statuses, personal halls of shame and Journals.

You dismissed many Administrators who wanted to help, who were willing to listen to our problems. I will name a few of them: kozispoon, Jenn Lee, Brian, Martin, Dom, Fionna. Members who cared about this communication, members who were willing to help, listen to, and solve our problems. Members who made this site more famous than ever, members, who built the core of the community, lost their job overnight. You sold it all, for the cheap team of attorneys and the expensive membership you nominated into the CORE. You have no idea what is happening to this site because the money that you're receiving every day blinded you. You dismissed many incredible operators for the team of jokers who are calling themselves the team of lawyers. You lock-down on third-party copyright reporting and made the reporting harder than you should.

A friend of mine wrote a similar Journal related to this matter. It wouldn't hurt to read it because he shares the same thoughts with me about the way how this site is functioning. Dear Deviantart ((Spread this, Seriously.)) UPDATEIMPORTANT UPTADE AT BOTTOM OF JOURNAL.
Please read the ENTIRE Journal. Do not skim through it, you will end up missing details. Thank you.

Dear Deviantart

Stop allowing Men and Women to flaunt their body off for cheap veiws. There is a difference between Artistic Nudity and "I have a dick, look at it" or "I have a pussy, look at it" 

And dont get me started on the artists and groups that make their views off of hentai.

Stop allowing Cheap Fetish Art on the website too. There are Other Websites For Stuff Like That. Deviantart is an ART website, not a Masturbation den for people that have fetishes such as Inflation, foot, Etc. There are other websites and NOBODY should be making excuses for such content. "
What needs to be changed...Spread this Journal; feature it in your Journal entries, Forums, Organizations, everywhere you can. Deviantart needs to enforce etiquette policy, or this site will collapse as if it's not already started to collapse!
1. Take stricter measures against artistic thugs on deviantART site.
I'm exasperated as lynx when I see how art thieves steal illustrations from famous illustrators. What bothers me most is why it is so difficult for the Administration to solve our problems? It shouldn't be difficult to hire an Administrator to take action against copyright infringement. When an art thug or plagiarist presents a stolen illustration, you don't need the genius to look at where the works are “side-by-side.” And compare them whether they stole flat-out or mimicked them. If it makes it easy to make it compulsory that people, who are reporting for unauthorized copying, apply an overlay picture or a side-by-side example. I was several time
:pointl: Here's a list of suggestions that I wrote three years ago.

Let's start with the team of lawyers. Does this team of lawyers read these complaints? There are over 10,000 if I'm not mistaken. If you look at them, we can see that they are not bothering to respond to them or view them. They claim that their literature is meant to help illustrators, but I don't see this "assistance." Three years have passed since this magazine about the art thief discussion was written, and since then no changes have occurred. Sometimes I ask myself whether this team of lawyers graduated or they have received their diploma at the lottery. Looking at the comments they wrote, you could see that they didn't finish their education, and they don't know how to talk about this topic. Since we got new unwanted updates, everything went wrong. Now when the user blocks us, we need to create a new account so we can see what they are doing. That's the second issue that we have on our shoulders.

As I already mentioned in my suggestion forum, since the Administration invented a new blocking system, the site turned into a cloned version of Facebook and Twitter. Reporting users became more difficult than before because now it's enough for art vandals to steal someone's illustrations and block him by preventing him from reporting copyright infringement in this way. This newer system has received more negative than positive reviews. TOS violators are now going to be able to steal, and thus abuse anyone in this way. The illustrator will not be aware of what is happening unless someone tells him what they did to him.

I don't know what to say except that this place is falling apart, it collapses, and the situation is worse and worse. The new platform of the help desk that they launched several months ago looks more like a cheap tutorial that explains how to solve the problem that you have with your computer. You can find something like this through Google search. No, logging off solves nothing! If the thieves made stolen illustrations available only to members, then you have no choice but to create an alternative profile. We know that creating an alternative account is a bannable offense and it counts as deliberate harassment. Briefly, an account suicide. Or that, or rent your friends to view their gallery and send you the URL of infringing work through letters so you could be able to report copyright infringement.

