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This contest is pretty important, the most important one the group has done. Ever. I'm not asking for myself that all of you contribute- I'm asking for what we're all about, as a group. This game deserves so much more than it has already gotten, so let's try and treat some of the best solo game developers out there with a bit of courtesy and show them that we truly believe in beautiful games. Let's contribute, lads. 

Alright lads. The Lost Ember game development team and I have been talking it over and they've decided they'd like YOU to contribute to their spectacular game (which will be described with videos and stuff down below). They are offering 50$ (4000 :points:) to the winner of their contest, 25$ (2000 :points:) to the second place winner, and our group is giving 10$ (800 :points:) to the third place winner. NOT ONLY THAT, but all of the top ten pieces of art will be literally featured in the game officially- that's right. They are offering all of you a chance to be inside of a real full-scale video game with some frankly beautiful graphics. I hope all of you are willing to show what the best of deviantArt can do, eh?

To submit, add the hashtag #lostemberfanart to the piece and comment below with a link. Now then... here's the words of the developers themselves, Mooneye Studios:

Your chance to put your art into our game! Grab your pen and start drawing, because we are looking for the best Fan-Art for Lost Ember! The 10 images that get favorited the most, will be included in a Fan-Art gallery in the game. On top of that, we have prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! The contest will end on November 30th, but you can support their AWESOME Kickstarter (…) until November 14th, when that ends (that means you should get cooking right away!)

Short description of the game:

Lost Ember is a narrative exploration adventure that let's you uncover the story behind the fall of an ancient civilization from an animal perspective.
Your main character the wolf can also possess every other animal in the world which gives you a lot of possibilities for exploring the world and finding all its secrets.
Our story is told by your spirit companion: the last soul of mankind that was once part of the old Inrahsi culture. He can show you his memories of important areas and events and show you what led to the fall of his world, what he has to do with it, and why he now needs your help.

To get some inspirations, check out our trailer or the story teaser down below, or visit the Kickstarter page for more details about the game.

Video Gallery

So! To reference everything above, here's the long and short of it...

The top ten artists with the most favorites on their submissions will receive a slot in the official and final game in the gallery there. We're expecting your best for this.
2. The top three artists will receive 50, 25, and 10 dollars respectively for their outstanding contributions. 
3. This stuff must be submitted to dA and to the hashtag and our group by November 30th
4. For information on everything about the game, you can watch their YouTube videos, contact the group (and we will contact them), or just generally search for them! These guys are amazing and deserve this contest, so... we're giving it to them. 

Let's have at it boys! (And girls. And ambiguous, too. Any living thing, really. Dead things too, we're not prejudiced against zombies or anything. Or vampires. What we're saying is, anyone can "have at it". Anybody. Even you.)

Art Gallery

Lost Ember by Soph6297
Drawn by Soph6297 

LostEmber by Osire
Drawn by Osire

F O L L O W _M E .:Contest:. by Phrixs
Drawn by Phrixs

Lost Ember by ArchShiranui
Drawn by ArchShiranui

Lost Ember by Angellka
Drawn by Angellka

Lost Ember by Kilioka
Drawn by Kilioka

{ Believe in your Destiny } +Speedpaint by C0DIAC
Drawn by C0DIAC

Drawn by FloNation-Furo

Drawn by Wylfen

Machu Kila Wolf - Lost Ember contest by MistingWolf
Drawn by MistingWolf

Contest Entry - Lost Ember Fanart by OkamiJake
Drawn by OkamiJake

Lost Ember by StarryKn1ght
Drawn by StarryKn1ght

Lost Ember fan art by drajk
Drawn by drajk

Lost Ember - CE by oseille
Drawn by oseille

Lost Ember by Pand-ASS
Drawn by Pand-ASS

Lost Ember: Transforming by NightyART
Drawn by NightyART

Drawn by theh00d

Lost Ember Contest Entry 1 by OneiroFrost
Drawn by OneiroFrost

LOST EMBER by Kastisi
Drawn by Kastisi

Lost Ember Fanart3 by NicoKaeberArt
Drawn by NicoKaeberArt

And Learn to Soar the Skies Once Again: Lost Ember by Amphispiza
Drawn by Amphispiza

