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This is mostly just a general basis of rules for any staff members, meaning members don't really need to read this. Unless you want to know exactly why your submission might be declined. But you aren't required to.

Below is a list of reasons a submission can be declined. I... hope it helps.

- The submission contains lewd, pornographic, fetish-related or simply nude content (keeping the group PG-13)
--This also falls for submissions submitted to groups relating to these things (Ex: FetishWorld, BigBoobClub, etc)
--This also falls for submissions with tags relating to these things (Ex: #nude, #breasts)

- The submission contains gratuitous amounts of gore (beyond the reasonable and acceptable point)
--(Ex: If Sonic is now completely read from tearing out and eating the hearts of his enemies, it is probably a reasonable decline)

- The submission is already in the group

- The submission is a directly hateful subject towards a person, game, or group of people.
-- This is considered worthy of decline as it will likely cause issues and arguments- something DA-Gamers is not there to do.

- The submission contains characters unrelated to games
-- Such as submitting Elsa of Frozen to the group, or Spongebob. These figures are very obviously affiliated primarily to movies or TV shows.

- The submission has been submitted to the wrong folder

- The submission is far below the quality standards of the group
--(Ex: The submission is lightly drawn in yellow crayon and its picture is taken with a ten year old camera in the dark with either no flash or too much flash)

- The submission does not contain actual artwork (Ex: Just other artwork pasted together) or is stolen

- The submission is made purely for advertisement purposes
--(Ex: A journal entitled "SUBMISSIONS ONLY 50$ I DRAW OCS")

- The submission contains information held to be "wrong"
--  This mainly falls for things such as reviews, guides, walkthroughs, etc.

- The submission was submitted by a flagged user
-- This means the deviant submitting is under a sort of watch- it is not an instant deny but it must be checked thoroughly prior to acceptance. Reasons to be on said watch include blocking admins (no way to contact the user), disrespect towards the group (advertising on the group's page, sending hate notes to admins, etc) or being known for controversial content

Now then! Here are some expectations for our admins.

1. Be courteous when dealing with group matters

2. Remain active

3. Sort through standing submissions whenever possible

4. Do not abuse power

If you have any questions at all, feel free to note me (XeruFury or Mister-Bambu, as I am more active on the latter) or the group itself. Thank you, new admins!

ThePenguin78 RoosmaRoo
ThePenguin78 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
Thank you for this! I'll try to do my best.
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