Sometimes I wonder where this site is going. Over the past few years, since the unwanted changes on this site have occurred, I see many dead profiles, complaints, and warnings that the illustrators will never come back because of the way the site works. I suggested returning the old help-desk platform as well as all the categories that existed because the navigation on the old platform was much simpler than now. They refused to do so regardless of my suggestion that got almost 50 positive votes and about 17 comments.

My next suggestion was to hire more people as well to return the old guard who built the site's core because the site became so dysfunctional that in the past three years it has become frustrating to wait for an official response from the Administration. When we receive an answer from the Administration, it is a typical canned answer that sufficiently shows that they don't care about our problems whether you are a victim of that problem or not. All complaints about abuse and cyber-bullying on the site are always ignored. They always ask the victim to report it, and when the victim does, they tell her to ignore it because according to their logic, it's a personal conflict.

Such a thing like this in the world doesn't exist. Why FBI or local police department or the Government don't apply the method the Administration applies to its service? The answer is simple; the chaos would occur because no one would control it. Only victims would be questioned, only victims would have the right to vote, and there would be no evidence, testimony, and witness. Briefly, it would be a breakdown of the system. It's not just about America; it's all the countries of the first region. The problem is a problem, and a solution for it must be found. Unfortunately, I don't see the Administration doing that. It's a tragedy what this site is doing.

What about obscenity and other undesirable material that is floating here? That's a third problem that is floating here unchecked.
I hate logging every day, and the first thing I see is a hundred drawings of cartoon characters with breasts bigger than their head or genitals larger than their legs. The worst thing is they don't censor it, and they don't warn kids when they put something like this in their gallery. It's stupid! I don't see anything artistic about two cheeks with a crack in the middle of them, over-sized breasts, and crotches. It has nothing to do with the age limit, but not everyone is eager to watch genitals when they log onto your site. Angry stare by LedMaiden It's not the latest category or the newest page either it's everywhere! Now look I'm an adult and have been for some time now. I'm not squeamish and know what genitals look like and breasts as well. I have studied anatomy. So, it's not I'm sensitive. I've seen this garbage before. Yes, I do know the difference between nude art and pornography! There is no need to tell me that.

I'm not doing this for myself. I'm doing this for my friends; this is my magazine, but this is more of an idea I've collected from several people who have the same opinion on this. So said, let's move on, now you can state: "We don't allow obscene images." But Y'all do get over it! :sostupid: by Banjelerp Some of my friends know this place for its free obscenity photos and a few frequent the site to look at them. This site is fighting to get free shots of snatches and balls without having to pay and without the risk of getting a virus from your free, banging session. Come on now people. Do you wish to earn more money? Make people who are not members to pay to see content made for mature and adult people. That would reduce daily revenue like tenfold since various people who come here for the loose smut don't adhere around to stay on the site for anything else. There are children here and while vagina and penises aren't something new; their brain is still common decency to make sure people who take these pictures are covering the rules of posting them.

Not all of them prefer to see this junk. People have fed up by watching this garbage! They will go to a website if they want to watch this trash. DeviantART is a site for illustrations, not for your nasty photos! When we report, you must delete them on our request, end of discussion. Don't misunderstand me; I have seen beautiful photographs that describe artistic nudity, and they deserve my praise for that. Thus, I'm sick and fucking tired of attention starved bitches and pricks posting distasteful pictures of their junk when it has no artistic value. You can preach about how “you can't decide what art is,” but it doesn't take a chef to decide when food tastes like shit! It's not art. Shitty webcam and cell phone photos of your clit, butts, tits and salami nipples, or the neighbor next-door's balls are not art. Your garbage doesn't have a place on this site, put your cheap rubbish somewhere else! Get rid of the shitty selfies and porn on your site, and it'll be great. I'm tired of seeing pictures of a girl's ass on the front page when it has no artistic value.

"Switch on a mature filter to avoid unwanted content you see." No, that is not a solution. When we ask the Administration to censor the illustrations or to delete it because they violate the guidelines and rules of the site, they shrug their shoulders and mark our application as invalid. Most of them don't bother censoring it when they submit them. Regardless of provided irrefutable proof that they violate the site's rules, they still don't bother to delete them but leave it to other people see regardless of the appeals they receive.

