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PKU AFS Ch 6: Panicked Fury
Chapter 6: Panicked Fury
Wedsday 4:23 PM, September 10th, 2025
Thousands of thoughts fired through my synapses. Did I walk away, did I call the police, or did I defend her. I couldn't stand the girl being taken away like that, and the Police couldn't catch up to the men in time. I had to jump in.
"HEY!" I shouted. "Leave her alone." The men stared at me, as if I was the perpetrator of the incident. The girl in question was unconscious. They were wearing suits that hid their faces. I made myself clear. "DO NOT TOUCH HER!" I said. I walked through the cloud of gas. Suddenly, I felt a bit woozy from inhaling the chemicals. "What do you want, kid?" one man said, clearly having no respect for me, and emphasizing "kid." The other one reached and grabbed the 16-year old girl and put her into a fireman's carry. "I WANT YOU TO LET GO OF HER!" I shouted, loud enough to alert the store personnel. "This is our business, child. You had bette
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PKU: AFS Chapter 5: Allergic to Myself
Tuesday, September 9th, 2025
I woke up in my dorm room the next day, and got out of bed.  I threw on my clothes and realized that there was a layer of orange fur covering all of me.  Everywhere, except for my neck, which was becoming more a more blubbery substance, which I would soon be able to inflate.  It currently just draped over my shoulders.  I noticed as well that my clothes were starting to be bigger than they were yesterday.  I was shrinking to buizel size, slowly.  Also, my ears were folding back into my head.  My snout was becoming more pronounced, widening out.  I noticed my tails were starting to sprout.
My room was a small space, like mine at home.  I had a bed, though it was more of a 3' long bed.  Not too sure about that.  I used chairs to prop my legs up.  There was a desk and some shelves, but not too much.
But, all the new sensations I
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PKU: A Faltering Secret: Chapter 3
Part I: Transformation
Chapter 3: Mechanically Steady
I sometimes like to contemplate my existence. I am a flying squirrel with electric powers. That just sounds nuts. (Yes, I know I punned, now keep it to yourself, private (aaaaaaaand I did it again)) I got here because of a weird incident with a plane.
I joined the United States Air Force because I love planes. I love the feeling of being up in the air, the thrill of weightlessness, followed by the incline. I love the thrill of sitting in the cockpit, with all the little doohickeys and stuff. Man, I sure would like to fly a plane again sometime. But when I was about thirty-five, an incident happened. I was flying and realized there was an odd flange on my arm. It was growing quickly. I wasn't paying any attention and crashed.
I was out. Cold. Then a group of humans, not extinctionists, mind you, nursed me to the best to their ability. Because, how do you do medical procedures on an Emolga? I regained consciousness a week l
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Chapter 6: Panicked Fury


Wedsday 4:23 PM, September 10th, 2025

Thousands of thoughts fired through my synapses. Did I walk away, did I call the police, or did I defend her. I couldn't stand the girl being taken away like that, and the Police couldn't catch up to the men in time. I had to jump in.

"HEY!" I shouted. "Leave her alone." The men stared at me, as if I was the perpetrator of the incident. The girl in question was unconscious. They were wearing suits that hid their faces. I made myself clear. "DO NOT TOUCH HER!" I said. I walked through the cloud of gas. Suddenly, I felt a bit woozy from inhaling the chemicals. "What do you want, kid?" one man said, clearly having no respect for me, and emphasizing "kid." The other one reached and grabbed the 16-year old girl and put her into a fireman's carry. "I WANT YOU TO LET GO OF HER!" I shouted, loud enough to alert the store personnel. "This is our business, child. You had better know better than to stick your fat a** in someone else's business," the other man snarkily replied, marching with his companion toward the bakery section. I was hit by the insult. I paused to think up a comeback. Well, you, sir, are the pinnacle of rudeness. Nah, too lame. Nothing else came to mind. I decided the best comeback for that situation was a jar of spaghetti sauce.

