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Since I've been doing nothing but working, I figured I would finally upgrade us to a Super Group.

I am in need of admins to help me out! If you are interested please SEND ME A NOTE. I am in desperate need of help. Anyone? Please? I'll leave your socks alone.
I honestly have no excuse for being absent for so long. My job is time demanding and I hardly get to be on the computer as much as I want to be. I can only offer my deepest apologies.
You might have to pay 10$ or so extra each month in order to use this website.

Do I have your attention?

Good. Net Neutrality is being attacked. I'm posting this everywhere I can. Please just listen.

Net Neutrality governs the way the internet works. It decides how free we are. Right now, we are VERY free. We have the option to access any site we like without paying premium fees for better connection or even just the ability to SEE the website.

But that could change within a month's time.

The FCC head Ajit Pai has always been against Net Neutrality- for reference, Net Neutrality basically keeps internet providers in check, meaning they can't just create the internet as they want, it has rules. At this point it should be known that Pai has been well known to receive money, millions in "donations", from said internet providers. Mostly Time Warner Cable and Comcast. He even used to work at fucking Verizon. So, for these companies, he is trying to kill Net Neutrality.

Well, he did it. He is killing Net Neutrality. Again.

there might still be a way to stop it, though. There might be a way to keep the internet as a free place, a free utility, something anyone can use.

I'm going to post this link. Check it out if you like your internet exactly the way it is. Call people. Write letters. Even just comment. Do SOMETHING to save this place. It adds up, I swear.

Just click the link to join the fight. I'm begging you.

First I would like to apologize for your submissions expiring. I am back now and hopefully that won't happen again. I am ashamed that the group that I love and care for has been neglected by me. I've been gone for too long.. I'm blaming my boyfriend, he should stop hogging the computer all the time! I have a laptop now so hopefully that should allow me to get on more. Work has also been getting in the way of my social life. I work in health care and recently one of my clients that I take care of has been diagnosed with cancer. It has been taking a toll on me and I haven't been wanting to do much of anything.

Once again, I'd like to apologize for not being around as much... Hopefully next paycheck I can get us an upgrade to a super group.

Till next time,

Hey guys. I'm Bambu and I'm sort of kind of the guy who runs the place along with some help from our lovely moderators. Now then, I should probably apologize to you.

Recently a LOT (about 80) submissions expired. That's my fault. I was out for two days at first at the hospital and the last three days I've been at a certain university taking, arguably, the most important tests of my life. I was exhausted from all of this, and it genuinely didn't occur to me that I still had to get on dA. So... I sorta let you lads down. My bad.

So! If you submitted something over a week ago and it never got through, that's why. Resubmit now if you like.

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