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Hey everyone,

Just a quick journal to let you know that the long out of print HiFi Color for Comics instructional book is Being re-released again through a Kickstarter campaign!

Brian and Kristy Miller managed to get the rights back for the book from the original publisher and have been in the process of updating all of the existing content and putting together lots of new stuff for the modern age of comic book coloring. so even if you have the original book this will be fantastic as a resource and it will only get better the more we support it, check out the stretch goals and rewards.

The link is here…

spread the word and try your best to help in any way you can. it would be a great investment to the whole industry.

a shout out to :iconfableimpact: & :iconrosshughes: for bringing this to my attention.
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Behave yourselves.

To be honest, that's about the only strict rule we have. We want to keep the gallery quality high - obviously this will mean not everyone's art is going to be accepted. We expect submitters to understand this and we will not tolerate hissy fits. Everyone is capable of frustration and, to a point, that's perfectly understandable. However, if it's constantly repeated, while we don't want to ban people (and dont yet really know how), if someone is repeatedly causing a stir because we didn't accept their work, we'll soon figure it out. This group is for professionals and people who want to be professionals, and we expect appropriate behaviour. So to spell it out completely so its absolutely clear - act professional!

With that unpleasantness out of the way...

While we have fairly high expectations for the gallery quality, we would like to keep the mood around this place pretty light hearted. Ideally we'd like to create a place here that you can be proud to submit your work to, and also be happy to hang out here and be a part of the community, and if everyone carries on in the same spirit we don't really need any more rules.

So here's how the group works
(this may be subject to change as we figure stuff out)

Membership: we have 3 basic levels of membership - you can only apply for basic membership, but all applications are automatically approved. We're happy for anyone & everyone to join the group, no matter what your interest in coloring.

Members - basic membership is intended for those who are starting out in coloring, but who aren't quite ready for professional work. Also welcome are publishers, studios and other prospective employers who'd like to keep an eye on our galleries, and anyone else who'd like to tag along, really. Members are elegible to enter group contests and submit announcements to the Promotions Pad. If any member's submissions to the group show consistent high quality they may be upgraded to...
Contributors - this group is reserved for those who have already shown they're ready to work in coloring (or very nearly), and as such you can only become a Contributor by invitation, or by having a normal membership upgraded. In addition to normal member benefits, Contributors can submit to all folders (including placing an ad-card in our 'for hire' gallery), and can vote on submissions (tho we ask that you don't vote for your *own* submissions - let's try to keep things relatively impartial ;D).
Moderators - once we get things going properly we'll be looking for a few moderators to help us run things. Moderators will need to know their stuff regarding coloring so will probably be drawn from our contributors, and each will be given a specific job within the group.


All submissions to the group are subject to voting. And we really mean all ... even the founders! We have very high expectations for submissions so make sure you're submitting only your best pieces. Also note that we only accept examples of coloring - if your submission is something you've colored over your own drawing we class this as illustration, and therefor not appropriate for this group. We have established a rough criteria for what will be accepted, so our voters should hopefully be fairly consistent. If your submission is not accepted and you don't understand why, please pop a comment in the submission-pending-box-thingy in your message center, and we'll do our best to explain our reasons.
A member can submit 1 piece per week into the member's and critique galleries, while a contributor can currently submit 2 pieces per day to any of the galleries. We will not accept any more than 2 submissions per person into the featured gallery per week.

Colorist for hire section:

... is a work in progress at the moment, but what we want to do with that section is allow contributors to submit promotional posters/info cards for themselves as colorists. The folder will appear on the front page with its entries set to random, so anyone looking for a colorist will be able to see your work and whatever information you would like to include.

We may also add a section for potential clients to post ads this same way.

Critique Corner:

Pretty self explanatory - this is where you post work you would like to receive feedback for. This is not an open submission folder for you to put whatever you want in - it will still be regulated, though not as highly as the rest of the galleries. We can't guarantee you'll always received critique, but what critique is given will be very honest. You may not always like what you hear, but we'll always try to do our best to help you improve your techniques.

