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DA-Fashion is a photography group dedicated to Fashion Portraits and Commercial Fashion Photography! It's a group for fashion photographers and models of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds; as long as you can talk the talk and walk the catwalk ;)

Note: We used to only accept photos submitted in the fashion portrait and commercial fashion categories, but categories are going away once Eclipse fully launches. Thus, I will be accepting photography that fits my personal definition of fashion photography. :heart: Adding tags to your photos like #fashion, #fashionphotography, #fashionportrait, etc is greatly helpful for finding your work in browse though!
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Catwalk Talk with Mishkina

Fri Jan 24, 2020, 6:39 PM

Today I'm going to be bringing to you a feature on Mishkina ! Inga is a 28-year-old photographer based out of Russia, and she's been a part of the DeviantArt community for 8 years!

Mishkina is an amazing portrait photographer specializing in beautifully soft and magical photographs. 

On white style by Mishkina #White Soul by Mishkina
# Flowers of Spring by Mishkina

Mishkina 's work is filled with creative ideas and beautifully whimsical concepts that show a fine attention to detail. She often includes touches of Nature, whether its her love of flowers or the animal models that she also likes involving in her shoots. Speaking of animal models, she has included a variety, everything including, dogs, cats,chameleons, horses, raccoons, and more! Working with animal models can make a shoot extra complicated, but Mishkina seems to pull it off with ease!
# Princess of the Lupines by Mishkina # Girl with moon by Mishkina
# Lady and dogs by Mishkina
Another part of her photography that I admire is her use of color toning. Each shoot has well-chosen color editing that sets off the subject and their setting beautifully. She captures a mood through color and lighting that makes each shoot very atmospheric.

# The Princess by Mishkina 
# Red  rose by Mishkina # The Rose by Mishkina
Each shoot feels as though it has a distinct and often magical narrative to it. Every subject feels as though they are playing a character in her photographs that it is up to the viewer to discover.The styling that she showcases plays a big part in this. The clothing and makeup is often incredibly beautiful and really fits into the scene! 

 # Chameleon by Mishkina #lupine by Mishkina
# Eve in the forest by Mishkina

Her colors are often muted, but Mishkina 's love for the color red is apparent in her work as well, where it is often used boldly to contrast with natural surroundings. Red and green are complementary colors (opposite colors on the color wheel), which makes them really POP when used together! 

# Girl from the East by Mishkina   

#Fly by Mishkina # Forest Beauty by Mishkina

Mishkina 's creative and magical concepts really make her somebody to keep an eye on! Her range of ideas for photos is truly impressive, and I really recommend checking out the rest of her gallery!

# Dandelion by Mishkina # Red East by Mishkina
# Lonely sea by Mishkina

Suggested Discussion Questions:
1. What is the thing that stands out the most to you in Mishkina  's photographs?
2. Have you ever worked with animals for a photoshoot? How did it go? 


Catwalk Talk is...

 "Catwalk Talk" is a monthly series of features by Queen-Kitty . The features will be of up-and-coming as well as established DeviantArt fashion photographers. Each feature is meant to inspire and inform.


Skin by Dan Leveille
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