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Welcome all gamers!

Admins needed! Updated.

Tue Jun 18, 2019, 6:11 PM by ISockStealer:iconisockstealer:

Tatl Icon by KieeveeTea Lynk and I are looking for a couple of people to help us out around the group. We will be sorting through every application we receive and will be pick the best candidates as possible.

Animated Masterball Bullet (Free to use) by TintjeMadelintje101 You must be active. If you can no longer help out, please let us know! Don't poof on us! Animated Masterball Bullet (Free to use) by TintjeMadelintje101

Your duties will include coming up with new ideas, contests, new features, and sorting through the daily submissions and accepting and denying them based on our group submissions rules, which can be found within previous blogs.
~(Lynk's edit: we are currently sorting through the group gallery itself, since many old deviations were placed into wrong folders. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.)

Discord is not mandatory.

Please note the following application to the group or send a note to my personal account, ISockStealer.

Name you go by:
Previous experience:
Suggestions for group:
Why you want to be an admin:
Anything else you need me to know:
Do you have discord? (optional):

Please, do not comment the application on the journal!

.:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

Folder Description Guide

Mon Jun 17, 2019, 7:51 PM by LynKofWinds:iconlynkofwinds:

Pixel Rupee by Leesie2k5Hello all, I made you a guide on our folders so there is no mix up on what goes where. It's very important that you read this to avoid putting the wrong pieces in the wrong folder.

For our general group rules, please see here.
Below is a guide to the folders within our gallery, and a description of the content that belongs in each. If you have any questions about where to submit your artwork, feel free to ask us by sending the group a note.

Please be sure to look over this list so you know where to submit your piece! If you accidentally submit to the wrong folder, we will decline and ask you to resubmit to a better-suited folder. Being aware of what goes where speeds up the process and makes it easier for both regular members and admins.

Our Folders


:pointr: A compilation of the group’s best artwork. This folder is closed to member submissions, as it is only for the group admins to add artwork to.

3D Art - Gmod, SFM, etc.

:pointr: Anything that contains digitized, posed three-dimensional character models or situations/environments made in a 3D engine belong here.
:pointr: You MUST credit the creator of the models to have it accepted.


:pointr: This encompasses any moving image whatsoever- film, flash animations, GIFs, the works.


:pointr: This folder is for when we host contests! A new sub-folder will be made for every contest we host.


:pointr: Cosplay is the art of dressing up as a fictional character. Post pictures of your video game cosplay here!

Digital Art

:pointr: Digital pieces of art, meaning anything created using digital art programs. Digitally drawn comics should be submitted here.


:pointr: For written works, usually chapter stories or short stories.
:pointr: Do not post journals, game reviews, character bios, or game guides in this folder.

Memes, Screenshots, Wallpapers, Photo Manipulation

:pointr: Any screenshots from in-game footage, memes based on, wallpapers referencing, or photo manipulation (multiple photos, stock photos, or vector stock imagery that have been pieced together) that is video game based goes here!

Mixed Media  

:pointr: If you used multiple mediums to create your piece (for example, you used both digital and traditional methods), it can be submitted here.
:pointr: Digital Art pieces do not belong here; please submit them to the Digital Art folder.


:pointr: Exclusively for content that does not fit the description of any other folder. If it is any of the mediums that can fit in another folder, it should not go here.
:pointr: Our most common examples include handmade crafts, clothing, reviews, guides, character bios, etc.

Pixel Art, Sprites, Stamps, Buttons

:pointr: Pixel art is style of art drawn at the pixel level to give a kind of retro appearance. Pixel drawings, sprites, and stamps are all forms of pixel art and belong in this folder. Due to their similarities, buttons may also be submitted here as well.

Tabletop Games

:pointr: Due to popular demand, we have created this folder. Tabletop games are games that are normally based on a table or other flat surface, such as board games, card games, dice games, miniature wargames, or tile-based games.
:pointr: Some examples are Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and Magic the Gathering.
:pointr: If you have an OC that is based on a tabletop game, they should go here.

Traditional Art

:pointr: Artworks that are done by hand on paper, canvas, or other physical surfaces. Pieces that are paintings, or are drawn with colored pencil, crayon, charcoal, etc, go here!

Video Game OCs/Fan-made Characters

:pointr: Original/Fan characters are characters that you have created that do not exist canonically within any game, book, movie, etc. If you have an artwork featuring a character of your own creation that is based off an existing video game universe, please submit it to this folder. Medium does not matter. (:

If you have any questions or need help, please leave a comment or send the group a note. Thank you!

.:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

DA-Gamers Group Rules

Thu Jun 21, 2018, 1:18 PM by LynKofWinds:iconlynkofwinds:

Please be sure to read through these rules, as they not only significantly different from what we have used in the past, but these guidelines are also the foundation for how we run this group. If you have any questions regarding rules, or any inquiries in general, feel free to shoot the group a note!

Submitting A Deviation

Folders: Please submit your piece to the correct folder. Your piece will be accepted faster, and it also creates less work for us admins. If you accidentally submit to the wrong folder, we will decline it, and ask you to resubmit your work to its proper folder. For a list of our gallery folders, click here.