Promotions Pad

If you have a new book coming out, a nice wee contest our members might enjoy, or really anything else related to coloring that you want to let everyone know about, the Promotions Pad is there for you. Just drop a note to the group, mark it PP in the subject-line (for example: PP - coloring contest), and we'll pop it up if it's appropriate. The Pad is prominently featured at the top of our main group profile, so should be seen by most of our visitors.


Promo pad

New crowd fund project by Ronron84
Hello! I've been working on a cinematic graphic novel of William Shatner's book "Man O' War" as a penciller and colorist. They've launched an IndieGOGO campaign that needs some love. I've been looking for places to promote this project and thought your Promo Page might be a good spot. It's a really awesome project. Not only do they intend to launch a digital comic and eBook, but the cinematic part is where the awesomeness is. The cinematic graphic novel is a moving comic, where bits are animated; ships fly, the people move, and there are even sound effects to go along with it. Plus, it's narrated by William Shatner himself. Below is the link to the IndieGOGO campaign.…

Thank you so much and have a great day!



Do you have a book coming out? Have you spotted a colouring contest? Is there something else you're just itching to let our members know about? Then this is the place for you!
The Promo Pad is here for any member who wants to get the word out about anything relevant to the group. It doesn't matter whether you're a colourist, a publisher or just an observant wanderer - if there's anything you think our members would like to hear about, let us know! Just drop us a note (marked "PP" in the subject), and I'll pop it up here!

updated 03-04-15


Useful links and resources

We will link to Colorist relevant resources here from DA and beyond! let us know if you find a great referance to share!

Great Groups:

Outside of DA:
Sean Ellery's website
Jonathan Glapion's Website…
Digital webbing forum…
Gutterzombie forum…


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jomart27 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2021   Artist
Hello Good day!
My name is Joan, I'm a Comic flatter for more than 6yrs.
In case you need my service, please feel free to contact me on gmail (
You can check my work on this link 😊…

Thank you 😊
carloscamposart Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I am a professional comic flatter, with 7 years of experience working for several publishers, such as Boom Studios, Top Cow Comics, Dynamite, Aspen Comics, Marvel Comics and independent publishers.
I am now ready to accept more flatting works!!!
Just DM me or e-mail - - , Thank you!!!
Work by carloscamposart  
DorianNovle Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I Need Colorist.

Hello everyone I need a colorist to give life to my "Femdom" works, some are visible on my profile.

Long term collaboration.

Please show some examples of your paintings...
chatkills09 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2020
hello , im a comic flatter and need work this time. i actually
a comic restoration (sideman flatter) working on my friends. 
and i want to split with them , and make my own path. i can finish 
5-6 pages a day.
message me
you can visit me , my pages here just click my name…
thank you :)
carloscamposart Featured By Owner May 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm Professional Comic Flatter been flatting for 7 ears.
If you need someone to flats , I'm always available.
Email me at
My rate is 7$-10$ per page i can do 4-6 pages a day.
Bombshells 8.3 Page 8 by carloscamposart   Daredevil Wizard Ace Edition Cover by carloscamposart   Scooby Doo by carloscamposart  
carloscamposart Featured By Owner May 12, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm Professional Comic Flatter been flatting for 7 ears.
If you need someone to flats , I'm always available.
Email me at
My rate is 7$-10$ per page i can do 4-6 pages a day.
Dracula Page 01 by carloscamposart   Fantastic Four Galactus Doomsday by carloscamposart   Doom Patrol by carloscamposart  
geoffrey31 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2020
Hi, I'm Professional Comic Flatter been flatting for 6 years.
If you need someone to flats , I'm always available.
Email me at
Thanks my rate is 8$-10$ per page i can do 4-6 pages a day Sean by geoffrey31   Sean2 by geoffrey31   Sean3 by geoffrey31  
JSS13 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
I need a comic book color artist for an ongoing comic. 
This is a pay job.
Please email me with you details and questions.
geoffrey31 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2020
HI IM A COMIC FLATTER BEEN FLATTING FOR 5 YEARS. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FLATS IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE. EMAIL ME AT thanks my rate is 8$ per page ican do 4-6 Untitled-1 by geoffrey31  
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