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Hello all!
You may have noticed that this group seems dead, which is a pity. Is anyone interested in joining the admin team?
Due to personal circumstances, I am barely active on deviantart anymore. Please send me a message if you like to help out!
Thanks and all the best,
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DA-Animals - Only The Best !

Hey! :wave:

DA-animals is looking for creative and awe-inspiring animal art of good quality! Please send us your best!



RULES For DA-Animals Group:

Your work has been declined ?

:bulletblack: First of all, read the group rules (again).

:bulletblack: Don't feel offended, it doesn't mean your art isn't good or that you are not talented. It just means your deviation does not fit our criteria. You must understand that we are looking for the very (very) best of DeviantArt about animals! With time, we hope it becomes an honor to have a picture in DA-animals, rather than a shame to have it declined. The group's aim is to help people getting their own very best! Therefore, do not hesitate to ask why it was declined.

:bulletblack: We are willing to give (simple) feedback, but we do not initially give feedback on declined submissions; you have to ask for it! This is because we receive so many submissions each day, that we cannot keep up if we have to answer for each decline. If you are wondering why your submission was declined, please send a message in the correspondence item or send us a note with a link to the deviation! It may take a few days or longer before we reply, but we will! If you are looking for more constructive feedback on your art, please check other groups like ProjectComment!

:bulletblack: If you think that a rule is unclear or missing, then please send us a note.

:bulletblack: All rules will be enforced with staffs’ discretion.

Group rules

General rules

:bulletblack: Members of DA-animals are allowed to submit Deviations to both the Gallery and Favorites Gallery Folder of our group. Any Deviant outside our group can only submit to our Favorites Gallery Folder. Submissions are limited to 2 per folder per day.

:bulletblack: Deviations must be submitted in the correct folder. If your photograph or picture does not belong in any of the folders we have, please send a note or leave a comment so we can consider creating a new folder.

:bulletblack: While we understand why many Deviants use the watermark feature, we would prefer not to accept images that use the huge DA watermark in their images, as it really takes away from the viewing experience. If you have your own personal watermark that you made in Photoshop and added to your image, that should be okay as long as it is not very large and takes up most of the image in the middle.

:bulletblack: Deviations must not contain gore (we promote animal love, not violence).

:bulletblack: Photographs and artwork must contain an extant animal within them, and the animal should be the main focus. This means that the animal should not take up only a little amount of space in the image and other objects, but we do accept photography and artwork that showcase the natural habitat of the animal well. Background and surroundings should not draw attention away from the animal.

:bulletblack: We don't accept photos and artworks where there are bars/cage in front of the animal.

:bulletblack: No photographs/artworks containing people. We are a group focused on non-human animals and feel the inclusion of a person takes away the focus from the animal. We also discourage photographs with too many human-made objects.

:bulletblack: Any Deviations in storage will be removed from the group to keep the galleries clean and organized.


:bulletblack: Photographs must be very high quality pictures (composition, technique, originality are some of the most important criteria). It should have some artistic sense, not just a snapshot.

:bulletblack: Photos should have purposeful focus, no grain/noise, and should not be blurry.

:bulletblack: We typically decline photos that aren't focused on the head of the animal (example: no photos of an ear, foot, tail etc.).

Traditional and digital art

:bulletblack: All artworks should be unique and have correct anatomy, composition, displaying a good understanding of art techniques.

:bulletblack: Traditional art should be good quality scans/photographs (no blurry images, no dark corners, no including the desk or tools used. Also no art drawn on graph or lined paper.)

:bulletblack: We look for realistic art, with extant animals, (i.e. nothing rainbow, neon blue cats, things you wouldn't see in real life.) We do not accept cartoon-style drawings, comics, or any fantasy. Only real animals drawn in a realistic manner. We do accept geometric or slightly stylised art, as long as the general anatomy seems correct.



on behalf of the original Founders of DA-animals
TheEyesNeedMore & darkcalypso

and our current admins








Group Info

We're a group dedicated for the love and beauty of animals, representing the Animal side of the Deviant Art community.
Founded 11 Years ago
Apr 30, 2012