I reached into my cart and grabbed the sauce. My hands clenched the jar, feeling the glossy glass. I then wound up. My arm was tense and ready. I sent it forward, letting the muscles do their work. My fingers gently released the jar, all in a smooth arcing motion. The can flew towards the men, who walked right by a display for some sandwich cookies. The jar soared through the air, twisting and rolling right towards them. It finally touched down, right on the man who insulted me. It hit him square in the back, then bounced and exploded with tomatoes, onions, and whatever else was in there. What a comeback.

The man howled in pain and slipped over. The woman he was carrying fell onto the concrete floor. His companion ran after me and in a similar arc, then punched me in the nose. I reeled back onto the yellow concrete. Everything was horrible, and time seemed to slow down for me. The floor around us was a mess of red. Glass shards, chunky spaghetti sauce, and the blood pouring out of my nose, all oozing around the concrete. I laid there, wondering if I was dead.

I saw the girl twitch. But her hands weren't normal. They were becoming white and they were forming into some sort of… leg thing? How? What? I thought that that may be the reason why they were attacking the girl. Having weird hands doesn't make any kind of assault okay, so I gathered up my dwindling strength. The few seconds of slo-mo were almost up. Then I heard a voice in my head. One word. One syllable. Help! That one word was enough to get me up. I sprang up, almost no regard to my bleeding nose.

I looked toward the men. "We got her," one of them said into a comm similar to that I saw at the train station. "We'll take her to the van." They were heading to the elevator to kidnap the girl. I worried that this was going to be a murder case, or worse. So, I took off toward the escalator, as fast as my distance-running designed legs could carry me.

I blasted through aisle 10. I thought if I could take the escalator, I could cut them off at the elevator stop in the lot. I plowed through tons of people. They were staring at me as if I was crazy. I don't blame them. I was dirty, dusty, and had blood all over the lower half of my face.

Afterward, I sprinted to the escalator, and tried my best not to trip. I slowed down on the escalator, frantically trying to avoid the people there. Finally, my sprinting plowed through the automatic door, stopping only because it was too slow for me. The men would be down from the elevator any second now. I rushed through the lot, trying to find the elevator. A screech of brakes filled my ears. My head turned instinctively to the noise. A plain white van, with no logos, no decals, or anything. No graphics were on this van besides a rusty Nevada licence plate. I reached into my sweat pocket when the elevator doors opened. The men came out, carrying the teen, just as I remembered.

My legs motioned towards them, but I quickly stopped them. I needed to think cleverly. My instincts eased off, and I was left with a bunch of unused adrenaline. I looked at the licence plate. It read 434 CRF. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. One ring. The men walked toward the van. Two rings. They got ready to put the girl in the back. Three rings, which were then cut off suddenly. No operator. I looked at my phone.

Perfect, I was greeted with an empty battery icon on a black screen. Just perfect. I would have to take matters into my own hands. I planned to take the van out of commission, but how? There were no parts around. There wasn't anything useful, except… those protesters! A bright shining idea popped into my head, as if a circuit completed a connection to a light bulb. "DO NOT KIDNAP THAT GIRL!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The two kidnappers stared at me. "YOU HEARD ME!" I continued. I looked behind me, making sure everyone could see my still bleeding nose. Everyone was watching. Just as I wanted. Then, I saw a symbol on the men's badges:

The man must've noticed I saw the symbol, as he covered it up with his right hand. People were watching. I had to help the girl. I mustered myself up, and ran toward the men. I ran and tried to punch them. I had the element of surprise on my side. I ran up and smacked the second down in a tackle, getting my bleeding nose on his chest. He tried to fight me off, but I got him down. The first man ran at me and pinned me down smacking me pretty good. I struggled to shake them off. I had to save her. I struggled out of their grasp. I thought of calling Garrison.

Oh right, my phone was dead, and even then, I don't think I could hold them off long enough for Garrison to come. I was flying solo. Or was I? The first man smacked me down to the concrete, and then stood up. He pulled an object out of his pocket and threw it at the crowd. A flash of light engulfed the lot. He then threw another one at me.

I felt unconscious. My memory of the incident was fading. No! I will not let it! I laid there, looking at the girl. I had to move. Maybe fighting wasn't my strong suit, but… I knew how to repair a car. It was too late. The girl was loaded into the truck.

