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Autumn Breeze Icons

Initialy done in Illustrator.
Reworked pixel per pixel to optimize every format in Axialis IconWorkshop.

Ca. 5 days of work

For Use With:
Windows XP and Windows Vista

This Pack contains:
- 6 Icons for Windows in 8 Sizes
- My Computer, My Pictures, Dustbin Full, Dustbin Empty, CD and one Icon for your fav. Design Software
- A bigger screenshot showing all formats and Icon
- A Read Me

So People:
Please enjoy this set of 6 high-quality icons in 8 Formats!
Also has huge formats to cover your "dock" needs ;)

It was fun designing this icons and i think the outcome was woth it,
if you like them please download and feel "free" to comment !

As an end sentence: I hope i will be good in this contest and wish others luck :w00t: !

Love and Peace,
© 2006 - 2021 da-flow
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This set will always be my favourite :)
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
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smooth & sounds like amazing work done..Great work.
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A couple months ago my hard drive it broken and i was looking for this desperately.
I loved this.
Thanks so much!
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i downloaded them. thanks! very nice. very elegant and serene looking. your icons have a weird calming effect which i desperately need right now on my laptop,,, haha! great job!
very smooth and nice... make more icons pleassseee :D
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Ooooh these icons are simple and elegant. Very beautiful! :)
this is what i was looking for... thanks for making it!<3
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Amazing job Flo, keep up the good work. My gf will go nuts when I setup those icons on her Windows ;)
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Very sleek and clean design, I like!
I really love them!~
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These icons go perfectly with the Autumn background that comes with Windows XP, the only thing I don't like about XP is the way it looks so you helped me solve my problem. Thank you so much!
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I Flo- great work!
I am new to the site and did the download- thank you.
You say "- 6 Icons for Windows in 8 Sizes" but how do we choose a size once downloaded? I have been searching for the instructions for this answer but cannot track it down.

Again- thanks for the beautiful work!
Looks great for you
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Excellent work :star: :clap:
Thank you so much!
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Can u make these for mac? PLEEEEASE
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