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Hello courteous members! I'm here with another journal (you had a week to enjoy the silence) trying to help support the group. I'm not asking for much in this one. Just hear me out, alright?

I'm gonna be frank, this journal is just to support the Super Group fund of the group I'll be starting. If you'd like to help the group get super, here's a spot of info. If every active member donated 1-3 points (roughly 1-4 cents) we would have Super for a year, easily. Now, were that not enough, I will be offering the same thing I offer on my own group, Horror-Fans-2.

Basically, I will edit the group info widget to add in basic advertising for people who have donated for the greater good of the group. This means you will get some extra press for just a few pennies to help out the group, as this group is huge, active once again, and therefore deserves Super.

If you have the spare points, I really would appreciate it. I really would. Granted, I'd understand if you wanted to be frugal with these points. I myself am putting all spare points towards the project (which is sadly only a couple dollars).

Here are what you can expect in return for any donations! (Note: Extra donations will go towards a contest after we get Super)

:bulletblack: 1 point: A llama and a warm feeling in your gut that you helped us out!
:bulletblack: 5 points: A day of being featured on our page!
:bulletblack: 25 points: A week of being featured on our page!
:bulletblack: 50 points: A month of being featured on our page + featured in a Journal entry!
:bulletblack: 200 points: Six months of being featured on our page + featured in three Journal entries!
:bulletblack: 350 points: A whole year of being featured on our page + featured in five Journal entries!

Thank you for reading guys, this is something I've wanted to get the group for a long time. Thank you in advance to those who are willing to help make the group awesome!
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Submitted on
March 20, 2016