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Deviation Actions

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:target: Balance Table :target:

Level 1 = 4 points
Level 2 = 5 points
Level 3 = 6 points
Level 4 = 7 points
Level 5 = 8 points
Level 6 = 9 points
Level 7 = 10 points

HP "Hit Points" [1 point = 3hp]
PD "Physical Damage" [1 point = 1PD]
MD "Magic Damage"  [1 point = 1MD]
PA "Physical Armor" [1 point = 1PA]
MA "Magic Armor" [1 point = 1MA]
EVA "Evasion%" [4 points = 10% EVA]
CRIT "Critical%" [4 points = 5% CRIT]
B "Block" [5 points = 1 Block use] <Atribute of the Shields>
Blue Flashing "Healing Item" [The MD of this item doesnt inflict damage, instead it heals]
Green Flashing "Poison Item" [The PD of this item produces poison]

:icondf-stick: Stick [W] (+1 PD) (+9 HP)
:icondf-stonedstick: Stoned Stick [W] (+2 PD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-sharpstone: Sharp Stone [W] (+3 PD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-stonespear: Stone Spear [W] (+4 PD)
:icondf-herbalspear: Herbal Spear [W] (+2 PD) (+2 MD)
:icondf-seaspear: Sea Spear [W] (+4 MD)
:icondf-flowerspear: Flower Spear [W] (+2 PD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-mushroomspear: Mushroom Spear [W] (+2 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-stonehammer: Stone Hammer [W] (+3 PD) (+1 PA)
:icondf-featherhammer: Feather Hammer [W] (+3 MD) (+1 MA)
:icondf-pearlhammer: Pearl Hammer [W] (+2 PD) (+2 PA)
:icondf-shellhammer: Shell Hammer [W] (+2 MD) (+2 MA)
:icondf-woodbow: Wood Bow [WS] (+4 PD)
:icondf-herbalbow: Herbal Bow [WS] (+3 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-bonebow: Bone Bow [WS] (+4 MD)
:icondf-scrapbow: Scrap Bow [WS] (+3 MD) (+1 PD)
:icondf-woodwand: Wood Wand [W] (+2 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-bamboowand: Bamboo Wand [W] (+3 MD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-mushroomwand: Mushroom Wand [W] (+3 MD) (+1 MA)
:icondf-petalstaff: Petal Staff [W] (+4 MD)
:icondf-woodenmagicsword: Wooden Magic Sword [W] (+4 MD)
:icondf-spritsword: Sprit Sword [W] (+3 MD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-smallcoppersword: Small Copper Sword [W]  (+3 PD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-smallironsword: Small Iron Sword [W] (+2 PD) (+2 PA) (+1 MA)
:icondf-smallsilversword: Small Silver Sword [W] (+3 MD) (+2 PD)
:icondf-smallgoldsword: Small Gold Sword [W] (+3 PD) (+2 MD)
:icondf-onionsword: Onion Sword [W] (+5 PD)
:icondf-copperspear: Copper Spear [W] (+4 PD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-ironspear: Iron Spear [W] (+4 PD) (+1 MA)
:icondf-silverspear: Silver Spear [W] (+5 MD)
:icondf-goldspear: Gold Spear [W] (+5 PD)
:icondf-wormstaff: Worm Staff [W] (+3 MD) (+1 PD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-feathersword: Feather Sword [W]  (+3 MD) (+2 PD)
:icondf-seasword: Sea Sword [W]  (+5 MD)
:icondf-bamboosword: Bamboo Sword [W] (+5 PD)
:icondf-mushroomsword: Mushroom Sword [W] (+3 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-waterstaff: Water Staff [W] (+3 MD)(+6 HP)
:icondf-slimestaff: Slime Staff [W] (+1 PD)(+4 MD)
:icondf-flowerstock: Flower Stock [W] (+5% CRIT)
:icondf-flowerbow: Flower Bow [W] (+4 MD) (+1 PD)
:icondf-fudosword: Fudo Sword [W] (+4 PD)(+1 PA)
:icondf-basiccrossbow: Basic Crossbow [W] (+4 PD)(+1 MA)
:icondf-lunaaxe: Luna Axe [W] (+6 PD)
:icondf-pearlscythe: Pearl Scythe [W] (+6 MD)
:icondf-woodshield: Wood Shield [S] (B x1)
:icondf-pearlshield: Pearl Shield [S] (B x1)
:icondf-feathershield: Feather Shield [S] (B x1)
:icondf-onionshield: Onion Shield [S] (+15 HP)
:icondf-slimeshield: Slime Shield [S] (+2 PD) (+3 MD)
:icondf-spritshield: Sprit Shield [S] (+1 MD) (+12 HP)
:icondf-bluecoat: Blue Coat [A] (+9 HP) (+1 PA)
:icondf-redcoat: Red Coat [A] (+9 HP) (+1 MA)
:icondf-greencoat: Green Coat [A] (+12 HP)
