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Guidelines & Rules


- We do not accept members with empty galleries.

- Being accepted as a member of this Group will NOT guarantee an automatic acceptation of your work.

- Make sure to read the submission rules BEFORE you submit your works.

IMPORTANT: WORKS posted in Premium galleries or full blurred works it will be declined.

How to join

Just click "Join group" that can be found on the top sidebar.

How to submit

- Pick "Submit art" that can be found on the top sidebar (Home page).
- Choose the correct folder. We will check often and remove all works in the wrong folders.
- Submission limit: Two works per day.

What can I submit?

- Art made by yourself, no from other artists.
- Do not submit screenshots from games, movies/series etc!

IMPORTANT: My submission was declined, why?

If your work has been declined it is because you have placed it in the wrong folder.
If you do not want your work to be declined, put it in the correct folder.

:bulletred: Rules to Photomanipulations

:bulletgreen: Don't submit unfinished works.
:bulletgreen: Don't submit works that do not abide to DeviantART's rules.
:bulletgreen: Google images are not stock.
:bulletgreen: Stock must be credited, preferrably with a clickable link to the stock provider or the stock image.
:bulletgreen: 3D images should contain a program reference.
:bulletgreen: Fan Art should include some sort of reference and may not be available as a print. Fan Art FAQ
:bulletgreen: Images containing copyrighted content categorized as manipulation will be declined. Ex. Celebrities, movie characters, screenshots etc. DeviantART Copyright Policy…

Gallery Folders

I am the king by Elysekh
We are not friends by Ellysiumn
Nothing stops me by Ellysiumn
Mangling the fowls | Book cover sold by Elysekh
Waiting for you by Artsy-Pandora
Mother of Evil by 1chick1
Magical World by AArtistNK
Life is a challenge by Elysekh
Book covers
Peaceful mind by Elysekh
book cover 38 by FoxyM8
Pantheon of Ashes by Elysekh
book cover 36 by FoxyM8
Digital art
Commission3 for Ze207ro by RainbowPhilosopher
News by AquariusAnqel
Never Stop by AquariusAnqel
Environmental Coloring by MaraRey
Drive Home by Pajunen
Blossoms by Pajunen
cloch III by DelightfulDolphin
ceo by DelightfulDolphin
Unforgettable Epic  Sight-September MMXXI by GothLyllyOn
Glorious Caucasus mountain  range by GothLyllyOn
Sunset seashore by Pajunen
Heart and Soul by Artsy-Pandora
Traditional art
eilifint by DelightfulDolphin
cailin VII by DelightfulDolphin
sasta by DelightfulDolphin
hoigh by DelightfulDolphin
Desolate wordsIn the warm afternoon sunlightI could see his smile and twinkling eyesWe sat on the porch Reminiscing, laughingLoving, chattingHe told me that it was all very goodHe told me this was all going rightI smiledI believed him, of courseOf course I believed himOf course I didDays later, he told me his head hurtI sighed and dismissed itBut he was not so sureBut he smiled anywayThe corners of his beautiful eyes crinkling in happinessBecause everything was fineBecause everything had to be fineNights later, he told me his head hurt againI was a bit more concerned and requested he take AdvilHe did, but it did not helpBut nonetheless I said it would be fineAnd he did not look so sureBut he did not say anythingHe smiled and noddedBut it did not spread to his eyesNext day, he told me his head hurt very, very badlyHe said he could not take the painI took him to the doctorThey said it must be stressGave him some medicine and that was thatBut then that nightI heard him screamingHis blood curdling yelps of pain ringing through the houseHe told me there was a detonating bomb in his skullHe told me his head was going to explodeHe told me he could not do it anymoreI cried, saying to him that I was right thereI said that I would call the ambulanceHe told me that it would be fineHe told me that he loved meAs he drifted off to the nextHe told meHe told meBut I did not listenHe told me He told meBut I did not take him seriouslyI wish I could forgive myselfBut the truth is is that everything was not fineAnd I do not think it ever will be
Artisans Craft
Other arts
End of the world by Artsy-Pandora

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