We need a more professional team that will solve our problems and be willing to listen to us. Most Administrators are incompetent and don't know how to do their job properly. They always ignore our problems, and they always say that they do not have time to bother with our issues and how other projects are more important to them than our problems. Pushing problems under the carpet doesn't solve the matter. The site has to be modernized; there are plenty of sites that have Administration that is more stringent and a better-written code of conduct. There are sites with the Administration that will suspend you if you insult or attack anyone for no reason, not to mention that they have zero tolerance for abuse and bullies on their service. If they see you posting inflammatory comments, they will suspend you or expels you. Depends on how many codes of conducts you violated. We need such an Administration. An Administration that will enforce the old rules that were valid until 2015. We need an old Administration that has built the core of the site because thanks to them we now have the most popular site for illustrations. A example of an issue like this you can find it here. DA clearly supports bullying/trollingPLEASE SPREAD THIS TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE READING.

This is seriously a frightening problem. No, actually its fucking stupid. DA staff will support bullying and trolling, but will not tolerate anybody else who speaks out against those who hurt other people for the sake of entertainment. To to start with, we have this hypocritical cunt named Cambion-Hunter who goes around making huge commentaries and writes extremely cringy crap defacing the people he targets. Essentially what he does is he calls out people after stalking the hell out of them and then proceeds to ridicule the target for every single little thing he can find. Then he encourages people to talk shit about them and make fun of them and generally just make the people he attacks feel all around awful. Of course, he calls this "criticism", but isn't criticism supposed to be helpful? Hey, if putting someone down, ridiculi

Don't get me started on Copyright infringement. It's a fourth biggest problem that we wear on our shoulders.
"Protect yourself!"-- What is your business then? We place a watermark on our illustrations in the hope that we will protect ourselves in this way from thieves who are trying to gain profits by selling the works they stole from us. When we collect all evidence against the lawbreaker, what do you do? Send us a response that you previously copied and saved to Microsoft Office document, if you call that professional, then I pity you.

“Keep in mind that everything anyone does will be right if it's also decent and honest, even if some rule of law or contract technically broken.”

Seriously, you wrote that? No wonder this site loses respect from us and has an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica and YouTube videos about how operators behave to us! Can I use that for my defense in court next time?

“Your Honor, I raised a sick house pet to the animal hospital. Decent, honest, and right, I was, so I wasn't breaking the law when I was speeding at 90 mph.”

Apples and Oranges. No, you cannot choose what laws you want to obey because your actions are "right" by your moral standards. You need to send me a map to the Utopian society you live in because I want to move there.

“The U.S. laws have weak protection.”

That statement doesn't make sense; a quick search by Net Act, The Berne Convention, TRIPS, Copyright Act, TTP, TTIP, and DMCA. My favorite is the Net Act. You don't have to have a financial plan to violate copyright. That blows the whole “if it's not causing financial damage” argument out of the water.

I don't know how much more mistaken “facts” your the art thief discussion magazine has. I noticed the two most glaring false statements and gave up reading I should be a little shocked, but I'm not. Copyright violations run unchecked across deviantART. Not to mention pornography, spam, abuse, pedophilia, trolling, pedophilia defense, and harassment. [You ignore that problem that we have here for last 6-7 years. I have no idea who hired you, but you don't know anything about our problem, you're treating that as a joke.]

“Moral Rights” is a load of bullshit and don't worth two cents. You have headquarters located in the United States people. You've seen our politics and what our politicians do (save Bernie Sanders, but that is a different rant for a different time). We need hard-set standards to protect our pieces.

“Art theft is taking a painting from a wall.” — What, are you joking? Tell me this is a late April Fools joke. Theft is the removal of the property from the original owner without granting permission from the copyright holder. -- This applies to art too physical or none. The art that someone makes belongs to them and is by no means is that ownership void by posting it publicly.

Example: I parked my automobile on the street does it mean someone can hop in and take it for a spin? No, because I'm the owner of an auto, not you, and anyone who dares to take something that is my property, will face fatal consequences for it. -- “It was sitting there; your name isn't on it!”
"Online ≠ Mine."

