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×… check it out
and Chapter 3 has been posted!…

what does every one think?

also don't even ask me about switching to pencil
yush I am going to delay Bubblegum chapter 3...why? SO I can REMASTER (FIIIIIIX) Chapters 1 and 2. with better text, color and fix looks a bit.

example of the FIRST remaster Page HERE!

PLEASE tell me what you think, are the colors good? can you see the text better? I'm doing this for free punks! so tell me what makes the comic more enjoyable for YUU
BLAM uploaded. all it's bubblegum glory, please feel free to tell me what you thought of it ^^

this chapter we kinda get the feeling of the dangers back on Bubblegum's home planet Urth, and why he left it
FINISH AND UPDATED! can be found in it's own gallery folder (33 pages of pure origins)

will work on chapter 2 soon,

but tell me readers, what did you think?