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SAW VIII: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Incredible angry Mika enters the office in the first floor of her house, slams the door after behind her. By the loud clanging Hoffman thoughts are torn from his plans. He looks up, "Where were you?"
In response she throws -very loaded- a newspaper in front of him, on the desk.
With a casual glance, he looks at the headline that reads, 'Jigsaw strikes again', then he looks back his roommate, although they see each other relatively rare. Michaela's face is reflected in aggression, hatred and -mostly- fear.
"So what?" Mark asks casually.
"SO WHAT?!?", she repeats shrilly," SO WHAT! THINK ABOUT OUR BARGAIN! "
"We want Gordon. And because YOU don't care about, and because you disappear that often, I had to take care of it."
"I care about nothing?? Just because you don't see me at work, doesn't mean that I'm doing NOTHING!"
"I doubt that.", He gives back completely calm.
"Oh, you doubt this??? Did your 'brilliant' mind ever thought that Grodon knows that you fled, because
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SAW VIII: Prologue
"Let me outta here!", dies away the voice of Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman in his own basement, "Gordon, you son of a bitch, I'll kill you!!!", he stops shortly. The insight of the uselessness of his distressed calls comes over him. No one can hear him, or in the case, somebody listens, he won't help.
Again he pulls the iron chain.
Come on, buckle!!!
It doesn't make any sense. All his hope is gone, "I'll kill you...!", he sobs. He never ever thought John, this 'son of a bitch', will really make provisions, in case Jill suddenly dies. The fact, that HE should get in such a trap, like the Reverse Bear Trap... Although he cherishes his life!!!
Incredible wrath starts growing within him. He has to get out of here! Again Hoffman sets on his bulge and feels the floor -in totally darkness- for something hard, thin, sharp or copped; something he can pick the lock with, or at least something he can cut off his foot.
'This... Lawrence... what he did... this asshole threw th
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SAW VIII: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
It is already evening when Mika returns, with her purchases, to her house. There are lights.
'So Hoffman is already awake ...'
He was imprisoned by Gordon for about a day, without taking water, without food, so he could, when he arrived at her', take a shower and some food (and some sleep), though he didn't want to believe her, in terms of time. Down there, the clock is ticking ... probably different.
In a good mood she opens the back door that leads directly from the garage into the kitchen. She turns off the brown paper bag on the counter, looks around, "Hello. I'm Back."
No reaction.
So he's ... 'You're kidding me!'
Enraged, she goes into the adjoining living room. Also empty.
Suddenly, a faint rumble.
She crosses the room, decorated in red peeks, into the corridor. A shadow!
As quietly as she can, she sneaks behind the shadowy figure in her parent's bedroom, where she has left behind Hoffman. Her heart starts to race. Anxiously she peers inside. 'This fi
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SAW VIII: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
The room is empty. The atmosphere is terrifying. The light of a 50 watt light bulb, that hangs directly above the sole object in the room, flickers. There is a chair. Strange apparatuses are set up to it. In it sits a young woman. Unconscious. Her head is hanging limply on her chest. Her face is covered by smooth, brown hair. She is tied. The brand clothes are partially torn.
She slowly regains consciousness. Laggard she raises her head, looks around. This location is unknown to her. Frantically she tries to stand up, to loosen her bonds. After a few seconds her hands are free. Immediately tries the elaborate painted woman to get away from the chain around her waist area, in vain.
"Help! HELP MEEE!! !"
In response there is a squeak. Hopefully she looks right to the source, but it's just a clown-like doll in a tuxedo on a red tricycle. It 'drives' to the brunette, until it is two feet next to her, "Hello, Becky. I want to play a game. How often have you discredited ot
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SAW VIII: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The bell rings. The students of East Senior High School flow in good spirits out of the building. School's out. At last!
So also Bishop, Korey, a seventeen year old young woman with brown, back long hair, which is kept by an Alice band out of her face. She wears, like all the girls at this school, a uniform consisting of a knee-length, black pleated skirt with white collar, black knee socks and a white blouse with Karvatte to which the school emblem was embroidered. Relieved she has shouldered her satchel. She is one of the last to leave the big, old-school complex. Full of enthusiasm, she runs down the stone steps and looks around. When she discovers a waving hand, she walks up to the slightly larger, blond man. They take a hug of friendship.
"Hey, Ryan, how are you? What are the games doing?" She asks. After the two have risen to the nearest car. It is a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee.
"We are in the final stage. Dr. Gordon would like you to look at it again. The sprin
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SAW VIII: Chapter 7
Chapter 7
