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Your work has been declined ?

First of all, read the group rules (again).

Don't feel offended, it doesn't mean your art isn't good or that you are not talented. It just means your deviation does not fit our criteria. You must understand that we are looking for the very (very) best of DeviantArt about animals! With time, we hope it becomes an honor to have a picture in DA-animals, rather than a shame to have it declined. The group's aim is to help people getting their own very best! Therefore, do not hesitate to ask why it was declined. We are willing to give (simple) feedback, but we do not initially give feedback on declined submissions; you have to ask for it! This is because we receive so many submissions each day, that we cannot keep up if we have to answer for each decline. If you are wondering why your submission was declined, please send a message in the correspondence item or send us a note with a link to the deviation! It may take a few days or longer before we reply, but we will! If you are looking for more constructive feedback on your art, please check other groups like ProjectComment! If you think that a rule is unclear or missing, then please send us a note. All rules will be enforced with staffs’ discretion.


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We're a group dedicated for the love and beauty of animals, representing the Animal side of the Deviant Art community.

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    RULES For DA-Animals Group:

    1. General rules 1.1 Members of DA-animals are allowed to submit Deviations to both the Gallery and Favorites Gallery Folder of our group. Any Deviant outside our group can only submit to our Favorites Gallery Folder. Submissions are limited to 2 per folder per day. 1.2 Deviations must be submitted in the correct folder. If your photograph or picture does not belong in any of the folders we have, please send a note or leave a comment so we can consider creating a new folder. 1.3 While we understand why many Deviants use the watermark feature, we generally do not accept images that use the huge DA watermark in their images, as it really takes away from the viewing experience. If you have your own personal watermark that you made in Photoshop and added to your image, that should be okay as long as it is not very large and takes up most of the image in the middle. 1.4 Deviations must not contain gore (we promote animal love, not violence). 1.5 Photographs and artwork must contain an extant animal within them, and the animal should be the main focus. This means that the animal should not take up only a little amount of space in the image and other objects, but we do accept photography and artwork that showcase the natural habitat of the animal well. Background and surroundings should not draw attention away from the animal. 1.6 We don't accept photos and artworks where there are bars/cage in front of the animal. 1.7 No photographs/artworks containing people. We are a group focused on non-human animals and feel the inclusion of a person takes away the focus from the animal. We also discourage photographs with too many human-made objects. 1.8 Any Deviations in storage will be removed from the group to keep the galleries clean and organized.

    2. Photography 2.1 Photographs must be very high quality pictures (composition, technique, originality are some of the most important criteria). It should have some artistic sense, not just a snapshot. 2.2 Photos should have purposeful focus, no grain/noise, and should not be blurry. 2.3 We typically decline photos that aren't focused on the head of the animal (example: no photos of an ear, foot, tail etc.).

    3. Traditional and digital art 3.1 All artworks should be unique and have correct anatomy, composition, displaying a good understanding of art techniques. 3.2 Traditional art should be good quality scans/photographs (no blurry images, no dark corners, no including the desk or tools used. Also no art drawn on graph or lined paper.) 3.3 We look for realistic art, with extant animals, (i.e. nothing rainbow, neon blue cats, things you wouldn't see in real life.) We do not accept cartoon-style drawings, comics, or any fantasy. Only real animals drawn in a realistic manner. We do accept geometric or slightly stylised art, as long as the general anatomy seems correct.


    RiverRaven on behalf of the original Founders of DA-animals TheEyesNeedMore & darkcalypso and our current admins

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    thank you for the request!!

    thanks for the request!

    is the group dead?

    Yeah the admins that ran this group (me included) had personal issues, and the change to Eclipse didn't help either. We are looking for new admins now, hopefully someone else can bring the group to live again. Interested?

    Hello, full explanation of group's situation has been given in the messages below.