:icondf-yellowcoat: Yellow Coat [A] (+6 HP) (+1 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-pinkcoat: Pink Coat [A] (+6 HP) (+1 PA) (+1 MA)
:icondf-bluerobe: Blue Robe [A] (+3 PD)(+3 HP)
:icondf-redrobe: Red Robe [A] (+3 MD)(+3 HP)
:icondf-greenrobe: Green Robe [A] (+3 HP)(+1 PD)(+1 MD)
:icondf-yellowrobe: Yellow Robe [A] (+4 MD)
:icondf-pinkrobe: Pink Robe [A] (+4 PD)
:icondf-herbalrobe: Herbal Robe [A] (+1 PA) (+1 MA) (+6 HP)
:icondf-oldmagicrobe: Old Magic Robe [A] (+12 HP)
:icondf-petalrobe: Petal Robe [A] (+9 HP) (+1 MD)
:icondf-flowerjacket: Flower Jacket [A] (+2 PD) (+2 MD)
:icondf-onionarmor: Onion Armor [A] (+3 PA)(+3 HP)
:icondf-slimearmor: Slime Armor [A] (+3 PA)(+1 MD)
:icondf-spritarmor: Sprit Armor [A] (+4 MA)
:icondf-blackcoat: Black Coat [A] (+3 PA) (+2 MA)
:icondf-blackrobe: Black Robe [A] (+4 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-bluescarab: Blue Scarab [A] (+3 PD) (+2 PA)
:icondf-redscarab: Red Scarab [A] (+3 MD) (+2 MA)
:icondf-greenscarab: Green Scarab [A] (+15 HP)
:icondf-yellowscarab: Yellow Scarab [A] (+3 PD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-pinkscarab: Pink Scarab [A] (+3 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-feathercoat: Feather Coat [A] (+5 MD)
:icondf-arumrobe: Arum Robe [A] (+5 PD)
:icondf-bluehood: Blue Hood [H] (+12 HP)
:icondf-redhood: Red Hood [H] (+12 HP)
:icondf-yellowhood: Yellow Hood [H] (+12 HP)
:icondf-greenhood: Green Hood [H] (+12 HP)
:icondf-pinkhood: Pink Hood [H] (+12 HP)
:icondf-featherhood: Feather Hood [H] (+6 HP)(+2 MD)
:icondf-ironscrapmask: Iron Scrap Mask [H] (+3 PD) (+1 PA)
:icondf-blackscrapmask:  Black Scrap Mask [H] (+3 MD) (+1 PA)
:icondf-onionhelmet: Onion Helmet [H] (+1 PD) (+9 HP)
:icondf-slimehelmet: Slime Helmet [H] (+1 MD) (+9 HP)
:icondf-sprithelmet: Sprit Helmet [H] (+2 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-silverhelmet: Silver Helmet [H] (+3 PD) (+2 PA)
:icondf-arumhood: Arum Hoot [H] (+4 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-leatherlegs: Leather Legs [L] (+12 HP)
:icondf-herballegs: Herbal Legs [L] (+2 PD) (+2 MD)
:icondf-featherlegs: Feather Legs [L] (+10% EVA)
:icondf-flowerlegs: Flower Legs [L] (+4 PD)
:icondf-petallegs: Petal Legs [L] (+5% CRIT)
:icondf-magiclegs: Magic Legs [L] (+5 MD)
:icondf-onionlegs: Onion Legs [L] (+5% CRIT)
:icondf-slimelegs: Slime Legs [L] (+2 MD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-spritlegs: Sprit Legs [L] (+3 MD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-arumlegs: Arum Legs [L] (+3 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-bluescarf: Blue Scarf [N] (+9 HP) (+1 PD)
:icondf-redscarf: Red Scarf [N] (+9 HP) (+1 MD)
:icondf-greenscarf: Green Scarf [N] (+12 HP)
:icondf-yellowscarf: Yellow Scarf [N] (+6 HP) (+1 PA) (+1 MA)
:icondf-pinkscarf: Pink Scarf [N] (+6 HP) (+1 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-featherscarf: Feather Scarf [N] (+6 HP) (+1 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-simplemagicscarf: Simple Magic Scarf [N] (+2 MA) (+6 HP)
:icondf-blackscarf: Black Scarf [N] (+1 PD)(+1 MD)(+9 HP)
:icondf-mushroomscarf: Mushroom Scarf [N] (+1 PD)(+1 MA)(+9 HP)
:icondf-onionscarf: Onion Scarf [N] (+2 PD) (+6 HP)
:icondf-slimescarf: Slime Scarf [N] (+3 MD) (+1 PD)
:icondf-leatherboots: Leather Boots [B] (+12 HP)
:icondf-herbalboots: Herbal Boots [B] (+6 HP) (+1 PD)(+1 MD)
:icondf-featherboots: Feather Boots [B] (+6 HP) (+2 MD)
:icondf-flowerboots: Flower Boots [B] (+6 HP) (+2 PD)
:icondf-bambooboots: Bamboo Boots [B] (+6 HP) (+1 PA)(+1 MA)
:icondf-simplemagicboots: Simple Magic Boots [B] (+3 MD)(+3 HP)
:icondf-petalboots: Petal Boots [B] (+2 MD)(+6 HP)
:icondf-spritboots: Sprit Boots [B] (+3 MD) (+3 HP)
:icondf-arumboots: Arum Boots [B] (+3 PD) (+1 MD)
:icondf-ironboots: Iron Boots [B] (+5 PA)
:icondf-blackboots: Black Boots [B] (+10% EVA) (+3 HP)
:icondf-onionboots: Onion Boots [B] (+5% CRIT)
:icondf-slimeboots: Slime Boots [B] (+15 HP)

