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:target: your oc can only pick 2 skills per battle :target:
:iconheplz: 231 posible combinations at the moment

:icondf-fire: Active Skills :icondf-fire:

:target: Skills happen (for dice) always after base stats (crit/eva)
:target: Skill direct damages cant be blocked or evaded

:icondf-instakill: Insta Kill (+10% success rate) Instantly kills an enemy. [self turn]
:icondf-parry: Parry (+40% success rate) Blocks an attack. [enemy turn/doesnt consume turn]
:icondf-stun: Stun (+30% success rate) Produce Stun status on target. [self turn]
:icondf-terror: Terror (+50% success rate) Produce Terror status on target. [self turn]
:icondf-restore: Restore (+80% success rate) Cure Status and restore 50% HP. [selfturn]
:icondf-parasite: Parasite (+50% success rate) Produce Parasite Status. [selfturn]
:icondf-reflect: Reflect (+40% success rate) Send PD or MD back to the attacker.(works before parry) [enemy turn/doesnt consume turn]
:icondf-soulworm: Soul Worm (+20% success rate) Destroys permanently an enemy skill. [self turn]
:icondf-crystalswords: Crystal Swords (+40% success rate) Doubles PD or MD before attacking. /works after critical if [selfturn]
:icondf-sleeparrow: Sleep Arrow (+50% success rate) Produces Stun status on an enemy using an active skill. [enemy turn/doesnt consume turn]
:icondf-blind: Blind (+50% success rate) Produces Blind Status. [selfturn]

:icondf-fire: Passive Skills :icondf-fire:

:icondf-focus: Focus (passive) Doubles chance of an active skills x2.
:icondf-spikeheart: Spike Heart (passive) Multiplies HP x3.
:icondf-forcemask: Force Mask (passive) Multiplies Physical Damage and Magical Damage x2.
:icondf-thiefglove: Thief Glove (passive) Multiplies Evasion Chance x2.
:icondf-demonsoul: Demon Soul (passive) Multiplies Critical Chance x3.
:icondf-executormask: Executor Mask (passive) Inmunity to all skills.
:icondf-serpentdagger: Serpent Dagger (passive) PD produces poison damage.
:icondf-fencer: Fencer (passive) PD and MD ignores completely PA and MA.
:icondf-terrormask: Terror Mask (passive) Attacker obtain Terror Status.
:icondf-medicglove: Medic Glove (passive) Regenerates HP each turn, uses MA as regeneration amount.
:icondf-deadring: Dead Ring (passive) when killed the enemy suffer your MAX HP as unblockable damage.

:icondf-water: Status :icondf-water:

:icondf-stun: Stun Status (player lose 1 turn) Stun status fade away the moment the player receives any kind of damage while under stun status the evasion of the player is (0%) and any skill has (100%) chance to hit on the player.
:icondf-terror: Terror Status (Stays on target until removed) target MAX HP is divided by 2.
:icondf-parasite: Parasite Status (Stays on target until removed) target evasion and critical chance are (0%) while on this status.
:icondf-poison: Poison status (Stays on target until removed) each attack of poison stacks it, deal the amount of stack poison as damage per turn.
:icondf-blind: Blind Status (Stays on target until removed) skills % divided by 2.

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0-Kelicia-0's avatar
OC: Shay :icondf-deposit: For Wizard :icondf-wizard:
Soulenite's avatar
This is old. We got Stalkers, Hunters, Mages and Elementalists now which can be chosen ONCE in the chat when you're a member in it (idk if you are or not. I can't check :c).
Jade-Dragoon's avatar
OC: Aysla :icondf-deposit: For Thief.:icondf-thief:
Soulenite's avatar
Post in the missions page like everyone else.
Jade-Dragoon's avatar
I know, I did this before I was corrected. I got it fixed already. Besides, these don't even take effect anymore...
Soulenite's avatar
Oh right. That's true. XD .... :iconfatsonplz: FOR NOW! .... I think.
Jade-Dragoon's avatar
Ask Grafo. He said people that had stuff bought already would get SOME sort of thing back, so who knows? Maybe we'll get our jobs back? That would actually be pretty cool.
Soulenite's avatar
Unsure right now. He might be busy or ignoring me. I just asked about the weapon shop though so we'll be getting that changed later on. Probably when we have about the same number of items for it.
monsterownage's avatar
Oc:Monster Ownage (M.Ownage.):icondf-deposit: for Assassin
cecpd1's avatar
how do you earn those lil wings? what do you call those?
Soulenite's avatar
Kill monsters with other players, sell equips, RP quests (getting them from that will be later), sell items. 
Blood-Red-Wyvern's avatar
Is there any classes were my character can wield a long sword/ great sword/ claymore?
Soulenite's avatar
You have to earn/buy the weapon anyway. All classes can use them, but it's not a good choice. Long swords are more assassin, claymores are more blocker (expensive as hell and highly not recommended in PvP unless you wanna go full out :icondf-counter: -not a smart idea-) 
Blood-Red-Wyvern's avatar
Can I just use both hands for a great sword?
Soulenite's avatar
If you mean for RPing, it doesn't matter. We only have like one "great sword" atm. 
Jade-Dragoon's avatar
Hmm... I need to get Cleric soon...

legomaestro's avatar
Is too broke T-T
FreeSpiritedMind's avatar
OC : Felicity :icondf-deposit: ---> Job: Assassin
Vitiosum-Coruptionis's avatar
pff I know what job I'm buying first
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