Stainless steel chains were wrapped around her arms and legs, as she didn't resist. I was lost. The van's doors were shut tight. The van drove away, the two men successfully capturing their prey. The one thing flashing through my head was that symbol. A straight line. It almost resembled a shield. I cried. I failed. I weakly pulled out my phone. My face was a mess. My nosebleed stopped but I had bruises and a black right eye. I was bruised all over.

I weakly picked myself up. I walked to the protesters. "Anyone know where they went?" I asked. "Whaddya talkin' bout?" someone said. "You're insane!" I shouted. "You all saw it!" "Saw what," asked a woman. They acted as if nothing ever happened. "YOU WERE RIGHT THERE!" "I don't know," said someone, "this guy is clearly insane." "Yeah, probably a crackhead." "There were two men, a girl, and a van!" Everybody had no idea what I was talking about. As if their memory was wiped! I ran to the bus. I didn't have much of a appetite. I ran through the parking lot. But then, a siren blared. A police car pulled up near me.

I slowly raised my hands into the air to show I wasn't hostile. The car pulled over. "Officer," I said, "I'm so glad you came!" "You look a bit banged up," said the officer, "someone called 911 because of a kidnapping." I was nervous. I would get arrested if they suspected I was the kidnapper. I opened my mouth to tell her I was trying to help, but then thought better of it. "What did you do?" she asked.

I told her how two men in suits sprayed a girl with a purple chemical knocking her unconscious, taking her to a van. I told the officer how I chucked a glass jar of sauce at them to get them to stop. She looked at me as she was informed on how they puched me in the nose. "Well, that explains the bleeding," she said. I looked at her with my one good eye. "I'm sorry for interfering," I sighed. She looked at me. "Nobody but me remembers what happened for whatever reason," I continued. "I think you should go to the hospital," the officer told me. I hurt all over. She opened the door to the back of the car, and I got in. "You'll be locked in, okay?" she explained. I already knew that was coming but I told her okay. She closed the door.

I clicked my phone on, hoping it got some power left. I just got hit with what Dominica said to me. What the heck is a "Pokéuman?" That sounds like a dumb fan-fiction story. Why did I get two drastically different messages from Dominica? Is she okay? Is she just pranking me? Where is she? Where is Cameron? What does any of this mean? I had thoughts pulsing through me and a horrible feeling in my gut.


Today was awful. I just couldn't concentrate during class. I was crying. And yes, I did get bullied, like Leroy warned.

Biology was good, and I learned a lot about our transformations. The teacher, a kadabra, explained that the humanizing stones compressed DNA into a smaller portion, kind of like a computer archive, and wrote human DNA in it's place. That archive was passed down through generations and was sometimes destroyed or corrupted. The shockwave decompressed that archive but overwrote the human DNA. So that was cool and all.

But later I was walking down to the library, and I got slammed. "Hey, human, you're not supposed to be here! You're supposed to get your memory wiped, weakling!" someone said as I was sprawled down at the lockers. I cried, and ran. He was faster. He tackled me.

"See how you take this!" It was a delphox attacking me. "FUTURE SIGHT!" I had to hide before that hit me. I got up and ran. "BLAST BURN!" the creature shouted. I braced for the impact. Then I felt something wet. Rushing water hit the delphox. From… James! He blasted the delphox down. "Maybe you should pick on someone of your own kind!" he shouted. I panicked, circles appeared around me. They slammed into me, each more painful than the next. I had to fight. I grabbed all my strength. "Run!" yelled James. I ran. I ran all the way to the dormitory wing. I sobbed. I wanted to be accepted. I was shunted between two worlds, and no way out. I ran through the door into the village. And there she was, saved me again!

Sra. Arjona walked toward me. "Are you okay, hija?" she asked. I looked down at the floatzel. "No," I sobbed, "I want to finish my transformation. I'm getting bullied. I don't wanna be at the school." I wanted a home. I wanted to be at home. I tried calling my mom earlier, and got no response. At first, I felt free with no craziness. I still did. I could kind of do as I pleased at this point. But I was wrong.

For whatever twisted reason, in this world, you're powerful when you are, well, physically powerful. I wanted to be powerful because of this. My biology teacher here told me that our brains were just naturally hardwired to fight. It was in our blood.