- Spells -

:icondf-healspell: Heal Spell [AS] (Heal 8 HP)
:icondf-firespell: Fire Spell [AS] (Deal 8 MD)
:icondf-leafspell: Leaf Spell [PS] (+10% EVA)
:icondf-rockspell: Rock Spell [PS] (+2 PA)(+2 MA)
:icondf-featherspell: Feather Spell [PS] (+5% CRIT)
:icondf-flintspell: Flint Spell [PS] (+2 PD) (+2 PA)

-Comming Soon Items- / -New Items-
:new: :icondf-arumhood::icondf-arumrobe::icondf-arumlegs::icondf-arumboots:

Max BudGet per Line--> 80:damphyr:

:star: A OC can equip :star:
[5 equip items]+[3 items type "P"]+[Any amount of abilities]

Slots in BackPack --> 5 /a player can have 3 items tipe "P" and 3 abilities/

:target: New Items will be added owo :target:

:icondf-hp: Buy upgrade (Hp+10)(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-attack: Buy upgrade (Atk+2)(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-recover: Buy upgrade (rvr+3)(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-counter: Buy upgrade (ctr+1)(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-evade: Buy upgrade (eva+8%)(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-heavy: Buy upgrade (hvy+6%)(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-critical: Buy upgrade (crit+3%)(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-backpack: BackPack (Add +2 slots for your items to carry)(This item dont use an slot)(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-chest: Chest (Let the player ReFill his used items after a battle)(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-woodensword: Wooden Sword (atk+1) (Type "A")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-knife: Knife (atk+3) (Type "A")(8:damphyr:)
:icondf-ninjasword: Ninja Sword (atk+6) (Type "A")(12:damphyr:)
:icondf-saragasword: Saraga Sword (atk+8) (Type "A")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-delfussword: Delfus Sword (atk+12) (Type "A")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-agnussword: Agnus Sword (atk+16) (Type "A")(25:damphyr:)
:icondf-shocksword: Shock Sword (atk+20) (Type "A")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-deathsword: Death Sword (Drain Hp from attacked target (drain=current dmg*) ) (Type "A")(35:damphyr:)
:icondf-rapier: Rapier (Ctr+2) (Type "A")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-goldsword: Gold Sword (Ctr+3) (Type "A")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-ripleysword: Ripley Sword (Ctr+5) (Type "A")(22:damphyr:)
:icondf-firesword::icondf-burn: Fire Sword (Ctr+8) (*[Passive] Burn* [1 target]*) (Type "A")(50:damphyr:)
:icondf-oblivionsword: Oblivion Sword (atk+10)(Ctr+10) (Type "A")(50:damphyr:)
:icondf-corinsword: Corin Sword (atk+8)(hvy+8%) (Type "A")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-silensword: Silen Sword (atk+10)(hvy+10%) (Type "A")(25:damphyr:)
:icondf-breakersword: Breaker Sword (atk+12)(hvy+15%) (Type "A")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-spear: Spear (atk+9)(crit+3%)(heavy+5) (Type "A")(25:damphyr:)
:icondf-thundersword: Thunder Sword (atk+5)(crit+6%)(hvy+15%) (Type "A")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-whip: Whip (atk+10)(eva+10%) (Type "A")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-goldwhip: Gold Whip (atk+10)(crit+6%) (Type "A")(28:damphyr:)
:icondf-silverwhip: Silver Whip (atk+10)(hvy+13%) (Type "A")(28:damphyr:)
:icondf-bow::icondf-charm::icondf-ranger: Bow *Ranger Item* (*Charm Ability [1 target]*) (Type "A""S")(25:damphyr:)
:icondf-escorpionbow::icondf-poison::icondf-ranger: Escorpion Bow *Ranger Item* (Atk+10)(*Poison Ability [2 targets]*) (Type "A""S")(35:damphyr:)
:icondf-sniperbow::icondf-ranger: Sniper Bow *Ranger Item* (atk+13 or Destroy items type "H")(Type "A""S")(50:damphyr:)
:icondf-ravenbow::icondf-ranger: Raven Bow *Ranger Item* (atk+8)(Type "A""S")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-magicbow::icondf-ranger: Magic Bow *Ranger Item* (atk+20 or Double the max:icondf-charge: of a player charging)(Type "A""S")(35:damphyr:)
