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Hardcore Ladys market
Looking of someone (preferably female) to play the role of a musclegirl in a fmg roleplay
Super Great Group My Luvv!!!!
<3 <3 <3  xX My Beautiful Face Close Up Xx by iM0RT4L1TY  
If anyone is interested in a story about FBBs or muscular women, please let me know....musclemom1234@gmail.com
Scott and Sara had been married for 17 years. Scott owned a small sporting goods store in the downtown area of a small Midwestern town. Sara worked at the local library and had free time as she worked only part time.

Scott was 43, tall and very thin. Sara was 36, 5'1, 145 pounds. She had been bodybuilding and powerlifting for 6 years and had a pair of huge arms and massive thighs built from the years of lifting.
Eight years into their marriage, Sara was cleaning out their closet and found a pile of clothes in the corner of Scott's side of the closet. She mumbled at how he  was sloppy at times. As she moved the clothing, she found a pile of DVDs and magazines. She immediately thought they were just adult material and was fine with it. But she noticed they were not. Instead it was a pile of martial arts magazines and DVDs. Devoted to women. She watched the DVDs over the course of a few weeks and watched as the women used men in various ways. Some just basic self defense moves. Others with vicious ballbusting. More with intense footjobs and a series of kicking exercises on a man's groin. She knew he was embarrassed by liking this and knew she couldn't fulfill this desire. So she decided to change it.

Over the next 9 years, Sara would join a local dojo and studied taekwondo and judo. To the point of earning 4th degree blackbelts in both. She paid for it all in cash and never told Scott of her accomplishments.

Their anniversary was coming up and she had a plan. When he left for work that morning, she had a crew of guys come and set up mats in the garage, along with sparing gear, dummies, punching bags and piles of wood and cinder blocks.

She went through her routine in hermind all day. As the hour approached for himi to come home. She slipped her white gi on and tied her blackbelt around her waist. She pinned a note to the front door and went to the garage to wait.

She unplugged the garage door to make him walk through the front.

Is any free ai text prompt generator?
I’ve been waiting for a post of mind to approved for more then a week. When is it going to be approved?