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Welcome all gamers!
Shamelessly show off your groups in this journal!
Hey Gamers! Hope everyone is doing well.
However, I would like to talk about something important: recently it has become apparent to me that I need to be more strict on rules and submission guidelines, as the amount of people trying to manipulate or ignore things has become overwhelming.
To be forward with you guys, this group does not accept pieces that either are, or borderline on pornographic, fetichism, pedophiliac, or incestual. There are some of you that straight up ignore this rule, despite it being in bold letters on the front page of the group, and I'm going to have to actually apply the system that the admins has previously put in place regarding submissions, which means I'm only going to give about three warnings before I remove you from the group.
I am aware that some of the pieces in our gallery break this rule. However, I can't sort through 165,000+ past submissions to remove them all. The past admins were busy, and now they're gone completely. I'm just doing my best to keep this group running properly with the way things are now.
If you have questions on whether or not your piece is acceptable, feel free to ask! I will not, however, tolerate people shouting at me or otherwise trying to harass me into breaking the rules for you. If these rules bother you, you are free to leave the group. If you respond aggressively, attack me, or block me to try to avoid this rule, I will likely just remove you. Yelling at me does not persuade me, and blocking me doesn't stop me from being able to see your submissions or activity in the group.

Other quick notes about submissions:
Please submit to the correct folder. It makes it easier for everybody involved. I'm not going to ban anybody for a mistake, but please, don't repeatedly submit your artwork to a random folder when I've asked you to submit it to the folder that fits your medium.
Don't submit things that aren't related to this group (eg: cartoons or anime). I will reject them and might count that as your first warning.
Don't upload artwork on your account, and then to the group, that is made by someone else. This is art theft and the piece wont be accepted.

Apologies for most of you, who contribute to this group and follow the rules, I know this doesn't apply to you. Unfortunately, there have just been a lot of other members doing otherwise, and I guess sometimes I have to be the bad cop. ://

Thank you to the majority of you for being such awesome members and helping make our group what it is!
Hey everyone! First, I want to apologize for all the submissions that have expired recently. I have been super caught up with midterms, and other exams, and then my family from out of town visiting. If your piece has expired please do not resubmit it. I have a little under 200 submissions right now, and I'm currently going through the oldest ones that are still open (ie haven't expired), and I am sending in requests for ones that have expired, so all you guys have to do is approve them yourself and they will immediately show up in the group. This way, current submissions wont expire, and expired submissions can filter in without spamming you guys all at once.
If you have questions, feel free to comment on this journal or on your submission message log.
Hey, everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know our rules are changing slightly- we've decided to limit our submissions to one per person per day, since we have such an active community here, and submissions for this group (and subsequently, your notifications in your inbox) can get overwhelming pretty fast. Additionally, we've added a new folder, Tabletop Games, since we've been receiving a handful of submissions for these types of games.
In other news, one of our previous admins, mhairigood has left the team due to personal issues, and needing for care for her terminally ill mother. I just wanted to give a shout out to her for being such a great addition to the team while she was here. She's really going through a lot right now, so it would be appreciated if you could send good thoughts her way.
On a similar note, we are looking for other members who might be interested in being admins. It's pretty simple and an easy way to help out the group, but, for the most part, I (Lynk) am the only active admin, which makes things a little difficult for me. Please leave a comment or send the note if interested, or if you have any questions about these updates.
Thanks guys!
EDIT: To my knowledge, all folders are able to accept submissions. Please let us know if you have any other issues or questions. Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone,

It's come to my attention that none of our members can submit their works right now (which actually includes us admins as well). Thank you to the handful of you who reached out and let me know. I went into our settings for the group, and found the issue, but I'm unable to correct it as it stands right now. This is what it shows me, for those wondering:
Gallery issues by LynKofWinds
As you can see, it's greyed out and my mouse is a little X, as I don't have permission to change it. I went into the permissions, and, essentially, tried to give myself permission to give myself permission, but I don't have permission to do that either. I've contacted the group founder, as she's the only one who can fix this. In the mean time, I've noticed some of you have gone into the group gallery and tried to submit to featured- please do not submit anything to featured right now . Not only will it not be accepted (your submission will time out before three people can approve), but it's not helping our situation right now. I know it's really frustrating, but please just bear with us and wait until the system is back to normal and submit to your correct folders. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I can't fix the issue as it stands right now.
Thanks for your patience, and if you have an issues in the future, please don't hesitate to send the group a note (it's preferable over comments, as I will see your note faster). I will update this journal when the issue is fixed.
Thank you everyone!

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