:icondf-gun: Gun (atk+4)[:below:hp-3] (Type "A")(6:damphyr:)
:icondf-heavygun: Heavy Gun (atk+8)[:below:hp-10] (Type "A")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-assassingun: Assassin Gun (atk+15)[:below:hp-20] (Type "A")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-doublegun: Double Gun (atk+30)[:below:hp-30] (Type "A")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-staff: Staff (RvR+3) (Type "A")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-magnusstaff: Magnus Staff (RvR+6) (Type "A")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-clericstaff: Cleric Staff (RvR+10) (Type "A")(22:damphyr:)
:icondf-cronusstaff: Cronus Staff (RvR+15) (Type "A")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-scythe::icondf-wizard: Scythe (Atk+25) (Can split Dmg in targets)(Type "A")(36:damphyr:)
:icondf-corsusstaff::icondf-wizard: Corsus Staff (Take the 50% of the Atk and goes for every Enemy when the fighter attacks) (Type "A")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-ridusstaff::icondf-wizard: Ridus Staff (Take the 100% of the Atk and goes for every Enemy when the fighter attacks) (Type "A")(18:damphyr:)
:icondf-dodgeboots: Dodge Boots (Let the player Dodge 1 attack) (Type "B")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-speedboots: Speed Boots (Let the player make 1 Double Damage) (Type "B")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-thiefboots::icondf-thief::icondf-miss: Thief Boots *Thief Item* (Type "B")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-hasteboots: Haste Boots (HP+15)(eva+5%)(Type "B")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-pauldron: Pauldron (HP+12) (Type "O")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-heartarmor: Heart Armor (HP+25) (Type "O")(8:damphyr:)
:icondf-diamondarmor::icondf-blocker::icondf-cleric: Diamond Armor (HP+100) (:below: Atk-6)(Type "O")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-paladincloak::icondf-cleric: Paladin Cloak (HP+10)(rvr+10)(Type "O")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-wizardrobe::icondf-wizard: Wizard Robe (HP+10)(Atk+10)(Type "O")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-thiefarmor::icondf-thief: Thief Armor (HP+23)(eva+10%) (Type "O")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-armor: Armor (Absorb 5 Hp of Dmg Received ) [:below: atk-5] (Type "O")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-rupyarmor: Rupy Armor (Absorb 10 Hp of Dmg Received ) [:below: atk-8] (Type "O")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-angelarmor: Angel Armor (Absorb 10 Hp of Dmg Received )(eva+10%) (Type "O")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-phantomarmor: Phantom Armor (increase Atk in 50%) [:below: HP-25] (Type "O")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-cape: Cape (Hp+5) (Type "C")(2:damphyr:)
:icondf-chesscape: Chess Cape (Hp+15) (Type "C")(8:damphyr:)
:icondf-ninjacape: Ninja Cape (Atk+1) (Type "C")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-thiefcape: Thief Cape (Atk+3) (Type "C")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-holiccape: Holic Cape (RvR+1) (Type "C")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-clericcape: Cleric Cape (RvR+3) (Type "C")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-scoutcape: Scout Cape (Ctr+1) (Type "C")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-wings: Wings (Let the player have 1 double turn) (Type "C")(*Drop by monster)
:icondf-ring: Ring (Hp+5) (Type "R")(2:damphyr:)
:icondf-recoveryring: Recovery Ring (RvR+3) (Type "R")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-spikering: Spike Ring (Ctr+1) (Type "R")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-leafring::icondf-autoheal: Leaf Ring (Player get +2Hp each turn that plays) (Type "R")(2:damphyr:)
