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Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas, me(Parimak) and the almighty creator ISockStealer never ever thought it would get this far.. We love all you guys, and as a (random)token of our appreciation, and in celebration of our new super-groupiness, I'm going to offer a free OC drawing of your choice drawn by me(once again Parimak) to the first DA Gamers member to post on this journal.

Only Rule:
Must be a DA Gamers member, and must have been a member here for more than 30 days.

Other Notes: I'm gonna do something special for new years to, not sure what yet though...

Onto 2011! Away!

We got 847 members. ^^ Shall we go for 1,000?

Thank you guys! =D
I'm not doing this to seek pity. I'm only posting this to tell you, my friends, what I am currently going through.

As of August, 2009, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The only reason she found out was because a strange liquid had gotten into her lungs. This caused her to have a hard time breathing or doing anything that required her to walk a lot. The result came back...the doctor told her that the cells that they found in the liquid were cancer cells.

They said that they had caught them in time. Which they did at the time. She went into for chemo. Every Friday she had to go in to get her treatment. Her hair was mostly gone. By Christmas she had lost most of her hair.

The chemo treatments ended. Most of the cancer was gone. More tests..even more tests. Summer hit, they told us the cancer had spread to her brain. During the last few weeks of summer she went into radiation. She lost all of her hair.

In August, first day of school, she was sent to the hospital. She stopped breathing. She stayed into the hospital. Never went back to work. It is now October...she still hasn't gone back to work. She has anxiety attacks. She asked me who I was today. I held the tears back and tried to calm her down. I had to, otherwise she would not stop crying. She begs for my dad when he's not here.

So far this is it.

Also, the doctor guy who takes care of is going to explain everything so everyone is on the same page.

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I read them all and even though I didn't reply I still read them. You guys are such sweethearts. :heart:

Socky sends you lots of love.
Please, give us your llama badges, we need em. xD
Another group goal reached! 500 members! Keep em comin! Invite your friends! We luff you guys! Lets see if we can get to 800 members by the end of this year!

And away we go!

...  !


Also, spare a coin sir? For a super group?

Also, give us your llama badges? :3

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