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:bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletwhite: I am who I am :rose:
Well to start with, I was left a twisted message on my profile by Ruana007 which goes like this;
Do you have a minute to talk about our lord, Jesus Christ? And download this free virus! Alternatively, you've been tagged [linktoawsomness]
So, I did consider if to click or not but as I'm afraid of nothing then here I am.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people!
7. Tell the person who tagged you if you did it.

So the answers shall be;
1. What are you doing right now *evil grin*
* As usually, most of the times I am multitasking; I opened up my music folder and put on some music, checking my e-mails as on daily basis, I am meanwhile also cooking so time to time I come check what's new, thinking what did I forgot to do yesterday and try to remember what are the tasks I shall do today (very very hard to remember), drinking some water and also messing around trying to clean my table (which Ruana007 as you can remember can be quite a mess xD though as i threw out the old monitor I have a lot of more space for that).
2. Tell me your inner desires!! Na, I'm just kidding: What's the evilest things you did/wish to do?
* Uuh... which of the many? Well one of top 3 things done is that I got to know Ruana007 - that also fits with the inner desires but let's not talk about that more... the other top two reach back to ages ago happenings and like they say - don't trigger the past and at this moment I don't really want to open up those cases. What goes for what I wish to do.. Well time will tell if I'll see you in hell or not :P Tho I'm clean now (A) !!!
3. Did you ever beat the living wits out of anyone? And why :3
* Kicked my brother when I was a kid, does that count? I guess not... For the random bad-ass tricks he did to annoy me.
4. How many animals you had in total during your entire life span O.O *gazes into soul*
* Duff question, perhaps too many to remember.. I remember once we had like 14 cats in old farmhouse. In new farmhouse was like 7 gow's, some bulls.. 3 i can remember from latest years and then some galves... So since I was like 4 I can remember those animals.. and if I bring out the farmbook I can tell you exactly.. and that was till 2006/2007 (o throughout times +-200 atleast) Count there also pigs, chickens(now we have 1 left who don't want to surrender to fox), rabbits, 3 dogs and my brother... Too bad NASA isn't sending monkeys to moon anymore...
5. Im thirsty. Are you thirsty? I really like Redbull. We should get a Redbull. You can get a Redbull, I can get a Redbull! WE COULD SHARE REDBULL! Riiiiiieeeeeeedddbuuuullllllll
* I am thirsty a bit.. but after answering these questions I think I need something little stronger than Redbull :X And since the day just started and it is supper warm and sunny and have almost nothing to do... Ill throw out the thirst with some cooold woooooooter
6. I really dont know what else to ask: Oh i know! Whyyyy......dooo........we exist? Let's unravel the mysteries of the universe together
Ohh.. you did not just simply ask that and not answer yourself... Like Miss Universum would say; To make world a better place and bring peace on earth...
But ohh well... let's just keep screwing the world, make wars and build some more atom bombs and maybe one day we can shout down from clouts; That's my son - You go girl! Or curse them from hell; I told you not to do this & that - why you never listen you brat.. Or just burn some marshmallow and laugh how they said they could make the world a better place and failed.  (I guess.. that's one of the evil things to do also..?!)
8...........Sorry, my tagger was bit lazy..........
9.............or under Redbull influence.............

So there goes my Questions;
1. If you would be (and if you are) an actor/actress, which movie would you want to play in and as whom?
2. What was the most defining moment in your life during this past year?
3. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
4. Who is your idol - person you look up to - your inspiration? (can be 3 different + add your own)
5. If you would have only 10 months to live and you know you'll suffer a lot for the last months, what would you do?
6. And the very random; Without what or whom you hate to pass your day?
7. What do you want to see more; Despicable me 2 or Finding Nemo 2?
8. If you could, would you change something in the past you did/did not do? If yes, describe.
9. What do you need most right now?
10. In once sentence, who are you? (no names eg, I am Ave Tuul and if you use your commas well, no sentence is too long :P )

Next victims shall be;  
:iconminnemanne: :iconccplazza: :iconrosebone:
:iconcrusnik-o2: :iconx1000xwordsx: :iconzohark:
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