"Try to resolve disputes by conversation!" Max Goof Icon2 by Username-91 A typical case that we see on the Internet every day, and that is an argument of who is right and who isn't. Here's the biggest problem, thieves don't care about copyright; they came here to steal someone else's property. They don't care if you're calm or not, they came here to make chaos and problems. May I ask you something? If somebody burns your house, kidnaps your kid, or steals your car, will you remain calm, or will you take the ax and kill the one who made your life worse? :iconaxmingplz: I can bet that 99% of them would opt for the force, then for argument. When someone steals something from you; there is no discussion! There is no tolerance; actions against the violators of the law must be taken over. There is no democracy when someone violates the rule or the law. Rules are rules, and you must respect them. You ignore the rules; you either end in prison or end in a mental asylum because you make a difference in society. You give a bad example to others; you are a bad model. You are a bad example for other people. Artistic thieves steal illustrations from us because they know the Administration doesn't care about copyright, not to mention that they don't care about the problems we have with the violators of the rules.

Discussions happen every day but rarely get better. — The first thing the administration has told us to do is report the problems we have with the user. If the organization wants us to report them our problems, why the organization isn't adhering to it? Why the administration marks our issues as a personal conflict? Must I become a part of their team to get their protection? I'm not sure what are you trying to do here, but it seems like you're trying to preserve any connection with the rules that you wrote. You demand from us to respect your rules. If we must uphold the rules and laws that, you have written, why aren't you sticking to them? Why are you continuing to ignore our problems?

We sought a stricter report. -- We got a bloody new layout.
We asked for a more cooperative report team who will do their job than dance around it. -- We got a new message titled as NOTIFICATIONS.
We sought a safer place for our creation. -- We got the team who post garbage like “the art robbery discussion.”
We asked them to low the prices of subscriptions. -- They increase the prices of subscriptions and rename it into the CORE.

Copyright Act applies only to illustrations protected by copyright, AKA: Illustrations from companies and corporations that have purchased a license for the official and full ownership of that work.

Robbery, by definition, is -- “The action or crime of forging.”
Embezzlement, by definition, is -- “Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.”
Pedophilia, by definition, is -- “A sexual attraction to children.”
Pedophile protector, by definition, is -- “A person who defends pedophilia and children pornography, whenever is fictional or real.”

Grasp it.

You are enabling one case of looting by inferring another. I'll be honest, I read what you wrote, and for the tiny amounts of decent, informative points, there were shocking facts in your journalism. Plenty of us does everything we can to protect our deviations by plastering watermarks and reducing the quality. So, even when it's stolen, it's hard to work with it. Now do your job and stop pinning all the stress on us. -- You have a team for a reason, well you had.

You're here to advise, protect, and watch the members of this site. What is your excuse people, and why you are useless these days? Many of your members are kids who don't know a lot about laws and want to share their work. Many of them leave deviantART because they cannot stand people stealing their deviations and getting away with it.

Companies protect their work; their IP locations have a watermark on them, so everyone who works with them is safe. Members who have spent over ten years on your site have fed up with the lies you tell them, the way in which you work and the way you behave towards us. You don't own it you're a host. You do not have a question or stake of how, what, and when used, ownership and rights belong to creators. It was always, and it always will be, whenever you like it or not.

TL; DR version:
Follow what you lecture and educate your members (new and old) if you are ever-changing site's rules. Teach your members to respect the rules, to know what you allow and what not. You've upset many people by writing bullshits that don't make any sense, especially about copyright, there are so many mistakes about copyright in your art thief discussion magazine. You don't help people; you don't show them how to follow copyright laws, you confuse them by making them startled by the law. You refer them to a copyright phobia; you thus make people afraid of any copyright-related movement. Instead of telling them what copyright is, you've complicated our problem by writing journalism that doesn't have any sense. They don't know what's wrong and what isn't.

Please, don't discuss what robbery, trolling, cyber-bullying and harassment is when you cannot interpret the word itself. You're only going to mislead people who may be unaware of the laws and implications of said laws. Making them more prone to steal or even be stolen from through leniency, lack, or sympathy for Academy artists. I've seen how many people laughed and mocked people who were upset about what the team's lawyer wrote. This behavior is extremely ruthlessly and repulsive. Just as there is a side to agree, there is a side that will be against it; I see plenty of people who are against the article that a team of jokers wrote, an explanation of copyright law do nothing to save the need for some semblance on your site; some sense of care. Remember what Karl Marx said.