CE | Lost Ember - Into the Unknown by Nimiszu
Drawn by Nimiszu

At your side... by TokalaYannick
Drawn by TokalaYannick

Lost Ember - Wake up by Aeonrin
Drawn by Aeonrin

Lost Ember by BagOhWolves
Drawn by BagOhWolves

Lost Ember + Speedpaint *Contest Entry* by drago236
Drawn by drago236

Drawn by Wylfen

Lost Ember - The Falls by WraithWolves
Drawn by WraithWolves

Drawn by tatagiba

Drawn by Picky-kit

Lost Ember by RabiesGirl
Drawn by RabiesGirl

Lost Ember [Contest Entry] by XxSylph
Drawn by XxSylph

Lost Ember by Endlen
Drawn by Endlen

Fly - Lost Ember by Rendou
Drawn by Rendou

Lost Ember by TheShiranja
Drawn by TheShiranja

Lost Ember by NoelleMBrooks
Drawn by NoelleMBrooks
Hey guys, just dropping by to announce a new folder. Since we get legitimately tons of 3D art thanks to its easily created manner of posing models and such, we now have a new folder entitled "3D Art 2" (don't be afraid to marvel at my creative genius). The old folder has been closed off for anyone to submit to.

That said, all recent submissions to 3D art will be declined. Since I don't feel like typing it in for each one, namely because it's Halloween (more on that later), read below.


If you have submitted something to 3D art recently and it was declined, DON'T PANIC! Just resubmit to 3D Art 2 and the problem will be resolved!

Moving on, I think we should do a contest. I don't have an idea or a concept and I'd like to hear contest ideas from you guys, since it is for you to begin with. We haven't done one in awhile and we could use it.

Any ideas can be sent via note or via comment down below. I'll be checking in regularly to see what's going on.

Til next time lads, cheers~
Recently I contacted a member of the team developing Lost Ember, a three dimensional game based around the concept of environmental beauty and animal transformation. The graphics are frankly stunning, the game is incredibly unique and, like I said, unbelievably beautiful. Currently they are attempting to reach the goal of 5,000 subscribers on YouTube prior to creating a STEAM Greenlight account, as well as a Kickstarter.

As gamers ourselves, I figured it is our duty to see that such a great game makes it through. I will be giving multiple Spotlights (this one and another for their funding programs when available) to these developers, Mooneye Studios. Special thanks to Shabow for allowing me to assist in this endeavor, I highly recommend checking out the YouTube link provided below or his deviantArt page to see more of this game.

Shabow and Mooneye Studios, I tip my hat to you, good luck~…

Introducing Lost Ember

The winners have finally been decided (thank god). It's 2:30 AM and I'm tired beyond my normal capacity but here they are!

Digital Art

This was probably the hardest category to choose from, but...

1st Place- kawacy
I highly suggest you check out Kawacy's rather unique anime style, immediately I had little doubt that they would take a leading position o.o

2nd Place
- Gunzfree
I honestly have no idea how they have avoided recognition for such splendid works, their work with fantastic creatures is absolutely phenomenal in every way shape and form.

3rd Place- thanomluk
Their amazingly accurate work with Final Fantasy has cemented Thanomlok as one of my favorite artists permanently <3

Traditional Art

Again, not an easy category to choose from. 

1st Place- Bajan-Art
Good lord that is some scarily realistic artwork you've got going on there my friend

2nd Place- TricepTerry
Again, ridiculously skilled and accurate, stapled by the fact that I immediately thought that was a monochrome photo of Rick Grimes

3rd Place- Naitho
Doom fanart aside, you've done amazing with pretty basic tools. Well done!


1st Place- Narga-Lifestream
Your work as Jaina Proudmoore- great costumes mixed with astounding editing skill- made you the very obvious choice for first place.

2nd Place- R-Legend
While many of your costumes remain reasonably simple in nature, it is hugely enlightening to find someone who is not always relying on that hormonal boost to become such a wonderful cosplayer- thank you once again.

3rd Place- Rejiclad
Just like Legend, you've taken some pretty odd characters to cosplay as and made it work perfectly- Resident Evil was awesome before and you have made the experience so much better!

Prop Creation

As in... like... artdolls and things like that. Props.

