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dA-Film-Alliance allows members to post up to three images each week.

I don't know about you, but I know I pay more attention to an individual's or group's posts when they don't inundate me. Show us your best work.

Please include such camera and film information as you know. We're a curious bunch of addicts. (That sentence could be taken in various ways, most of them true.)

Watermarks are fine so long as they do not deface the image. Images with the default dA watermark will be removed.


Some of us have been around dA-Film-Alliance forever it seems; some are recent arrivals. I would like to do a series of group journals introducing us to each other.

If you are interested, send me a note or write up a journal entry yourself. Tell us a bit about yourself and show us some of your favorite photographs.

If you are not comfortable writing in English, write in your own mother language. You can add a translation yourself or we can try to find someone to help.

It can be as simple as "this is where I live and what I like to photograph". I'm also curious to know why you stayed with or came back to film.

Steve / pearwood

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I am Charles Fallis and I live in Virginia. I am 65 years old, divorced once and am now married to a wonderful woman. I am an Asatruar, a serious one , not a racist (religion, not politics). We all come into this world alone and equal. In the end, we leave it the same way. No corpse is any better than any other. In the brief moment between birth and death, we succeed or fail on our own merits and none of that has anything to do with what color your skin is, what you look like, what god you pray to, or your accent. The best that you can hope for in this life is to have lived well, to have found love and to leave the world a little better place than it was. I think I have done that.
I never left film. It took me 40 years to master it and (while I dabble in it) I don't want to spend 20 years or so learning how to use a whole new medium (digital photography). I started off doing line art (pen and ink illustration) for books and magazines, so I am NOT one of those photographers who got into it because "I can't even draw a straight line." I got into serious photography because it dawned on me that the photos I was doing my drawings from could also be sold, if I could only figure out the lighting and ... well, pretty much everything else.
I took a few art classes and I got lucky; my teacher, Marty Church, was very good and knew a lot about darkroom manipulation. He showed me that photography could be just as creative as any other medium. I pretty much ran with it and never looked back. I spent several hours every day in the darkroom for years on end. He insisted that we use T-Max 100 film, because he said it was incredibly finicky during development and if we could get a handle on it, any other film would be easy. I got more than a handle on it; T-Max is my bitch. I can make it do anything I want. I can make prints that are almost grainless and slick or I can give them grain from hell, and anything in between. I also learned a whole laundry list of old darkroom techniques that are almost forgotten now. By the way, DA's definition of what a photomanipulation is is wrong. DA says it is combining images. I know for a fact that you can manipulate the hell out of a single image and have done so many times.
I also learned how to restore and repair vintage and antique cameras and about half of my gallery is full of (sadly digital) photos of my restored cameras. All the serious fine art stuff is on film though.
I was asked to show some of my favorite photos, so here is the first one, the most important to me, my fiancee (now my wife), Mary:
Cool Mary
Next is a photomontage I did
Front Door
Then there is a classic nude
Next... remember I said I could draw?
And finally there is a landscape/waterscape:
Smith Mountain Lake
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