At least there were no crazy families… But something felt empty inside me. I shrugged off the feeling. "Cm'ere hija," offered Lyra. We had a long conversation about the issue. I still couldn't believe I was taller than her right now. "If you don't wanna be at the school for the evening, I can take you to my house for a while. My dad's away tonight with others at Coastal Ranges, another base, tonight. You'll have to go back tonight." I accepted the offer. I walked with her.

"You understand that the transformation continues even with the watch on right?" Oh. So I was still transforming. YES! "Thanks!" I yelled, ignoring all the stares we were getting from other pokéumans. Lyra and I continued walking. I felt stupid, throwing a blg fit over something I misunderstood. I do that a lot.

As we passed by a large building, I asked Arjona what it was. "That's city hall. The mayor of Amazuli, the council, and the PRT are here," the floatzel replied, "right now I think Mew's in there, but I don't know.

I imagined a crazy thing I wanted to do. I ran ahead, pushed open the doors to the hall, and ran to the auditorium of the hall. Mew was there, talking about his experience during the war. I ran up to the stage and screamed at the top of my lungs, "HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT SAKURAI!?" The pink cat stared at me. "What?" he asked.

I chuckled at my own thoughts and resisted all temptation to go and do that. At least I knew we had a power system other than kicking butt. We walked to the end of the building, then kept going. 'Mon were glancing at me, because I was human. I waved and they just went back whatever they were doing.

"How many of us are there?" I asked. "I don't exactly know," said Lyra, "we're about ten percent of the world's population… No… Was it four? No, it was ten." So that meant there were millions of us. Why couldn't we all get up and attack` the Extinction if that was so? I was very confused. I asked her. "Almost daily, there are people who get brainwashed by the Extinction to bring us down. That's how my dad ended up the way he did. He was kidnapped, tested on, and because of that, he was traumatized." There was a pause. "Why do they do this?" I asked. Lyra sighed. "Mr. X believes that the original pokémon enslaved humanity. I don't understand why he feels that way, because it's false. Some people are just crazy," she continued.

We walked past what looked to be a store, then into a residential area. A bunch of houses were lined up in rows like regular human streets. In essence it was a regular human town. But said humans are now turned into pokémon. Whooh! We walked up several blocks, and then we stopped at a yellow, shotgun-style house (because if you fired a bullet from the front door it would hit the back door. Don't ask me about human naming conventions). I instantly recognized this. "This is the same house my grandparents have!" I exclaimed. "That's probably because it was built by pokéumans in disguise. There's a Gurdurr who is well known in the industry. Grew up here in Amazuli," Lyra laughed and explained. The house layout was pretty common in Veronica, and Tariak used to joke that his friend's house (I'm not good with names) was "mirror mode" when compared to our grandparents.

I never met my father's parents because they died in a electrical accident. Dad was very heartbroken, and I don't know if he had anything left.

"I had trouble assimilating with humans," she continued "there are just so many hidden rules." I agreed. Things are so hidden, that I can't interact socially, because I can't follow rules I don't know existed. We walked up to the yellow house. The floatzel grabbed a set of keys out of a lanyard pocket. She put them into the door, and turned them counter-clockwise.

I was never good at keeping track of small things. One time I tried to force Tariak to play Pokémon with me by hiding all his Mario Kart games in my drawer. I ended up losing all of them. Tariak was very, very angry. He responded by releasing my main buizel and all my buizels from my boxes. What a jerk. I then tried to delete all his music, but he protected it under a password. It backfired as he ended up just playing A Hat in Time with Cameron.

Lyra pushed open the door. "Oh," she said, "I remember you have homework!" I glanced at her and facepalmed (finally I can use that term without a bunch of pokéumans going after me with whatever the appendages closest to their heads were called). We walked inside. The house was just as I remembered my grandparents!' I walked into the living room, then to the dining room just around the left. I did draw a little map on the page I was working on.

I sat down at the dining room table and did my homework. It was just a bunch of algebra, which I breezed through. It was factoring trinomials. Afterward, I explored the house. Right behind me was the kitchen. It was walled off except right next to the side yard door, which was where in a normal human house where the garage would be. The walls were painted a calming blue.

