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This contest is literally paid for by our wonderful members here that made it all possible for us to even HAVE a little bit of extra :points: to do this! Seriously. These guys are awesome.
:iconimaginekami::iconcrimson-nemesis: :iconr-legend: :iconesaarts:

Thank you to all of these guys for their donations!

Alright guys, as I said before, when we'd hit 200k pageviews we'd do a small Hobbyist-only contest with a base reward of 400 :points:. ONLY HOBBYISTS MAY ENTER! Students and professionals are barred from entering this contest. We'll try to get to you guys, but we're gonna help some of you in other ways beyond mere :points:, yeah? And I am trying to help you. So...

Let's see some stuff, yeah?

:bulletblack: Only hobbyist artists may enter

:bulletblack: There may only be one entry per competitor

:bulletblack: It must be fanart of a game

:bulletblack: OCs are barred (this is simply to keep things simple)

:bulletblack: The winnings will go to the 1st place winner; all 400 :points:

:bulletblack: The entry must conform to the group rules

:bulletblack: Submit via link in the comment and a favorite to the journal

:bulletblack: This isn't a rule, but I'd like to ask that it stay to a mainstream/known game simply because... I will have to research every single obscure game. Save this poor shoddy mess from hours of extra work of going through tons of game descriptions.

Anyhow. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the contest! I will end it on the fifteenth of May. I hope to see all of you in here! (If anyone would like to offer a little prize or two for lesser winners, like maybe a free request or something, feel free to comment and I'll add that into the contest. Cheers!~)

:star: Prizes! :star:

:bulletyellow: First Place: 400 :points:
:bulletwhite: Portrait from AuriV1
:bulletorange: Full body shot from IviEnchant

Next time on Game Grumps...

:devart: *Entries* :devart:

Ori  by Eleween
Drawn by: Eleween
Game: Ori and the Blind Forest
All rights for this image are reserved to Eleween

Dark Cloud Terren Empire Crossover (Contest Entry) by LocalAlly
Drawn by: LocalAlly
Game: Dark Cloud/Final Fantasy
All rights for this image are reserved to LocalAlly

Drawn by AuriV1
Game: Dragon Age
All rights for this image are reserved to AuriV1

Minecraft storymode fanart by RosaGem
Drawn By: RosaGem
Game: Minecraft
All rights for this image are reserved to RosaGem

Sepia Link by Hyenapocalypse
Drawn By: Hyenapocalypse
Game: Legend of Zelda
All rights for this image are reserved to DocApocalypse

Saint Aldrich of the Deep by trainer-mana
Drawn By: trainer-mana
Game: Dark Souls
All rights for this image are reserved to trainer-mana

MS- Phantom by Ambbey
Drawn By: Ambbey
Game: Maple Story
All rights for this image are reserved to Ambbey

Link vs. Marth (Sm4sh Bros.) by NotaNameWaster
Drawn By: NotaNameWaster
Game: Super Smash Brothers
Characters: Marth (Fire Emblem) and Link (Legend of Zelda)
All rights for this image are reserved to NotaNameWaster

[YANDERE SIM] NO! Don't Come Any Closer!!! by IviEnchant
Drawn By: IviEnchant
Game: Yandere Simulator
All rights for this image are reserved to IviEnchant
Journal is brought once again by :iconesaarts:, whom we can't really thank for all of the support., and :iconartofodd: and their group, :iconconcept-world:. Thanks guys!

Alright, remember that commission event? Well.... wow I am a failure. I got two (one of which I just didn't do because it was so far outside of my sphere), and I don't think anyone got... any. Sad, I guess, but... if you guys really didn't want that sort of event, I could have been told or something. Oh well. I won't do that again then, eh?

Anyways. Some things I'd like to stress.

We do NOT accept pornography. Keep this in mind, since submissions along this front have increased recently. Now, that said, kissing (as someone expressed a worry about) is fine. Yaoi... is fine, but will be held to the same standards as opposite sex rules. Incest or suggested incest is waaaaaay out of the ballpark.

Anything else on that front can be asked via comment or note to myself or the group.

Also... we are a GAME group. I say this because... just don't be surprised when you submit your Elsa art and it is declined. The watchers here want to see game art, yeah? It's why they're here. So please, be courteous when you're declined, there is a reason.

Please submit pictures of people in costumes to Cosplay and not Photography.

FINALLY, we ill be doing a contest starting from 200k views for hobbyists only, and I will be adding an artist feature who makes PHENOMENAL art at the end of each journal. Probably someone who submitted to the group lately.

So... :iconkonoart:, you are the first one :D

Fiddlesticks Fan Art by KonoArt Jinx Fan Art by KonoArt

Cheers from XeruFury
This is brought to you by one of your many group benefactors and a friend of the group who gave 350 :points: for our funding, Mr.. :iconborjen-art:! Thanks, mate!

Hello again! I know I couldn't leave you for a whole week without a journal, which was my original plan, but now that I'm discussing ideas with you guys I feel I should tell them immediately, so here goes.

As the title said, I have two more ideas for the community to consider, two that should hit the closest to home for you folks: gifts and YouTube stuff!

