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Alright, so literally every comment was in favor of bi-weekly art features based on certain games. Why? Mostly because it A. keeps the group active without requiring donations, B. lets the users of the group get some glory from the group's massive membership, which will help people- that's the point of the group, right? Aaaand finally, C. helps people find new games or interesting games they might not have heard of otherwise.

Anyhow. How this is gonna work.

Every two weeks, a journal will go up. The first thing in the journal will be a link to vote on the NEXT game art feature thing. After that will come all of the art submitted that was accepted- preferably top quality stuff either from within the group's galleries or stuff that you guys suggested in the comments of the previous journal. Make sense? If yes, then move on. If no, then if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to note me or the group in general and you'll be gotten back to ASAP.

So! Time to vote for the first game. The theme is medieval/classical games- as in games based largely around, say, sword fights and knights and the like. Click the link below to see what sort of games I'm talking about~
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Submitted on
April 25, 2017