To the left me was a lot of seafoam green cupboards, hung on a wall with a big window. To the right was a large counter, with a spice rack, drawers, and a stove. A door was between the stove and the counter, and I knew it would lead to a pantry and a laundry room. All eating detergent jokes aside, the kitchen layout was convenient, and when I was at my Grandmother's house, we did a lot of cooking. I held back tears thinking about how I'd never see her again.

I walked back into a living room and down a short hall. A closet was to my left, and a bathroom to the right. I kept walking, and then stopped. I saw a picture of a floatzel, a tiny buizel, and a… mimikyu? It was in a frame, and it was very real. The photo was pretty big, and it was outside. More photos followed the lives of the three pokémon. The buizel walking, going to school, a pumpkin patch, and a young girl, who looked to be in second grade, going to an amusement park, with a blue humanizing ring. She looked thrilled. Another photo protrayed the bui in a costume, and another with a massive golurk that actually required two pictures to get the buizel in it. Then I saw her in the school, and even then graduating! Then I saw the thing that confirmed my fleeting thoughts. A photo of Lyra going to college. The photos told Lyra's life story. There were photos of the mimikyu, but one photo caught my eye, it was a portrait, but my heart sank when I saw the pink bow on the frame. Lyra found me, and sighed. "My mom died when I was ten," she said, "she died to the extinction while defending the hospital and a hatchery. A valiant defender." I looked at her. That look lasted for a long time. "I'm sorry," I said. Lyra looked at me. "I'm okay with it. I remember her, and she will always be with me.

I wished I could have that much faith in myself. I worried I would miss my parents. I suddenly looked at the floatzel. "What are the hidden social rules of your society?" I asked.


I looked at Dominica. Her human eyes bored into my soul. She was certainly troubled about it. "Well," I started, "I guess first of all, you shouldn't go around dwelling about your past life too much. That gets in the way of stuff." "Easy enough," she said. I continued; "you probably shouldn't use moves too often." "Does it hurt?" she asked. "What?" "Moves. Do they hurt?" "Well..." I don't know about this, being a pokeuman all my life, I didn't know how to describe it to someone like Dominica. "You'll see in a bit." I didn't want to scare her, but I didn't know what to say. I told her that. We had a conversation about this for a while. I heard a knock on the door. I knew who it was.

"Go somewhere!" I told the human. I didn't want to tell her. The door opened, and mi padre walked in. Dominica didn't budge. "Hi, Lyra," he said. I looked at him. "I suspect you have someone with you. Dominica was sheltered from the frail floatzel's view by the wall. "Well, the visit to Coastal Ranges was fun. Too much though. A lot of talk about an albino vilpix who is mentally insane." He then shifted to his comedian voice. "Like what? I'm the only water-type there! You expect me to be her psychologist?" Dominica didn't take the hint.

"How was your day?" Papa continued. I glanced nervously at Dominica. He walked toward me. He saw her. "Yo-uh-uh," he stammered. "that's- a- human!" He broke down, curled up. "Please, please don't take me back. I have a..." he continued groaning. Then he began to attack. "IRON TAIL!!!" I held him back. "She's one of us," I reassured him. The extinction gave him PTSD. He does this anytime a human is in sight. He continued wailing. I looked for Dominica, and heard a door slam.

I comforted Papa and told him everything would be okay. I ran after Dominica then. She was on the front porch, crying. "I'll never get accepted here. I'm an outcast of both worlds. I just wanna go home." She then ran away from me. I tried to follow, but she was really fast.


I ran crying. An outcast. Thrown out of humanity, but the opposite world refused to take me in. I was angry, I just wanted to punch something. I was never accepted. This world refused me, and so did the other one. The outcast. The orphan. I ducked into an alley, and intended to stay there. I scrunched into a ball, and proceeded to weep. I lost one life, and was in a purgatory of another.