There she lies, unconcious, Kathrin Scorpion, the boss of a huge orphanage. She wears a coat and skirt that has seen better days. Maybe it's just dirty because she lies on the dirty floor tiles. The same goes for their short, peroxide blond dyed hair.
Slowly she comes to again, looks around in panic. This place is not familiar to her. Shutoffs are set up around her, as in  in the dressing rooms of swimming pools. Anxiously she straightens up, hammers with her fists against the walls, "Lemme outa here!!!"
Neither edge the heavy wooden boards down, nor anyone rushes to her aid. Nevertheless she continues. Hope dies last, "Can't anyone hear me?!? Help, HELP! HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Still no answer.
Crying, she proposes one final time against one of the walls. With a quiet clack it gives in and swings a little bit wide. Long for a heartbeat she hesitates. Then outweighs the curiosity and fear. She opens it completely, carefully. In her front stretches a r
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SAW VIII: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Seeking the light of the flashlight shines the room after the new addition. In the rear, left corner hangs the light cone. There he lies, the murderer of many innocent policemen, FBI investigators and Jill Tuck, unconscious or dead, face down on the dirty tile floor. Mark Hoffman. Jigsaw's self-appointed heir.
Slowly the unknown person is approaching to him. Gordon, or one of the two latest victims can not be the unknown. The steps are not hard enough. Also true, the petite, slightly smaller figure does not match that of the other. His face is hooded by a hat and coat.
He bends down to Mark, feels his pulse and breathing. The second is rather weak, 'Shit.' Surprising the masked man climbs over him, a key obtained from his pocket and opens the lock on the ankle, then he goes back to Hoffman's head, grabs him under his arms and pulls the lifeless body into the middle of the room. He immediately take the necessary measures to first aid: Recovery position. Then he lit it
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SAW VIII: Chapter 5
Chapter 5:
Humming Korey enters the area of the pool attendants of the disused indoor swimming pool and walks along the long, dreary, barren concrete corridor. Although her chest hurts -by the impact, three days ago- but she is so fit again that she can help Lawrence with the final work. Full of enthusiasm she opens the adjacent door to the dressing area to the former employees, in which they will watch the games of the new victims. The monitors are already available but not connected to the cameras. Of course ...
She sighs ... This was so clear ...
Without hesitation, she crawls under the tables, connects the cables. After a while she comes out from under the desks, starts the screens.
"Don't despair, ask Korey." Mutters she pleased. On the seven computer monitors the required records of the connected video cameras  appear.
Supported with arms on the gray work area, she observes how her 'fellow pupils', the perform the last tests of the different traps, with dummies
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SAW VIII: Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Odium. Wrath. Ire.
These words could describe Mark Hoffman's current emotional state. Odium that Mika disappeared without concrete answers for an afternoon, evening and the beginning of the night -again-, although he has spoken to her mailbox, that she should show up immediately with some utensils he needs. Wrath on John, because he sits here at all in this mess, just because has taken 'measures', in case Jill dies. And ire at himself, because he is dependent on a small, nineteen year old, vengeful girl. Mika is nice and reliable on -her way-, but something is wrong with her ...  She seems to be so ... He can not say ... unnatural, perhaps ...?
Sighing, he sits on the construction plans of Gordon's trap. It is diabolical. Without hope of escape. The doctor is going to die. Certainly. But before this relief, he will suffer. Pain will be no expression ... A mischievous grin spreads across his lips. Briefly he goes through every step of the trap.
Then he stand
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Telos' Fury by ChelseaSnow Telos' Fury :iconchelseasnow:ChelseaSnow 14 2 MK Ninja Kirbies by CyanSoul MK Ninja Kirbies :iconcyansoul:CyanSoul 545 193

Creative Yet Distinctive

What drives you? What motivates you to keep drawing even when you don't want to pick up a pen or pencil?
Hi, this is Jassy Coco and I have been an artist on DA for two years. I have enjoyed my time on here and so on, but sadly its time for me to go. I love each and everyone of you and hopefully one day we'll see each other again.

Keep in contact!

Tumblr: xxjassy-cocoxx
FA: Jassy_Coco
Hentai Foundry: JassyCoCo69

Until another life!

Jassy Coco~
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This group is ALL about OCs, fan-art, and fan-fics from our very own Deviants on

Here, you can be creative and not be judged. Any genre is allowed including erotica. This place is a sanctuary for people who can come here and be themselves. I, Jassy Coco, will submit my own fan-fics and OCs on here so that everyone can see that it doesn't matter how well, good, or bad you draw, its the love for it that keeps us doodling!

All Original Characters, fan-arts, and fan-fictions are all welcome! Come to the Cre8tive Zone and feel free to show the world your cre8tive side!
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