Welcome all gamers!


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Anyone with a love for video games may join!
We are also looking for some new additions to the admin team, for those interested.

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Please take a look at our Group Rules first.

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If you would like to donate to DA-Gamers then please visit ISockStealer's page. All points given will go towards keeping the club a super group.

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We welcome anyone to send a request to be affiliates, so send away!

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Group Rules: TLDR Edition

For the full group rules and explanations, please click here.
Lots of you don't read them though, so, here's a rundown:

• One submission per day.
• Submissions must be video game related, and must be submitted to the correct folder.
No porn/fetish-based artwork, incest, or pedophilia. Dunno why I have to say this. Suggestive pieces will likely be declined. See here for dA's site guidelines (which we follow, perhaps more strict).
-update: Please don't submit anything that even implies rape. Honestly upset that I needed to add this.

This group is not on auto-accept. Every submission will be reviewed!



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DA-Gamers is the place to be for gamers wanting to make a name for themselves through whatever medium they choose; be it art, development, or gaming in general. We support all gaming platforms and accept members from across the globe to help bring the community together.
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