Without opposites there is no progress, it is the law that civilization has followed.
— Karl Marx.

I do not see that progress that leads to the better. There is no such progress on this site. Without this progress, this site is dysfunctional and useless!

Group submission limit. Another useless request that nobody asked for at the start. More unwanted dA updatesThis is a blog for DevNews ~ These other Groups will, also, feature the blog: ohioDeviants Group-Eaze disney-parkhoppers DisneyDreamers ALL-ART-4-EVER dA-Is-Not-Porn etc. The latest update that deviantART did was limiting the number of members who want to join our groups. The maximum is 10 deviants per day. The capability of receiving an unlimited number of deviants at any time day and night has become a history.

That describes everything; I was oblivious that unlimited deviation submission was against deviantART policy. Does anyone care to describe, why or how, specifically? You need to start listening to your valued members who pay for this site. They are not a bunch of idiots who are out to cause trouble, leave crude, insulting messages or bully people. They are people who have been involved here for many years and love - or loved - this place and your behavior is only making things worse. ALL g
The deviation limit that they gave us is retarded. What I found useless and unprofessional from their side is that they didn't tell us about this. I thought that they build the filter, which will prevent spam and abuse of the group submission and its system. I'm far to the system of sending a deviation to be brought back on old, or at least; give us a choice to upload up to 50 deviations each. To stop spam engineers could make the filter, which shows up a definite deviation only from the group where it has appeared first - if it appears in many groups watched by the same person. I watch various groups on the same subject and thus get the same images often. About the limit - I also invite many artworks to my group, but I don't have time for it every day, so I sit and browse the front page and Artists pages. It's a small group with several deviations per week, not per day, so I don't see a reason to restrict it.

I've seen many organizations where you could submit tons of deviations with no control until you don't hit the folder limit! It's impossible the staff couldn't see this. Why 10, why not 50 deviations per day? When we reported multiple accounts who mission was to increase a fake number of favorites, visitors and number of badges, all that you could say was; there is nothing we can do. Where's an update of this, where is a blog portal done by the team of this site? We didn't get any pieces of information related to this matter. This case is similar to the core and increasing the prices of it, including shutting down the ability to report an art robbery by using third-party infringement reporting. [We still have no information of why they choose to give us an article, which is full of holes, lies, and false holds when it comes to copyright. Not to mention how a protect art team is hideously childish and rude.] However, that's another story to remain. It would be better for this community to focus on solving a mess that they made several months ago.

The confinements the Administration did are the worst thing they ever did for the past 17 years. What's the point of varying the settings of sending illustration in specific folders for it? To prevent spam? What are they talking about, like; group administrators cannot handle this problem by themselves? The same problem is with excluding third-party copyright infringement reporting, with an examination of how it's our fault that our artwork looted. It's not our fault that we have art highwaymen, it's your fault because you don't know how to do the job. First -- they gave us a journal full of rubbish that has nothing to do with the problem that we have with art robbers, then they raised prices of subscriptions. Now they hit us a limit of sending deviations into the groups related to the art community.

DeviantART = Facebook 2.0

I'm sorry to assert this, but this true, deviantART is gradually transforming into Facebook. If they continue at this rate, soon or later, this site will collapse, as if it's not already started to collapse. Everything went to the devil ever since they decided to jack up their price for premium membership as Doll-Ladi said. I wonder if it is worth purchasing it anymore. We don't need a team of inept ones who are only trying to annoy others. The lawyer's team hired three years ago is nothing more than an excuse for the laziness and negligence they have on us. If this site "loves us," then make sure to get rid of the bungling team of lawyers. Return the old rules and the Administration that brought you bigger benefit than these new codes of conduct and the Administration that don't serve any purpose for this Community and us. Thank you.

deviantART, please communicate to your user base, please socialize with us. Listen to us, please. I hope you will make sure that this case never happens again. (Besides, renew your policy on art robbery, harassment, and trolling, pedophilia, and pedophilia defense. It is a serious problem that you must solve.)

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This guy is uploading underaged porn in his gallery.
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This racist user has to go. (seen with goldfish picture)…
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