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"Pets arrive the Island!"

:earth: Pets provide Stats Bonus and Income Bonus, you can have up to 4 pets in your bank account.

:earth: Once you purchase a Pet in the Store, the Name will be permanent.

:earth: If you sell your pet, it will go to the Pet Store where will be able to be purchased by anyone with a reduced prize but with his permanent name.

:target: SHOP :target:  

:star: Recently Added :star:
Totem lvl 3 in the shop! by SrGrafo Stronger Totem Avaible by SrGrafo Bunnies Arrive the Pet Shop! by SrGrafo New Pet added to the Shop! xD by SrGrafo Penguins Arrive the Shop! by SrGrafo

:earth: You will need a morb Lvl 2 to morph it in any other creature.

º Morbs º
:icondf-morb2::icondf-trade::damphyr:x5 and 10 drop items of any level

º Colosus º
:icondf-colosuslvl1::icondf-trade: Colossus Soul by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (atk+5)

º Wooders º
:icondf-wooderlvl1::icondf-trade: Wood by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (hp+5)

º Bubbles º
:icondf-bubblelvl1::icondf-trade: Slime Drop by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (rvr+3)

º Earth Golems º
:icondf-earthgolemlvl1::icondf-trade: Leaf by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (autoheal+2)

º Cats º
:icondf-catlvl1::icondf-trade: Scroll Paper by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (atk+6 hp+10)

º Hydras º
:icondf-hydralvl1::icondf-trade: Yellow Petal by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (eva+8%)

º Phoenixes º
:icondf-phoenixlvl1::icondf-trade: Eye piece by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (crit+8%)

º Foxes º
:icondf-foxlvl1::icondf-trade: Apple gif by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (hp+3 eva+5%)

º Penguins º
:icondf-penguinlvl1::icondf-trade: Blade Piece by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (hvy+7%)

º Llamas º
:icondf-llamalvl1::icondf-trade: Wing by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (eva+10%)

º Bunnies º
:icondf-bunnylvl1::icondf-trade: Hat by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (atk+7 crit+5%)

º Chickens º
:icondf-chickenlvl1::icondf-trade: Broken Cog by SrGrafox5 :damphyr:x10 (rvr+5 eva+5%)

º Totems º
:icondf-totemlvl1::icondf-trade::damphyr:x25 Secure evasion of 1 hit

:target: Pet Collection /Ordered by arrival to the Island :target:

Totem lvl 2 by SrGrafo Totems arrive DaFight! by SrGrafo Llamas arrive the shop! by SrGrafo Foxes arrive the shop by SrGrafo Earth Golem lvl 3 by SrGrafo New colosus arrive the shop ouo by SrGrafo New cats in the shop! by SrGrafo Hydras Lvl 3 owo by SrGrafo Phoenix lvl 3 Arrives the Shop! by SrGrafo Hydra lvl 2 arrives! by SrGrafo New phoenix lvl 2! by SrGrafo Fenixs arrive the shop! ouo by SrGrafo Hydras arrive the pet shop! by SrGrafo New pet! by SrGrafo New earth Golem by SrGrafo Earth Golem by SrGrafo New bubble for the shoo ouo by SrGrafo Another Bubble for the shop! by SrGrafo New creature for the Shop Bubble! by SrGrafo DaFight RP Chat new Feature by SrGrafo New creature for the Shop ouo by SrGrafo

Can you find :icondf-armus:  ?

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<h1>:icondf-catlvl1: SmittyWerbenJaegermenJensen</ h1>

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2 :damphyr: :icondf-trade: :icondf-morb: he will be named M.Shadow

m.shadow being short for monsters shadow
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4:damphyr: :icondf-trade: :icondf-morb: [2]
10:damphyr: & 10 wood, 7 onions, 3 leaves :icondf-trade: :icondf-morb2: [2]

Now then...
5 Eyepieces + 10 :damphyr: :icondf-trade: :icondf-phoenixlvl1: I would like its name to be Galifeu

5 Golden Petal + 10:damphyr: :icondf-trade: :icondf-hydralvl1: I would like its name to be Tarsal 
Roymand's avatar

Mission Journal next time please~ :3
Valkyrie-Echo's avatar
Roymand's avatar
:icondf-updated: But next time, in the Missions Journal pwease XD
Vitiosum-Coruptionis's avatar
I'm sorryyyyyyyy I derped
FreeSpiritedMind's avatar
I wonder if the cats can evolve further... Like become larger cats XD haha like the colossus
Roymand's avatar
=SrGrafo explain the Morbs. I have no idea wth "morb Lvl2 to morph it" means XD
Soulenite's avatar
They're blobs that transform into the pet of your choice. Back then you had to feed them sushi to become morb2. Then more sushi (or items) to get the pet you wanted.
Roymand's avatar
Totally gonna abuse this thing ||D
SrGrafo's avatar
oh it means that first you need to purchase a :icondf-morb: with 2 :damphyr: then you need to pay 5:damphyr: and give 10 drops (same) to make it a :icondf-morb2:

or you can instantly just pay 7 :damphyr: (2+5) and 10 drop items, to get your :icondf-morb2:
Roymand's avatar
and the "morph it into any other creature" part? and i noticed that indeed most pets give you a "Stat Bonus" yet the "Income Bonus" isn't shown
SrGrafo's avatar
I see you have an eye for detail xD

I need to test still
Soulenite's avatar
Don't you think 5-10 is a little low for some? XD
Roymand's avatar
i am perceptive when my brains wants me to be xD and alright. can't wait then .3.
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