So, as we all know, YouTube is pretty much the go-to place to sample video games through another person, a good technique. However, many of you who have tried know that it's difficult to maintain a successful YouTube channel, especially for newer ones. My idea would be much similar to our advertising projects for our benefactors and game developers (once we get Super), but perhaps with a slight tweak.

My idea would be that the channel enter a partnership (if accepted) with DA-Gamers , each one advertising the other. As for DA-Gamer's part, if we can re-achieve our Super Group status, we would add in a few ranks (including Benefactor), among which would be Sponsored YouTubers. This isn't a big amount of advertising, but could lead to some hopeful avenues. We don't expect much in return, I just really want to help you, the community, get yourself started because... frankly, I've tried and while I failed to muster the sums, I know it would be a huge disappointment if you just spent 200$ on recording equipment just to fail.

So, that's only one idea I had. The other? Well, I was thinking of a hobbyist-only art contest with a reward of 400 :points: (5$). This would be more focused on bringing the community together rather than seeing professional-grade art. For this event I would like to invite a few professional artists to judge it as a group event. If they are too busy, I would understand because frankly, I guess it doesn't matter to many people.

I just want to thank all of you (even if it only goes to one person) for the support we've gotten for our Super fund, and I'd like to tell you that the group's owner (WAIT XERU I THOUGHT YOU RAN THIS GROUP!? I do, but more like a CEO rather than owner) has said that we will be getting the Super back and hopefully soon and she will receive all the points amassed in our fundraising projects.

This event mentioned above would act like a kiriban in celebration of our 200,000th pageview. Not a lot for many of the more noteworthy members of dA society, but for a group this is a huge amount and we'd like to celebrate, even if it is like a dorm student that happened to buy the nice noodles instead of ramen (my little joke).

Anyways, thoughts? I know a couple of you (including Requiem) have taken a particular interest in the recent journals, so... feel free to express endless amounts of rage at me for spamming you recently or any other ideas you have for the group! I'd love to hear them, be it through noting the group, commenting here, or noting myself.

Cheers and have a spectacular day!

Journal brought to you by :iconidonithing:, who is also a splendid artist taking part in our commission event! Totally go check them out ^_^

Hey guys, sorry for the spam recently, I'm just trying to develop the group quickly. So, here's my newest little thought bubble, this is specifically for Indie game enthusiasts and, of course, game developers.

basically, since this is a huge gamer group, consisting of lovers of all games united, I thought a nice little area on the front page (once we get Super and can add such an area) would be cool for advertising. No, not the paid advertising I'm using to try and get the points for Super (which is still up by the way, wink wink), but rather just advertising for games on Steam Greenlight or Patreon and are trying to get their start here on the lovely interwebs.

So, to do this, I'd like to ask a few game developers out their to think about this as a medium of absolutely free advertising. In the future I might ask to do some events or something, just keep that in mind, but... I'd like a few neat concept games to get some recognition, and what better place to do that than with you fine 12.6k people? My thoughts exactly.

So... ideas? Just want to pick your brain a little bit.

Thanks again to :iconidonithing:! :star:
This joural is brought to you by :iconrxst-art: and :iconimaginekami:, both of whom helped out a lot in our fundraiser event. Big thanks guys!

Hey guys. Just XeruFury popping in again to say what's up and a little update on folders. I have one idea for a new(er) folder and a new folder has been made as I was told by :iconrei-suzuki: that the current one was full. So, updates.

:bulletpurple: There is now a "Cosplay 2" folder, I suggest submitting there for easier access. I will try to even out both folders so you can still submit to the normal cosplay folder, but that will be awhile. In the meantime... you know what to do.

:bulletpurple: In other news, how would you guys feel about a folder specifically for SFM and GMOD scenes since they aren't really quite the same as digital art and tend to be their own genre altogether? Any feedback would be appreciated on the idea.

Anyways, I don't have much to say about this, so... here's me advertising this group again!

Commissions Discount EventThis journal entry funded by :iconartofodd: and their group, :iconconceptworld:, which DA-Gamers will be affiliating with heavily from now on. To join this group and its wondrous activities, feel free to inquire at the group itself. Now, to the journal!
Hey guys, Xeru here. Remember a while ago how I made a journal about a commission event that I hoped all of you would buy from for discounted prices and all that? It's here. No, not an April Fool's Day prank, this is a real offer we're using to try and earn Super quickly, and if you guys really enjoy this thing I've organized, we might continue doing it for future events. This requires that you nice artists buy some art from these people we have chosen to represent us. Here goes!
Note: Essentially, this project goes like this. You are able to buy cheaper commissions from the following artists from April 1st-15th . This will support the group itself, as 30% of all profits earned will go towards the gro
This event is STILL ACTIVE! If you don't know what it is, go check it out or keep reading.

We're giving out cheaper commissions with artists involved! If you want a scene from a game, a fan-fic, or anything to do with your OCs (or really anything, those are just examples) done, just ask one of the artists for a comm, and 30% of the funds go to the group. I really hope we can do this again if it turns out as a success! Thanks ^_^ (I myself am on there and have received 2 commissions so far, so... thanks! All points that go to me will go fully to the group!)

Cheers! :wave:

NOTE: SFM stands for Source Film Maker. It's basically using premade models to create scenes and things such as that. In case you didn't know.

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