:icondf-regenerationring::icondf-autoheal: Regeneration Ring (Player get +5Hp each turn that plays) (Type "R")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-firering: Fire Ring (atk+2) (Type "R")(8:damphyr:)
:icondf-goldring: Gold Ring (atk+18) (Type "R"-Set-)(30:damphyr:) Required: :icondf-goldsword::icondf-goldgloves:
:icondf-assassinring: Assassin Ring (atk+25) (Type "R"-Set-)(48:damphyr:) Required: :icondf-ninjasword::icondf-gloves::icondf-ninjacape:
:icondf-kingring: King Ring (Hp+70) (Type "R"-Set-)(20:damphyr:) Required: :icondf-cathelmet::icondf-chesscape:
:icondf-poisonring: Poison Ring (Deal poisonx2 in single attacks)(Type "R"-Set-)(20:damphyr:) Required: :icondf-saragasword:
:icondf-energyring::icondf-cleric: Energy Ring (Absorbs 1 attack and send the hp to any player selected) [also magic](Type "R")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-hastering: Haste Ring (HP+10)(eva+3%)(Type "R")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-potion: Potion (Use the half of the Max HP of the player to heal a Fighter /doesnt heal status//) (Type "P")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-revivalpotion: Revival Potion (Revive a dead player with 50% hp) (Type "P")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-gloves: Gloves (atk+1) (Type "G")(2:damphyr:)
:icondf-goldgloves: Gold Gloves (atk+3) (Type "G")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-recoveryglove: Recovery Glove (RvR+2) (Type "G")(12:damphyr:)
:icondf-knuckle: Knuckle (Ctr+1) (Type "G")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-lifeglove::icondf-cleric::icondf-revive: Life Glove *Cleric Item* (Type "G")(30:damphyr:)
:icondf-cathelmet: Cat Helmet (Hp+10) (Type "H")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-doghelmet: Dog Helmet (Hp+20) (Type "H")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-pumpkinhelmet: Pumpkin Helmet (HP+26) (Type "H")(13:damphyr:)
:icondf-pandahelmet: Panda Helmet (Hp+35) (Type "H")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-turtlehelmet: Turtle Helmet (Hp+50) (Type "H")(35:damphyr:)
:icondf-armadillohelmet: Armadillo Helmet (Hp+70) (Type "H")(50:damphyr:)
:icondf-hedgehoghelmet: Hedgehog Helmet (Ctr+2) (Type "H")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-blockerhelmet::icondf-blocker::icondf-taken: Blocker Helmet *Blocker Item* (Type "H")(20:damphyr:)
:icondf-woodenmask: Wooden Mask (atk+10) (HP+20) (Type "H"-Set-)(30:damphyr:) Required: :icondf-woodensword:
:icondf-deathmask::icondf-assasin::icondf-doublesword: Death Mask *Assasin Item* (Atk+5)(Type "H")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-colossusmask::icondf-wizard: Colossus Mask *Wizard Item* (Absorb 5 damage) (Type "H")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-shield: Shield (Let the player block 1 attack for his oc or other) (Type "S")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-spikeshield: Spike Shield (Ctr+2) (Type "S")(15:damphyr:)
:icondf-sharpshield: Sharp Shield (Ctr+4) (Type "S")(18:damphyr:)
:icondf-energyshield::icondf-blocker: Energy Shield (Let the player absorb 1 attack for his oc or other[also magic]) (Type "S")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-shurikens::icondf-assassin: Shurikens *Assassin Item* (Usable* deal 15 dmg /no consume turn/)(Type "F")(5:damphyr:)
:icondf-bomb::icondf-thief: Bomb *Thief Item* (Usable* Stun the target 1 turn /no consume turn/)(Type "F")(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-scroll::icondf-cleric::icondf-wizard: Scroll *Cleric/Wizard item* (Usable deals 45dmg to a player that uses a *weapon ability/magic attack*])(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-noxscroll::icondf-cleric::icondf-wizard: Nox Scroll *Cleric/Wizard item* (Usable Increase Atk of a target 1 turn (Atk+15))(10:damphyr:)
:icondf-creaturetrap: Creature Trap (Kill small creatures as rabbits, 2 uses per Stage) )(Type "T")(10:damphyr:)