Group Focus

2,745 Members
2,265 Watchers
95,981 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Parasitic Fungi on fly by melvynyeo
Lion Sculpture 3d print model by doubleagent2005
Affection by vinayan
Zubr by DominikaAniola
Photography - Aquatic Life
Polycelis felina by sumie--dh
one day old grayseal by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Honu by Vitaly-Sokol
Little Grebe with fish 15-12-18 by pell21
Photography - Aquatic Mammals
Elephant Seals of Cambria by MotorCrazy
Seal 29-9-18 by pell21
Keep the distance by woxys
baby seal by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Photography - Domesticated Cats
The Black Cat Appreciation Day by Arkus83
Black and White Lion by CharlyJade
Blue Eyes by isischneider
Walking Through Clover by isischneider
Photography - Domesticated Dogs
Mimi in woods by Huskana
Tree walk by Huskana
Blue Eyes Puppy by Huskana
Fifi and Mimi by Huskana
Photography - Domesticated Small Mammals
Meerkat / Suricata suricatta by HunkUmbrella2
Cute look by Thunderi
Mieps, Wies and Pien by Marloeshi
busy hamster by Thunderi
Photography - Domesticated Horses, Donkeys
Sambor by SerenataPhotography
Searching by SerenataPhotography
Young Gelding Prince by kurtywompus
MJ B and W by kurtywompus
Photography - Domesticated Ruminants
Sheep Portrait by DominikaAniola
Silence of the lambs by YoshaPhotography
Die Gedanken sind frei by Lain-AwakeAtNight
polar bear sheep by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Photography - Birds
Common kingfisher by michalfrgelec
predator by AnnaMinsan
Common kingfisher by michalfrgelec
Trumpeting Call by DominikaAniola
Photography - Bears
Brown bear / Ursus arctos by HunkUmbrella2
Brown Bear Cub by vinayan
Asian Black Bear by DominikaAniola
One Man Show by Mouselemur
Photography - Elephants, Hippos, Rhinos
Is it safe to cross the road yet mum? by rbompro1
Photography - Wild Felids
Mr. Amazing by woxys
Photography - Wild Canids
Do  you have some problem?! by sumie--dh
Photography - Carnivora Misc
Hyena in the wild by rbompro1
Photography - Wild Equines and Zebras
Fallow deer by michalfrgelec
Photography - Wild Ruminants
'Get your camera away from me!' by CassandraKnight
Photography - Primates
Sophia by MonsterBrand
Photography - Rodents and Rabbits
European hare by michalfrgelec
Photography - Marsupials
Red panda / Ailurus fulgens by HunkUmbrella2
Photography - Pigs
Mohawks by valkeeja
Photography - Reptiles, Amphibians
Fire salamander by michalfrgelec
Photography - Invertebrates
At the interview by VeraVision
Photography - Others
Red deer by michalfrgelec
Traditional Art
De Brazza's Monkey Drawing by AmBr0
Digital Art - Paintings
(Comm) crumpled whiskers by Moldovorot
Digital Art - Other
Commission - Jacqueline by HannasArtStudio
Artisan Crafts and Sculptures
Shetland Pony Stallion by AnnMariesCreations


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Send us an invite.


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CrimsonInsidy Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2021   Digital Artist
is the group dead?
RiverRaven Featured By Owner May 2, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah the admins that ran this group (me included) had personal issues, and the change to Eclipse didn't help either. We are looking for new admins now, hopefully someone else can bring the group to live again. Interested?
nekomancer123 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, full explanation of group's situation has been given in the messages below.
CrimsonInsidy Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2021   Digital Artist
ok, ty!
ZjeroXytz Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
My submission expired, should I re-submit it?
nekomancer123 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, currently most submissions expire as there need to be 2-3 votes to accept/decline and submissions are randomly distributed between inactive admins. If you resubmit, it will most likely expire again.
ZjeroXytz Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for being honest. The "About Us" page says that you're planning to get new admins, so should I wait before trying to re-submit?
nekomancer123 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hard to tell, groups were hit hard by "upgrade" of DA to Eclipse. Interest in admin function is low + new contributors require training (takes time) and supervision (requires activity of senior admins). If you pm me (personal or group note) link to the artwork that expired I can tell you if it would be accepted or not and reasons for declining.
Dimetropus Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2021
Are fictional creatures allowed here? Might be a dumb question.
nekomancer123 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, thank you for asking, there is no such thing as dumb question.
If there happen to be enough active admins, we accept only real and not extinct animals. No fictional creatures, no magical animals, no humans, no furry/anthro, no dinosaurs, etc.
Currently most of the submissions expire though, regardless of fitting the group's strict requirements. There need to be 2 votes for yes/no to accept/decline submission and these are randomly distributed between mostly inactive admins.
Dimetropus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2021
Orphydian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Our brand-new group has a certain affinity with your group scope. Ofc there is a lot of filtering and selection going on like there should be on any group. We kindly ask to affiliate with you.

ArsRapax | DeviantArt
Berlin-Steglitz Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019
Many thanks for the request :)
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RiverRaven Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi FredsterNL, questions about declined artworks should be sent via the correspondence item or through a note (as you also did, and we are going to answer that soon).
Also I am sorry but I have to hide your comment as the link to your artwork can be a form of spam or a way to use our group to attract more viewers (although you may not mean it that way - therefore this notice).
FredsterNL Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem at all: I could not find a way to react to the original decline message (missing in the new layout of DA on a mobile device?!?)

Only after switching back to the previous layout I was able to do it in the message itself, hence the 'double-up'

petro66 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just join, and wow so much great art pices here
RiverRaven Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome to the group, and thank you!
Jorgipie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the request
LewiARTs Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks kindly for the request! :heart: Elephant36 by LewiARTs
NB-Photo Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Many thanks for requesting my elephant photo!
AlejandroCastillo Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018
Thanks so much for the request. =)
ratinrage Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
  :wave:  thanks so much for the request :)
Berlin-Steglitz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
Thank you very much for the request :)
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