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police lights red blue pictures, backgrounds and images
Our affiliations and allies. Feel free to join us and support us in the fight against internet crime that is waving here.

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I'm watching you art thieves by Koala-Sam


I'm watching you art thieves by Koala-Sam I'm watching you art thieves :iconkoala-sam:Koala-Sam 5 29

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:bulletgreen: We can't report traces, we just can't. If you think you must then tell the original artist, not us.

:bulletgreen: We no longer support or endorse screenshots. deviantART forbids it, so it's not our fault. Unless it's a tutorial or something stupid, then it's allowed.

:bulletgreen: If you want to join then you cannot have anything that violates dA's terms of service in your gallery. We also recommend that your conduct remains appropriate while you are a member of this group.

:bulletgreen: The "Report Deviation" option is your greatest weapon against art related policy violations, report wisely.

:bulletgreen: Due to the removal of third party copyright infringement feature, we will no longer be accepting links to copyright infringement altogether. Sorry. Blame ProtectArt for this, not us

:bulletgreen: Do not comment with anything regarding underage or ban evaders, if you can't file the report yourself then contact the group via note and a group admin will assist you.

:bulletgreen: Reports on harassment will be hidden as third party harassment reports are no longer valid by the deviantART staff. Blame dA $taff again for this, not us. Alought though, you can still send harassment reports and we will do all our best to push them to work hard on them [the staff members]. But, we won't guarantee you anything.

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FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?

FAQ #7: What is the policy concerning photographs of corpses, cruelty or death?

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

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FAQ #263: What is "spamming"?

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FAQ #249: Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?

FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

The official Copyright website can keep you up to date with anything you need to know.

:lock:* A petition asking for art theft policy reform
If this reaches two thousand signatures we may very well see a change to the way this site deals with various cases of possible copyright infringement.
*The petition has been locked. It's no longer in function.

This is a Tumblr page devoted to stopping theft! We were asked by another deviant in the community to have it here.

Artist Confessions can be used to expose big popular art thieves anonymously so that their fans won't swarm your page with hateful messages, it also serves as a place for artists to reflect back on themselves and each other.

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Thank you all again for supporting a wonderful and worthy cause. Let's take care of this problem!

Group Info

The anti-theft group. German shepherds and Bloodhounds are the featured police dogs. (maybe Labradors) If the join requests are closed, comment below and I will invite you. This is an anti- theft, spam, trolling group. We get rid of the idiots who don't belong here on dA (which doesn't mean getting rid of innocent people that trolls think they don't belong here)

We are crime stoppers on the internet.

Join these anti-theft groups here:

dABloodhounds ArtProtection and The-Art-Police
Founded 7 Years ago
Sep 1, 2012


Group Focus
stop art theft

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It looks atrocious! I couldn’t manage myself; everything is unorganized and messy. My ID looks like shit! It’s so small that it reminds me of devID’s I see on lame site. Most of the activity I hid is visible in eclipse. Whoever designed this deserves to be whacked with a baseball bat. :facedesk: by ninjapengui The only good advantage I found is the avatar size is bigger and it mustn’t exceed the boundary of 100KB. As of the whole site, it’s garbage! DON’T USE ECLIPSE! Save yourself trouble that is my advice.
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spiderrat4444 Featured By Owner May 13, 2019
Art thief: Atrzygurl

She hid comments and blocked after being called out and disabled comments
Very guilty behavior 

"Hi, I'm a digital artist who has an unhealthy obsession with anime. I love both cute and scary things and I am making my own "anime" series, but it's just writing. I want to publish it here one day. My artstyle is inconsistent at times since I have a shaky hand and I like to experiment with other programs from time to time, so it's going to look different a lot since I'm focusing on my backgrounds, not my artstyle"… (incase she changes that lil tidbit on her page where she claims she drew them

Stolen/claiming as OC……

Not really orig but shows they didn't draw the art 
background is…
Image of boy is


Pixiv artist…

Also stolen from same artist on pixiv and claiming them as her OC……


And the rest of her gallery is also stolen/edit
No credits or anything

Also a lie from her front page as well
" I've disabled comments because someone's sending me hate and idk why D:"

She lying about getting hate(she got called out and told to stop). She lying about the artwork being drawn by her or her "sister"

Newer capture/archive to preserve that lie…
ara181x3 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Professional Artist

She uploads art that isn't hers
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