I wanted to go home. Forget this ever happened. But, another me was there, being happy and okay with her life. I couldn't return. I had to wait a long, horrid week for the change, and even then, would I be accepted? I wish I could Thanos snap my problems away. I couldn't. "I know how you feel," a voice squeaked. "Who's there!?" I shouted. "No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no! Calm down!" A joltik crawled toward me. "You're an outcast, like me!" "I'm nothing like you!" I said, "you get to be one and I don't!" "I understand," he replied, "but aren't we all outcasts? Cast out of our old world, forced to live in hiding. I'm part of a group called the Revival."

I looked puzzled at him. "We take back our rightful place in society. To reunite with humans, that's what you want right. See your parents again? Your family?" He glanced up at me. "Is that what you want?" he finished. I thought long and hard. I don't know, I thought, It seems like he's nice, but I can't be with him. I'd crush him. I'm not safe around them. I got bullied! "It's tough being the outsider, I know," the creature told me. I walked away. "HEY!" the thing squeaked. "WAIT UP! I have a way!" I looked back. "Challenge the four!" "Well that's helpful," I scoffed.

"The four best fighters in this town. Take 'em on and get out fast!" he continued. "I HAVEN'T EVEN TRANSFORMED FULLY YET!" I shouted. "Oh, sorry!" he said, and scurried away. He didn't mean it. I could tell in his voice. He'd be back to harass me some more. Like a lot of people at my middle school. Me and my human body. Ugh.
PKU AFS Ch 6: Panicked Fury
Whooh!  That took a long time!  But the gang is back for more action!  All right!
Being a primarily a Yoshi main who uses kirby, I do see the downsides of my main-main.
Untitled drawing by D4tBui
Just got a Switch for christmas though!
Coming Soon!

Pokeumans VS. 2012 Facial Recognition Technilogy on the Wii U
Bad Lip Reading's at it again!
Big Tech Cracking down on everything: A common 2018 theme!
There's a post floating around the internet in a blog where an AI attempts to write a short Harry Potter fanfiction (if you could call it that) by analyzing all of J.K. Rowling's writing and narration throughout the books.  The AI is actually public, and that got me thinking about something really stupid and probably won't go anywhere at all: what if we got the same predictive text AI, called Botnik, to write a Pokéumans oneshot?  I know, it's REALLY stupid.  Like really stupid.  You might be thinking why can't I just go off and do that?  Because I'm only one person.  The idea is that I want to get my paws on as many stories and spin-offs as I can, so I can give Botnik a more accurate picture of the writing, dialogue, terms, and narration of Pokéumans.  To do that, I want everyone reading this to send me just a couple chapters of a spin-off, a oneshot, or an early draft of something, so I can put it into a massive document that Botnik can analyze.  This story will be intended to be a story in a fun nature to see how well an AI can handle such an elaborate world of bases, secrets, and adventure.  There will be some disclaimers, though.

  • When analyzing writing, Botnik will pick up on character, location, and other unique names, and will also then suggest them to me as I use it to write a funny oneshot.  So, you have to be okay with the possibility that some of your characters, bases, and/or ideas may show up in this AI monstrosity.  Your narration style also may be copied too, or merged with another's.  If you don't want one of those in, you can tell me and I'll try to avoid it.  Also I'll avoid frequently mentioned characters like Mr. X from getting into the story, unless Brandon allows it (which will be EXTREMELY unlikely).  You can also modify your story via and then send it to me.
  • I won't allow anything behind a mature filter.
  • I will only add the page or chapter you send me, but I will add all of it.  I'm pretty sure there's an file size limit to Botnik.
  • The intent of this "collab" project is a satirical in nature and is only intended for comedic purposes and is not to hate on anyone or anything.
  • If you want a glimpse of what the end result will be like, check out "Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked like a Large Pile of Ash".
  • Admins, some aspects of this story may break the rules, as an AI doesn't know them.  That being said;
  • None of this will be canon.  Period.
  • And I understand that this may not make it into the group.
If you want to share your story with me so I can do this, send me a link in the comments.
Want to try Botnik out for yourself? Head to to see for yourself!  I hope you all can help me! Buizel is happy 


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I'm a Buizel Pokéuman who recently had my clone stumble upon the group that tells our stories. I'm collaborating with him to do this stuff. I'll also upload random garbage and memes when I'm boered and not flipping vans or something.


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