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AnnRosalyn's avatar
Wow... how long did it took you to work all of these.... : O stunning....
SrGrafo's avatar
^w^ I add some new ones from time to time
Raenafyn's avatar
JoshtheOverlander's avatar
Is it possible to send in item ideas?
SrGrafo's avatar
thats only for members
shanetherarechoa's avatar
I don't know how to use theses and buy.
SrGrafo's avatar
its made for the members of the group
shanetherarechoa's avatar
iconfile2's avatar
So, before one has the money to buy their first weapon, what do they wield?
Soulenite's avatar
In terms of monster killing (in PvP, you have the "money" for it to all be fair [80]), you fight with your fists or w/e they got till you turn in quests to earn the weapons and junk. You can also sell extra weapons you earn from quests for half the money to buy better stuff. KEEL THEM ALL WITH HANDS! :dummy:
iconfile2's avatar
Welp, it's not like punching things out was ever an un-badass way to kill things.

Time to build up those calluses!
Frost-life's avatar
where do we purchase the weapons? :I
Soulenite's avatar
In the quest page. Everything but clan related stuff is posted there.
Frost-life's avatar
I figured it out a long time ago Soul XD but thanks! ^^
Roymand's avatar
Mission Journal, as usual.
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okay :I I figured that out before you replied XD
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xD i don't care, still a reminder
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