We've done SO WELL on the fanart contest guys! I'd like to thank all of the artists involved personally, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this frankly kick-ass game (pardon my French). Now then, this journal will showcase ALL of the submitted pieces with links to the artist's pages. If you'd like to check them out, please do! Now, here are the terms for the contest, for review:

:bulletred: The first place winner shall receive 50$ from the Mooneye Studios crew, specifically Shabow of deviantArt.

:bulletred: The second place winner shall receive 25$ from the same entity as named above.

:bulletred: The third place winner shall receive 10$ in dA points from myself representing DA-Gamers.

:bulletred: All of the top ten submissions will be added to the game as a fanart gallery upon the agreement of each individual artist; conditions of this may be spoken out with the Mooneye Studios crew themselves.

And... that's all. Now then, to add in the final touch, the gallery! Each artist will be mentioned with their piece(s) with a link to their page. Check them out!

Art Gallery

Lost Ember by Soph6297
Drawn by Soph6297 

LostEmber by Osire
Drawn by Osire

F O L L O W _M E .:Contest:. by Phrixs
Drawn by Phrixs

Lost Ember by ArchShiranui
Drawn by ArchShiranui

Lost Ember by Angellka
Drawn by Angellka

Lost Ember by Kilioka
Drawn by Kilioka

{ Believe in your Destiny } +Speedpaint by C0DIAC
Drawn by C0DIAC

Drawn by FloNation-Furo

Drawn by Wylfen

Machu Kila Wolf - Lost Ember contest by MistingWolf
Drawn by MistingWolf

Contest Entry - Lost Ember Fanart by OkamiJake
Drawn by OkamiJake

Drawn by StarryKn1ght

Lost Ember fan art by drajk
Drawn by drajk

Lost Ember - CE by oseille
Drawn by oseille

Lost Ember by Pand-ASS
Drawn by Pand-ASS

Lost Ember: Transforming by NightyART
Drawn by NightyART

Drawn by theh00d

Lost Ember Contest Entry 1 by OneiroFrost
Drawn by OneiroFrost

LOST EMBER by Kastisi
Drawn by Kastisi

Lost Ember Fanart3 by NicoKaeberArt
Drawn by NicoKaeberArt

And Learn to Soar the Skies Once Again: Lost Ember by Amphispiza
Drawn by Amphispiza

CE | Lost Ember - Into the Unknown by Nimiszu
Drawn by Nimiszu

At your side... by TokalaYannick
Drawn by TokalaYannick

Lost Ember - Wake up by Aeonrin
Drawn by Aeonrin

Lost Ember by BagOhWolves
Drawn by BagOhWolves

Lost Ember + Speedpaint *Contest Entry* by drago236
Drawn by drago236

Drawn by Wylfen

Lost Ember - The Falls by WraithWolves
Drawn by WraithWolves

Drawn by tatagiba

Drawn by Picky-kit

Lost Ember by RabiesGirl
Drawn by RabiesGirl

Lost Ember [Contest Entry] by XxSylph
Drawn by XxSylph

Lost Ember by Endlen
Drawn by Endlen

Fly - Lost Ember by Rendou
Drawn by Rendou

Lost Ember by TheShiranja
Drawn by TheShiranja

Lost Ember by NoelleMBrooks
Drawn by NoelleMBrooks

Following Destiny by Doctorjock
Drawn by Doctorjock

Your my light by Anwaen
Drawn by Anwaen

I will be speaking with Shabow for the next few days and allowing votes to go up on the winner. Thank you, everyone, for cooperating and creating such wonderful fanart for such a bloody wonderful game! The announcement journal of the winners will come out in a week.
OkamiJake Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Student General Artist
Wow, such a ton of beautiful fanart! Good luck everybody! :la: :heart:
XeruFury Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It shall be judged soon (although possibly later than expected coz I'm talking with the developer and they might lemme judge based on quality rather than favorites) 
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