Gallery Organization: We have recently cleaned up our group gallery and have organized folders by alphabetical order, and have also installed subfolders. If you prefer to submit your deviations by manually going into the group gallery, you will need to click the appropriate folder, then click the most recent subfolder on the left (e.g. Traditional Art 4) and submit there. The original folders that hold their respective subfolders are full and cannot take any more submissions, so please make sure that you are in the most current version of the folder/subfolders.

Submission Limit: The maximum number of deviations a member can submit is one (1) per day to help avoid spam or similar issues. The system enforces one per deviant, per folder, per day. So, if you post, say, two pieces, and they belong in different folders, that can slide, but do not spam a slew of pieces at a time, especially to random folders. If your submission expires, an admin will get your piece in the group manually.
       :bulletred: Do not submit the same piece multiple times. The system will count it for your daily one piece limit, and force us to decline since it's already in the group.

Content of Submissions

Video Game-Related Artwork Only: As the name of our group implies, we focus on art related to video games. If your piece is not based on a video game, we will decline.
    :bulletred: Trying to argue that a character is in an existing video game won't work- most popular medias get a video game adaption. If we accepted these pieces, we'd have to accept any and every piece that came our way, because somewhere out there, there's a video game based on it. We wouldn't be a gaming group anymore, we'd be a free for all.
    :bulletred:Similarly, we cannot accept commission pages for similar reasons. Please don't submit these or anything else soliciting or asking for money in our group or on the front page. Thank you!
Original/fan characters based on video games are allowed, but if you are submitting a piece that features your video game OC, please be aware that we have a folder specifically for such artwork. If we are unsure what game your submission is from, we will ask, so if you’d like to speed things along, tagging your deviation with the name of the game is helpful for the admins as well.
        This group is not on auto-accept; we check every submission and may keep track of repeat offenses.

Original Submissions: Stolen and/or reposted artwork done by another person, taken from on-site or not, will not be accepted. If you like a piece done by another artist and want to showcase it in the group, find the deviation by them, go to the bottom right, and click “Add to a Group”. Then, click on Type a Group name, type in DA-Gamers, and select a folder. (Collaborations and similar pieces with clear permission from the other artist are acceptable.)

Mature Content: If your piece contains any content that could be deemed offensive, please tag your artwork accordingly and use the mature content filter. If your piece contains a topic that is a bit violent, suggestive, etc, and needs a filter, we will ask you to apply one before we accept your submission. If we find your artwork to be explicit past a reasonable level, we will decline. Additionally, anything containing material that targets, insults, or slanders a group of people will not be accepted, and similarly with content that has the intent to start arguments.
       :bulletred: Pornographic or otherwise sexually obscene and/or indecent content is not permissible. This group does not accept pieces that either are, or borderline on pornographic, fetichism, pedophiliac, or incestual.  We reserve the right to remove and/or ban a member from the group if they repeatedly break any, but, especially this rule. Please keep in mind that while many video games feature adult content, DeviantArt has their own policies regarding what is and is not acceptable on their site regarding mature content and sexual themes (click the colored text for more info). Our rules are based off of these guidelines, perhaps a little more strict.

:bulletgreen: :bulletred: :bulletblue: It is your responsibility to read these rules, and by joining our group, you agree to follow them.
If you are not sure exactly whether or not your piece is acceptable, or, if we decline your submission and you are confused, feel free to ask us! However, please don't be rude or aggressive to team members for declining, and don't start harassing them because you disagree personally with our group rules. :bulletgreen: :bulletred: :bulletblue:
These rules may be expanded upon or updated in the future. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you.

.:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu


Sun Jun 16, 2019, 6:52 PM by ISockStealer:iconisockstealer:

Annoying Navi emote by WakerraAs you know, the members make the group, and we want to hear your feedback. That being said, please list any suggestions, complaints, or anything you would like to know about!

We wouldn't be here without you guys. Without you, there is no group.

.:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

Featured Members Groups!

Thu Jun 13, 2019, 8:17 AM by ISockStealer:iconisockstealer:
Hi! I'm going to feature some groups that our members have!

:pointr: :iconpokemon-allegiance: owned by LuckyNumber113
:pointr: :iconarcade-lovers: owned by 04StartyCornOnline88
:pointr: :icondrawing-anime-freak: owned by Popokino
:pointr: :iconresidual-self-image::iconsimulation-nation::iconreal-screenshot-art::iconthe-screenshots: are suggested by K4nK4n
:pointr: :iconthe3dartistclub-v2: :icon3ddivas::iconweheartphotos: owned by BubbleCloud
:pointr: :iconbadgemakers::iconpikasprey-fc::iconpokemon-ice-realm: owned by BlueStarbie-Arts
:pointr:  :iconbomberman-lovers::iconbakugaidenfanclub::iconbombermanjetters01::iconbomberman-girls-club: owned by SailorBomber
:pointr: :iconjusttoseenintends::iconlittle-mac-fans: owned by Redjiggs
:pointr: :iconmimikins-fanclub::icondimension-d: owned by DJ-Mika
:pointr: :iconthe-paper-mario-club: suggested by DJ-Mika
:pointr: :icontheevilwithinfanclub::iconumbrellas-finest::icondynasty-warriors-fan: owned by Grace-Zed
:pointr: :iconvirtualdriversunited: owned by NovaticDesign
:pointr: :iconfireeaters: owned by manchild70

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