1st Place- AliatheGhoul
Your statues are both realistic and highly detailed, I don't think I've ever seen such sculptures anywhere else on dA until I saw your page

2nd Place- Devi-Tiger
While I myself am not a huge Pokemon fan and only actively play Go (Team Valor before you ask), your works with literally stitching together Pokemon is amazing, and your determination for your little project is duly noted.

3rd Place- Skadi-r
The Kindred Art doll dragged me into your page quite well- it really was a well-made piece. Congratulations!


As in SFM models and stuff. Not Victoria's Secret.

1st Place- itzaspace
My god I didn't expect to find anyone so skilled in environment creation, I was almost certain you had ripped it from another artist, it was so... good D:
(Where's the justice, I have no skills whatsoever lol)

2nd Place- Eden-West
Your skill in development is quite wonderful and, when added to your modelling skill, everything becomes beautiful

3rd Place- LaceWingedSaby & Gr-imm
This was a tough call with Gr-imm, who is a model creator as well. However... the tipping point was that I figured I should have one phenomenal artist who uses other people's works to create their own.

By technicality, Gr-imm is tied for third place. They have made some wonderful models for no real purpose besides creation and... let's face it, those are some pretty great models.


1st Place- AmazingArtistYellow
While I was never a huge fan of Undertale, both you and the second place winner made such smooth and elaborate animations that it would be biased of me not to give you first place.

2nd Place- MaskedGolem
Like I said, your animation was incredibly smooth and well made. Well done!

3rd Place- myszka11o
Your GIFs are really high-quality and smooth (even if they are GIFs). They have the basic idea behind them that makes them a delight and widely-used.


1st Place- Shabow
The game you are creating has a unique concept behind it and... good lord that is absolutely stunningly beautiful environment work.

2nd Place- itzaspace
Your game is actually very interesting to me personally and I do plan on watching it closely o.o The terrain you submitted was actually.... beautiful. Very LotR-sy.

3rd Place- Eden-West
While your game certainly seems fun and incredibly interesting, it lacks the environmental prowess of the first placers. I still love it to death though!

Pixel Artist

1st Place- gas13
Your TF2 and CS:GO game screens literally astounded me, the style of Infectinator 2 has always been so wonderful in my eyes and you have implemented it perfectly onto two of the most iconic games today.

2nd Place- spritemight
Your title screens astounded me when I first found you and now you're doing that comp I suggested you for... so... ever wonder how I found you originally? Here I am.

3rd Place- IzId0r
Your pixel art pieces are much less complicated than the other two's but... they still have their merit of awesomeness.

Concept Art

Note: Concept Art here means having the best unique concept for a single piece of art

1st Place- SilverLeon88
I've been quite a fan of your hive OC beings for quite a while now, well done!

2nd Place- Harshcore
Your Mario piece literally blew me away with its sheer badassery (pardon my French)

3rd Place- ArianeVass
Your works actually rather astounded me, I'd like to keep seeing more from you you lovely little person you.


These works are literally just there for goofy-ness and whatever made me chuckle/laugh uncontrollably because I have no self control and I sound stupid. 

1st Place- CitizenWolfie
Between the Cthulu/Jesus hybrid and the wonderful Fallout Charlie Brown edition, it was hard not to immediately give you first place (I could not have added anything better to the "You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Charlie Brown!" piece myself)

2nd Place- Tesparg


3rd Place- erikathegoober
Your little display of Tracer's antics and hyperactivity was and still is my favorite piece of Overwatch fanart to date. Well done ~

And... that's the art awards, everyone. I hope you enjoyed and got to find new brilliant artists! (I honestly don't know what else to say here so... I'm just.. gonna... go...)

Right. Cheers gents~
Thank you to ThePenguin78 for notifying me about the problem... (And to Mic-Roe-Pony for notifying him, apparently) 

There is now a new folder for Traditional Art 4, as the third folder of its sort has now had its limit exhausted with recent entries.

In other news, the DA-Gamers Art Contest will be getting the judging period done ASAP. It's very troublesome to judge it as a singular unit, as the others came up with plans (as did I but I am still working on going through everyone's gallery).

I have finished examining the digital artists and I am working on several of the other groups right now. My sincerest apologies for the delay.

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