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Hey there. So! Sorry for any late submissions, I spent the weekend in the hospital (woohoo!) with my dad, which unfortunately will probably happen again so if your submission expires, resubmit as much as you like! That said...

I've noticed a disturbing amount of mis-submissions, meaning submitted to the wrong folder. A lot. I'm not sure why everyone submits to Other but uh... right. So, this journal is meant to be a formal guide to the journal system so all of you can create a wonderful piece of art and have it appreciated by all the rest of yah lovely little buggers, okay? Right. So, here's the list in order of appearance in the Gallery. Any folders not included... just assume you shouldn't submit there or its an obsolete folder in need of repair.

Literally nothing should be submitted here and few will be accepted if you do. This is the top of the line stuff that will only be added by admin discretion. That said I will likely be cleaning these folders out as it appears everyone also submits to this one a lot. So like. Don't submit there unless you believe the work to be absolute top of the line "OHMYGAWD ITS BOOTIFUL" levels of amazing-ness.

Digital pieces of art, meaning anything created using digital art programs up to and including dA muro.

Generally hand made artwork that makes use of pencils, paint, markers, crayons (don't judge the mystical powers of Crayola), etc. Note that this applies explicitly to 2-Dimensional pieces and not, in fact, arts and crafts. We shall get to that later.

This regards fan characters of verses that explicitly originate in video games- meaning your DC and Marvel Comics characters sadly do not fit, but your Halo and Minecraft characters do. Woohoo. This is NOT a general "Submit your OCs here!" deal. Sorry lads.

This is VERY DIFFERENT from Photography. Why? Cosplay is explicitly pictures of human beings in some sort of costume, regardless of glamour and fluff to it, as long as the costume resembles a character from a video game (and no, a selfie of you entitled "Civilian from Watch Dogs" does not count- specific or main characters or none at all, if you don't mind)

This is specifically pictures of 3D objects or environments- includes arts and crafts and the like. NOT. HUMAN. BEINGS. Thank you very much.

Pretty self explanatory, screenshots from games. Shots that have no apparent significance will probably be declined. This does not include screenshots of 3D models in games such as GMOD or SFM, which will be handled later.

Any word-based piece of art. That said, Typography is not accepted, but comic pages and the like ARE accepted. OC Profiles are in OC folder. That is all.

In the rare event that it doesn't fit in anything else, send it here. This folder is the most abused as people seem to regard it as a Sort It For Me option, which it is not, so KEEP IN MIND- if it doesn't belong here from now on, it will be DECLINED. Thank you.

This expands into Traditional, 3D, Digital, and pretty much anything- this is meant for background images and wallpapers of certain pixel sizes. Keep in mind.

A folder to cover anything that goes between any two of the other folders- if you use both Traditional and Digital art to create a piece, then here you are. Enjoy but make sure you are using correctly.

Aha! My favorite folder! This encompasses any moving image whatsoever- flash animations, GIFs, the works. Go crazy as it is hard to misinterpret this one and, luckily, very few people do.

Oh. Well, the one exception to the above moving image thing is this folder- any stamps, emotes, and buttons override priority on Animation, meaning even if it moves, if it fits in those three categories, submit it here.

Anything made in a 3D engine is submitted here- be it your own sculpted piece or a posing image of premade GMOD models (NOTE: You MUST credit the author of the models to have it accepted)

That's all folks. Submit and be free~
Kaminari-no-Kokoro Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
For cosplays of Naruto, would they count considering the Ninja Storm games?
XeruFury Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
No- much like Gremlins wouldn't be considered as Literature art at my The-Horror-Club place because it had a spinoff book, that isn't considered game art because it is a spinoff game based on anime. Sorry mate. 
NatethegreatDrake Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
i'm still waiting for my art to be accepted i don't know why it wasn't until now 
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February 12, 2017